Media & Entertainment

Media & Entertainment

Tickets selling and agents account management services for music concerts.


Ticketflap was born out of the simple desire to create a common-sense approach to ticketing which we felt has been sorely missing in Hong Kong. This application allows users to simply book the tickets for different music shows in the Hongkong region. Later we worked on a similar but enhanced clone for ticket flap named Melco and Zicket. These two new products were built for the third party client by the ticket flap team. Team CIS worked on all these three products (Ticketflap, Melco, and Zicket). We worked on features like OTA (Organization and Travel agents), Tickets forms, General accounting, Ticket allocations, and re-allocations. We implemented booking flow for agents, end-users, counter sells and test cases for many of them as well.

Project Features

  • Login and registration for the back office and online users.
  • Ticketflap has its owned vendor to sell the tickets.
  • Users can also buy the tickets from the Site as well(Front-end).
  • They also run a festival called Clockenflap.
  • They have created the ticketing mechanics for the festival which was always just the first step, before then they were able to offer the same services to other event organizers and fans.
  • They hope that Ticketflap can be a place that not only makes buying tickets and getting into events as painless and seamless experience as it should be but to also create a platform that enables all of us to discover more of the fantastic happenings taking place across their wonderful city.
  • The vendor can create their own seat allocation based on the selected venue and can make the change on the basics categories and types and those changes will occur on the virtual map on the front-end site and as well box-office Section (vendor ticket selling section).
  • For online ticketing, multiple payment gateways are used.
  • For the box office section and vendors own created vouchers and sell to a customer purchasing for the tickets.
  • Customers can cancel their tickets and can get the refunds via several payments i.e cash, issue a new voucher, new promo code.
  • The vendor can create there own promo codes and can sell to the customers.

Problem Statement

  • They don't have any sell and finance vendor sections.
  • The total summary section on the back-office is missing.
  • The venue names are unable to translate on the other languages on the front-end side.
  • They don't promo code functionality.
  • They are unable to prevent the XSS attack on the website.
  • They are facing the issues of integrating the payment gateways.
  • Sometimes the cancellation of the ticket does not happen.

CIS Solution

  • We have added a new dynamic Sell and Finance date in the existing system for achieving that we have used Vuejs and Django rest API.
  • We have added the total summary section on the back-office for the individual days
  • We have added the condition to ensure that every venue is translated into the other languages
  • We have added promo code functionality and inside this, we have worked on the following points
    • The vendor can create the Promo code and sell the promo code to the customers for purchasing the ticket from the box office as well as from the fronted site.
    • Customer can cancel the promo code and those cancel amounts can return via several ways i.e. issue new promo code with respective to save amount, refund cash, issue a new voucher with respective to the same amount.
  • We have added the condition to prevent the XSS attack on the website.
  • We have solved the conditions for integrating the payment gateway.
  • We have modified the ticket cancellation standard as per the requirements.


Python, Django, Django Rest Api, VueJs, MySQL

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