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Achieve Blockchain-Enabled Growth with .DEV

Looking for top blockchain development firm to build a customized blockchain application for your business? We can define a new path of growth and development for you with our wide range of blockchain development services. Blockchain has brought about significant changes for most industry domains today. Our team of blockchain experts has the ability to develop and implement blockchain applications for all these industries. So whether you belong to finance, healthcare, education, media, insurance, real estate, or any other industry, you can trust offshore blockchain team at .DEV to build the right application for you.

Through our high-quality blockchain solutions you’ll be able to enjoy the most prominent benefits of this technology, like transparency, security, trust, productivity, and traceability for your own business operations. If you have a vision for your business that requires the support of blockchain, then hire a blockchain development team from .DEV to ensure that your vision comes true.

How .DEV Works?

  • Assessment of Potential Opportunities

    After a thorough assessment of the current blockchain opportunities in the context of client’s needs, we do prototype designing as per relevant use cases.

  • Refinement of Chosen Use Cases

    The selected use cases undergo further analysis, designing, and development to affirm their feasibility in the real world.

  • Development and Implementation

    We develop and implement the conceived blockchain solution, which further undergoes rigorous testing for functionality, scalability, robustness, performance, and security.

  • Consolidation with Partner Systems

    The partner systems are consolidated into the blockchain network for complete functional readiness.

  • Deployment of Final Solution

    The final ready solution is now deployed for use. We continue to provide requisite enhancements and updates to the solution.

.DEV Offerings in Blockchain Development

  • Consulting

  • Technology

  • Development

  • Testing

  • Integration

  • Technology

  • Trends Research
    and Analysis

  • Rapid

  • Blockchain

  • Thought-led
    assessment for use
    case identification

  • Scalable

  • Robust

  • Asset agnostic

  • Ready–to–Onboard permission

  • Integrate with
    existing business

  • Improve productive

  • Domain specific
    blockchain solutions

  • Increased ROI

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Key .DEV Blockchain Development Solutions

The possibilities in blockchain are immense and just as immense are the ways in which you can grow with blockchain. Following are some of the key solutions that we offer in blockchain app development. Through these diverse solutions, we can help you leverage the technology of blockchain in different ways. Read on to see which of these solutions meet your requirements.

  • Cryptocurrency

    You can have your own cryptocurrency! Our blockchain experts can help you join the exciting world of cryptocurrencies with a sophisticated cryptocurrency of your own.

  • Cryptocurrency

    We are proficient in developing white label cryptocurrency exchange software where transactions can take place quickly, securely, easily, and seamlessly.

  • Cryptocurrency
    Wallet Development

    We can develop a fully featured cryptocurrency wallet application that offers a secure support for all cryptocurrency related transactions, catering to all major cryptocurrencies today.

  • Private

    Need a custom private blockchain network for your business where operations can take place more efficiently than ever? Let our blockchain team build and deploy such a network for you.

  • Ethereum App

    There are many possibilities of innovation and growth with Ethereum applications. It’s time you leverage this platform for your business. Do so with Ethereum experts at .DEV .

  • Smart Contracts

    Why let traditional contracts become a burden for your business when there’s a better way? Automate your contracts to save time and cost with the smart contracts that we develop for you.

  • Multichain

    Get custom blockchain applications for your business in a fast and effective manner with our MultiChain blockchain development services.

  • ICO Launch

    Ready to start preparing for your cryptocurrency initiative? Launch your ICO (Initial Coin Offering) right with .DEV and ensure success.

.DEV for Blockchain Development Services

Time to Make a Difference

Developers.dev specialize in blockchain technology as well as its several co-related technologies like shared ledger, smart contracts, and distributed ledger. As more and more businesses realize the tremendous value that blockchain and related technologies can bring into their business, .DEV stands behind them as support to make the implementation and integration of these technologies easy and convenient for the businesses. Moreover, we also work on enhancing blockchain’s potency by intelligently integrating it with other applicable technology areas.

Technology We Use

  • Public Chains Technology
  • Bitcoin
  • Bitcoinplus
  • Namecoin
  • Smart Contract with Solidity
  • Etherium
  • OpenChain
  • Peercoin
  • Ripple
  • Hyperledger
  • Exonum
  • Monax
  • Chain
  • Eris Industries

Questions From Clients On Our Blockchain Development Services

I don’t know anything about blockchain, where do I start?

Don’t worry! You can start by talking to our blockchain development consulting experts regarding your needs. Share with them what challenges your business operations are facing currently. Our consulting experts will then suggest the kind of blockchain solution that you could benefit from and help map out a feasible blockchain implementation.

Do I really need to use blockchain technology?

Every business has to make the effort to stay in tune with the latest technology trends. It is the only way they can continue to stay relevant and ensure a steady growth in the future. Blockchain has become one of the most popular technologies today and demonstrates a strong potential to keep growing in the future too, which is not a surprise given its plenty of advantages. So, yes you should use blockchain technology.

Is there potential for blockchain use in my industry domain?

Blockchain software development has already been happening for most industry verticals today. The implementation of blockchain in these industries is serving various useful purposes. No matter what industry domain your business belongs to, chances are that there is a scope of blockchain implementation for you. If you need help figuring out how, our offshore blockchain development team is here for you.

What is the cost of building a blockchain application?

Just like with any other type of software project, the cost of a blockchain project will largely depend on the complexity of the software being built. There are many aspects that determine the complexity of an application, from its features to its number of users. So the cost of your blockchain application will depend on how complex the application is.

How much time does it take to build a blockchain application?

There is no definite answer for this question, since time required for any app development would depend on a number of factors. But generally speaking, following is a timeline that can give you some idea. To prepare a custom design for your application, it can take from 1 to 4 weeks of time. This time is spent on perfecting the design as per your specific needs. Once the design has been finalized, we can move on the development part of the application. For development work, anywhere from 1 to 6 weeks may be required. The number and complexity of the functionalities that you want to incorporate in your application are some of the major factors that will decide the time required for development. Our team is expert in leveraging agile software development methodology, so we’ll be able to build your blockchain application in the most time-efficient way possible.

Will I be able to hire blockchain developers as per my needs and preferences?

Given that blockchain is such a niche technology, we know that you would require experienced and skilled developers who can truly understand your expectations from your blockchain application. Our blockchain team has highly proficient blockchain developers who have proved their expertise in the technology by working on various blockchain projects and delivering great results every time. No matter what technical skills and experience you are looking for in your blockchain developers, you’ll surely find the right people in our team. You can then get started on your project quickly.

Domain Expertise

  • Education

  • Finance

  • Gaming

  • Healthcare

  • Hitech

  • Manufacturing

  • Media & Entertainment

  • Retails & Ecommerce

  • Telecommuni- cation

  • Transportation & Logistics

  • Travel &

  • Cyber

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Clients Testimonials

Rama Mclntosh

CEO, My School Inc, USA

CIS has exceeded our expectations by developing for us a full marketplace website from scratch with customer and admin applications. We early anticipate the next applications, already in development, that will further enhance our.

Stefan Gunnarsson

Director Global Business Development.

Developers.dev performed an outstanding job! We were able to bring to market our new platform based on a new architecture within an astounding mere eight weeks time, within scope and under budget.



CIS team has always managed to complete my projects within the deadlines. I genuinely want to thank the team for transforming our raw ideas and designs into reality. Cheers!

Rama Mclntosh

CEO, My School Inc, USA

CIS has exceeded our expectations by developing for us a full marketplace website from scratch with customer and admin applications. We early anticipate the next applications, already in development, that will further enhance our.

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