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Our iOS Development Services

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Proficient & Experienced iOS Developers of .DEV

From iPhones to iPads & iPods, we have a team of iOS developers that are expert in building apps for iOS devices. With a team of skillful and experienced iOS app developers, we offer you cutting-edge and high-quality iOS mobile application development solutions. Our full stack services include the development of feature-rich and highly interactive apps.

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Hire iOS Developers For Tailored Business Solutions


5+ Years Of Experienced Developers


Adherence To Code And Transparency


Free No-obligation Quote


Hassle-free Project Management


Regular Reporting


Flexible Engagement Model

How .DEV Works?

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Experienced IPhone App Developers For Hire


Dedicated Resources

  • No hidden cost
  • Easy monthly billing
  • Dedicated 160 hours of assured work
  • Pay only for measurable work

Agile Engagement Model

  • Maximum flexibility
  • Easily scalable team
  • Best for small projects
  • Maximum control over budget

Time And Material

  • No hidden cost
  • Pay on an hourly basis
  • Monthly billing
  • Pay for only measurable work.

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Clients Testimonials

Client Image


United Kingdom

Very diligent and hard-working. When given sufficient information, were able to produce a good-quality product in a quick time. Would use them again.

Client Image


New York, United States

Outstanding work even with some of the last minute changes they coded the program changes without any problems.

Client Image

Rashid F.

Georgia, United States

Amit and team did a superb job, and did much more than they were required. Communication is very professional. Recommend these guys every time. I will use again.

Why Our Clients Prefer Working With Us

What iOS Services We Can Offer?

Our iOS Developers are skilled with all the latest iOS updates and are capable of developing mobile applications for a variety of business requirements and industries.

iOS Games Development

Leveraging advanced framework to come up with multifarious games which would foster the business.

Apple iPad Applications

Our iOS developers are efficient and expeditious in developing Apple iPad applications for iversified businesses.

iOS Education Application

Experienced and skilled in creating primary education applications for iOS platforms to ensure better study experiences.

Custom iOS App Development

The unique business requirements of your businesses can be understood and developed by our iOS application developers.

iPod/Ipad Music Application

Bringing the next level expertise in playing audio together with attractively designed iPad along with iPod compatible music program.

iOS App Upgradation & Migration

You can hire part-time or full-time iOS developers at .DEV to migrate or upgrade your existing website/application to the iOS platform.

iOS App Support/Maintenance

The technical support team is all the time active to assist the customers in administering and deploying the iPhone application seamlessly.

Online Booking Apps

Well-versed in online booking programs development technology that could smoothen the internet booking system & streamline the business.

iOS App QA/Testing

iOS experts at .DEV test your app/website before deploying it in the app store to fix all the bugs to make it market-ready to enhance the customer experience.

Hire iOS Developers For Tailored Business Solutions

iOS is a leading mobile app development platform. Developers.Dev offers you one of the finest developers pool that is coherent to the modern iOS coding standards and rigorously follows the Apple Human Interface guideline. We use latest programming languages for iOS app development to help you stay competitive in the market and respond to the increasing demands of the users. Hire iOS experts that have excellent coding skills and offer you code performance, scalability, security, and engaging user experience.

Free No-obligation Quote

Share your project details with us and we connect you with iOS experts and provide a no-cost estimate within 24 working hours.

Adherence To Code And Transparency

Hire iPhone app developers that protect your business idea and offer extreme transparency in the operations to ensure greater results.

Regular Reporting

We provide you a complete report on the project status through the preferrable communication channel including, Skype, Zoom, emails, etc.

5+ Years Of Experienced Developers

Accelerate your business growth with expert developers with 5+ years of experience in iOS app development technologies and frameworks.

Hassle-free Project Management

Hire an efficient project manager that provides you a complete report on the work front and becomes your point of contact with the developers.

Flexible Engagement Model

Hire iPhone app developers as per the need of the project. You can hire developers on a part-time, hourly, and fixed cost basis as per your requirement.

How .DEV Works?

QA & Delivery

We also do performance benchmarking using Testing Automation and deliver the applications on your desired platform.

Hire iOS Developer Team

Share your needs, brainstorm, and review the proposals. Once you are convinced, hire our dedicated team for your project.

Tell us Your Requirement

Discuss your requirements with our iOS developers. Being the experts in their industry, they will suggest you with smarter ways to get it all done.

Proof of Concept Development

Our mobile developers will prove it to you that your unique mobile app idea is indeed achievable in the real-world in your desired budget and technical requirements.

Get it Done

The dedicated team will make sure the designing, coding, QA and project management is completed the right way. Moreover, you can use your favorite tools to chat, share files, and collaborate with us.

