Retail / POS

Retail / POS

Benefiting offers to customers


Loyalty System: The loyalty system is a solution provided to a leading brand that has multiple outlets in the country. Each outlet has a merchant who provides exciting offers and deals for their outlet to attract more customers and increase sales.

Project Features

  • Loyalty System and Points Management
  • Customer Login and Registration.
  • Merchant Login/Merchant Registration.
  • Loyalty Points Wallet and Transaction Management.
  • Coupon Management.
  • Discount Offers and Deals for Customers.
  • Redeem/Reward Points.
  • Back Office Management.

Problem Statement

  • The owner has multiple outlets of his brand which are considered as different merchants.
  • Those outlets to increase their sales and give offers/deals to the customer.
  • The major problem was for the customer to get informed about the ongoing deals.
  • The customers were not able to track their loyalty points in the wallet.
  • The merchants were not able to assign coupons to their customers.
  • It was a major issue that the merchants have to keep hard copies of records of the points for the customer and there was no global information platform available for the customer. Points Redemption/Rewarding was not possible for a merchant to perform for a particular customer.

CIS Solution

The solution that we provided involved in making a sub-domain for each site.

  • CIS analyzed the problem in a client's business flow and suggested a software solution for the problem domain.
  • We developed a loyalty platform for the customers to see on-going merchant's deals and offers and shop from there.
  • We provided a Points Wallet feature, where the customer was able to track the loyalty points in his wallet.
  • The customer was able to track his redeem points transaction history.
  • We provided a coupon management feature where the customer was provided with a Feature to redeem the coupons and avail discount for their purchase.

Positive Outcome

With the help of CIS, the Client was able to extend his business, sales, and though merchants were able to make more sales at their relevant outlet. This has increased the profitability of all the stakeholders of the system and provided more benefits to the customers.


Python, Odoo, RESTful APIs, JS, PostgreSQL

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