Experienced IPhone App Developers For Hire

Finding the right resources for your project was never easier. We offer you a flexible engagement for controlled agile and time and material hiring for you to choose from.

Time And Material

Hire iPhone app developers for undefined project needs. The time and material engagement model is best for ongoing work and pays developers on an hourly basis.

Dedicated Resources

Hire a dedicated team of developers for your project. It is a pay-as-you-go monthly rolling contract, good for a long-term project that is needed to be developed from scratch.

Agile Engagement Model

The controlled agile engagement model, best for development projects with a limited budget and require flexibility against the changing conditions in the software development process.

Proficient & Experienced iOS Developers of .DEV

We assure you that our applications will benefit your business in expanding its brand visibility and reach to the global market.

What to Expect from an iOS App Development Company for your Business

It is predicted that there will be 4.5 billion smartphone users by 2023. Not only are more people using their smartphones to search the internet, but also businesses will benefit from their own apps.

A mobile app can make it easy to shop and promote your products. An iOS Development Company can help you make your business stand out.

There are so many smartphones available, how do you decide which app to choose? Although it is recommended that you make your app compatible with all devices you use, you should first start with an iOS app.

Here are some examples of what an iOS development company can do.

Convert Visitors Into Customers

Apps for mobile increase revenue, particularly for e-commerce and retail businesses. Customers can shop from your app. Your customers don't have to use the internet to shop at your store. The app makes it easier and faster for them to do so.

Customers will spend more time on your app and buy more products. iOS app developers make it easier for customers to buy products with just one click.

An app offers more customization options. A mobile iOS app developer can design a customized interface to promote your brand and products. Your products and services can be displayed in an easy way that increases conversions directly from iOS mobile devices.

You can also use your smartphone's camera and interactivity functions to make your app more interactive. This makes your app more efficient and faster than static websites.

Better UI

Your developer can create a more personalized user experience, as we have already stated. Your hired iOS developer will design a user-friendly interface that incorporates all the visual elements of your brand, including animations and high-definition photos.

Apps can also use specific features and intuitive navigation in order to keep customers engaged. App developers can also use gamification, which encapsulates activities of gameplay, in iOS apps. This creates high levels of user activity.

Customers' loyalty can be increased

Apps are preferred by 85% of customers over websites. Apps provide a more personal experience for customers. Based on customer buying habits, you can recommend products to customers. Push notifications can be used to send exclusive discounts and offer to your iPhone app developers.

These factors will help increase customer loyalty. Your customers only need to download your app to enjoy the best shopping experience.

Enhance User Interaction

Your hired iOS app developer can create more user interaction methods. Many apps support AR and VR, which can be attractive to customers. This can be done using the phone's camera. Customers can try on clothes and test out different hairstyles.

Your app developer also has other navigation options. Voice navigation is increasingly popular and your app developer can enable speech recognition.

This interaction makes a lasting impression and can increase sales.

Technical expertise

Most likely, you don't have any experience or knowledge in app design.

You don't need to worry about the technical aspects. Only the most skilled developers are employed by top app companies. Your app development company will make the necessary changes and updates and resolve any problems with your app.

Your app development company will also keep up with industry changes.

These trends can be implemented, so your app will always stay up to date. This is crucial for iOS app development. The iOS platform is constantly changing, so your app will always work well with the latest version of iOS.

Apple users have the best option

Apple products and the iOS platform have become extremely popular. There are approximately 1.5 million Apple device owners.

iOS application developers are a good choice if your business targets Apple users. These app developers not only have the ability to create apps that look great on Apple products, but they can also help you with iOS specifications so your app runs smoothly.

Developers can also help you create unique apps by using their creativity and knowledge. To give your customers an unforgettable experience, a skilled developer will use the latest trends in app design and UX/UI design.

Ideal for all Businesses and Projects

You'll get the highest quality app if you hire an iOS app developer company. Professional app development is the best choice. Professional app developers are able to work with all types of businesses and create the best apps based on your requirements and goals.

Developers are skilled and can work on any size project. No matter if this is your first app or if you are looking to improve an existing one, developers all have the same approach: deliver the highest quality app. The development company will continue to support you after your project is completed.

Get an iOS App Development Company Today

Apps for businesses are in high demand. An iOS app development company is necessary to ensure that your business has the best app possible.

Professional app developers can create an app that is user-friendly and will bring in sales. To ensure that your app stays current, they keep abreast of all the latest trends. They will always be available to help you if you have any questions.

Know Everything about iOS App Developers before Hiring them for your Business

So far, there are only two major platforms available for mobile app development: Android and iOS. These two operating systems dominate the mobile OS market, with Android holding a large portion. Why is it important to create an iOS app? Developers and businesses cannot ignore these customers because they are a critical army of customers. iOS, despite its smaller market share, has a higher profit margin.

Statista reported that Apple paid over $200 billion to iOS developers. Sensor tower also found that iOS users spend 80% more than Android. This same report also showed that iOS users have spent $41.5 billion more than Android users. This success can be attributed to Apple's simplicity and minimalistic approach to development.

These statistics can help you understand the demand for iOS apps. If you are looking for iOS application development or to create any iOS apps, then a fundamental question that must be asked is: How do I hire iOS developers? Or what are the best iOS Development Companies or processes to locate them?

The iOS platform has a loyal and dedicated audience. Customers are willing to purchase all of the company's digital products. The long-term outlook for iOS app development is bright and the demand for iOS developers continues to grow.

Before you hire iOS app developers, make sure to read this guide. It will help you understand the key points and how to hire iOS developers.

Who are iOS developers?

iOS developers are dedicated to the development and support of iOS apps. These developers work for Apple or Apple to create software for iOS just like Android app developers for Android.

Apple's iOS operating system allows app developers to create apps for Apple devices. To develop apps, developers must use Objective-C or Swift. They must also be able to develop iOS apps that exceed industry standards. A developer must also have an in-depth understanding of iOS patterns, practices, and best practices.

They should also be familiar with creating custom apps for Apple TV, Apple TV, and Apple Watch. Developers can work for themselves or companies to create and maintain user-friendly apps.

Why would you want to hire an iOS developer?

Your business will benefit from hiring iOS developers. You can develop, maintain, upgrade, and design iOS apps that are compatible with other iOS devices such as iPads, iPhones, or iPods. The roles and responsibilities of iOS application developers depend on the frameworks, programming languages, and concepts that your company uses to create an app.

iOS developers can also improve the performance of your apps, by fixing bugs and collecting feedback from users to make sure they meet specifications. They then update the code at regular intervals, adding new features without sacrificing quality.

Which iOS developer do you need?

When you are looking to hire iOS App Developers, a set of criteria is required. The qualifications of each iOS developer are what determine their hiring. They are all different depending on their skills and experience.

Developers are able to solve complex problems when they work on complex and diverse projects. Programmers are generally divided into three levels based on their skills: senior, middle, or junior. This is one way to hire iOS developers.

1. Junior Level

These developers are just starting their careers as iOS application developers. These developers typically have 8-10 months of experience as iOS app development professionals. They are familiar with the basics of app development and the underlying codes.

They must monitor and supervise the task they have been assigned. Developers are generally better at managing tasks with less risk and fewer complications. They don't have many tools because they are new to the field. To improve their skills and knowledge, junior developers should work with more experienced colleagues.

2. Mid Level

A half to two years of experience and middle-level developers are able to handle both small and large issues in iOS systems. They are also familiar with the internal features and can use the tools because they have worked in the field for a long time.

Most middle-level developers work under the supervision of a senior developer. Mid-level developers are responsible for almost all aspects of iOS application development.

They have worked on many projects and have more freedom to work on any project they want.

3. Senior Level

For many years, the iOS community has been actively involved in developing iOS apps. Most senior iOS developers have only a few years' work experience.

Senior developers must be able to understand multiple programming languages. Numerous apps have been created by senior iOS developers.

These developers are skilled in coding and designing apps, as well as integrating APIs and testing iOS frameworks. They also handle security issues. They must also be able to manage software issues and other issues related to software.

Why Building iOS Apps is More Profitable for your Business

iOS is a great option for those who want to make the switch to a safer environment. iOS app development is often underestimated, even though it promises a higher annual income. This is because iOS customers are more willing to spend more on online purchases and rely on paid apps or subscription fees. We will dispel all myths about iOS development as a less promising option for business growth.

Did you know that iOS apps are written faster than Android? Swift's high readability makes it possible. These apps are more user-friendly than Android apps. Want to learn more about iOS app development? Continue reading to learn more about the top features of iOS app development that are reliable and growth-oriented. So, let's get started!

โ€‹iOS Growth Metrics

Below are some of the most recognizable growth metrics that will show that iOS development is on its way to a bright future.

1. Global Market Share

Sources claim that iOS has a greater share of the US mobile operating system market. While Android might have the largest share in countries such as Europe and Asia, iOS is steadily catching up and is on the rise.

This is due to the complexity of software development. Apple releases fewer devices each year, so it must deal with fewer aspects. Apple must deal with 4-5 different screen sizes each year, for example. They can handle everything without adding complexity. The iOS developers use fewer simulators to test their apps on different screen sizes. This reduces the amount of work required to adjust the graphics. Because there are fewer parameters to consider, they can test their apps on smartphones. This allows them to offer better service to customers and allow them to provide more thorough testing. The development and testing processes take less time and require fewer resources. This keeps the development complexity down.

2. Cost of Mobile Apps

You may be wrong if you believe that iOS application development requires more investment and resources. The cost of creating interactive apps on iOS is lower because of its lower development complexity. The total cost for iOS Application Development is lower than Android development, which is the most popular OS for mobile development. Android development is more common than Android. Developers donโ€™t have to spend more to adapt to the different device parameters.

3. Device Fragmentation

Developers should focus on the content and depth when designing Apple apps. Both the iOS and Android apps are multi-layered, with solid details. We have seen that iOS has a lower development complexity. This gives developers the opportunity to create interactive apps that are focused on small details. Developers must focus on smaller devices to ensure that the app is tested thoroughly. Aside from all that, they have fewer screen dimensions, which means it takes less time to set different proportions or perform element optimization.

4. App Store Advantages

The App Store is a great resource for iOS apps. The Google Play Store is the most popular Android app store. However, it has the advantage of being the first to sell devices. But, as more users use the Apple App Store's apps, your immediate revenue will increase. Developers can also release their own technologies with iOS.

Although the process of uploading an app to the App store can be complicated, developers have better app security. After you have completed all checks, you can feel confident about the app's security.

5. Monetization and ROI

There are three main options for monetization and ROI. These are paid apps, in-app purchases, and ad-based models. iOS is slightly behind Android OS when it comes to in-app purchases.

iOS makes it relatively easy to release paid apps. iOS is the leader in publishing paid apps directly to marketplaces. When it comes to return on investment, iOS is the leader.

6. Ease of Development

Developers need to be familiar with controllers while iOS app development. Split view controllers and page view tab are just a few examples. A view controller allows you to control the entire screen or just a portion of it. These controllers can be managed by developers either by writing code or organizing images and storing them in an XML file. This increases the speed of development and decreases the chances of making mistakes as the development process moves along. The overall architecture of iOS apps is easier to manage than other market competitors. It is much easier to create an iOS app than other options.

7. Speedy Emulators

Every iOS app development company is able to create amazing applications quickly and efficiently using high-quality emulators. The emulators create user experiences that are engaging and make the whole app development process super easy. This is not all. The iOS emulators are also known for their unwavering support of all developers. This makes it easier to develop than with other operating systems which slows down development.

8. User Loyalty Towards iOS

A recent survey found that 92% of iPhone users wouldn't consider switching brands after the next update. They prefer Apple because of obvious reasons. Samsung, one of the top Android sellers, has seen a drop in brand loyalty from 86% down to 74% because of the poor privacy and security features on their phones. It is notable that in the future people's demand to hire iOS developers would increase with increasing brand loyalty to iPhones.

9. Hassle-free Maintenance

Users of older OS versions will be subject to frequent crashes and bugs. It is important to ensure that your device is up-to-date. Due to differences in screen resolutions and device sizes, app compatibility requires the most recent OS support. This will ensure that your device supports and is compatible with the latest OS. iOS apps are easier to maintain because app users make sure they update their devices regularly to the most recent OS updates. This makes it easy to maintain apps and allows developers the freedom to add new features quickly.

10. Easy in-app purchases

iPhone apps are simple to use and have a user-friendly interface. They also allow for easy in-app purchases. They are directly linked to the user's credit card and account. The amount is automatically deducted and the user doesn't have to pay them each month. This is a great benefit for users, and it also improves the user-friendliness and usability of the apps.

Busting 3 Common Myths in iOS Development

These myths about iOS development must be dispelled.

  • iOS development is a lengthy and tedious process that requires you to follow a lot of instructions and guidelines. These restrictions can be helpful for ensuring app security and privacy. These points can be used to speed up approval of your app in as little as 3-5 days if the developer remembers them.
  • Over time, both iOS and Android phones have had the same security and privacy features. This is the biggest myth among developers and users. This myth is busted by a recent review that found iOS devices have high-security aspects in terms of low data breaches, security weaknesses as well as Phishing and Malware attacks.
  • Both iOS and Android devices have the same browser speed. A study has shown that the iOS browser speed is 7 times faster than Android. This makes it an ideal candidate to develop simple web applications.


These are just a few of the many benefits that you will see. You can now weigh which features are worth your time and decide if iOS application development is worth it. The best thing about iOS is that everyone can upgrade to the latest OS version to reap the benefits. You can turn your vision into a reality by converting it into a project. Do your research and find the best iOS App Development Agency.

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