Solutions for the Logistics Industry

Solutions for the Logistics Industry

Industries: Logistics

Logistics Industry Landscape

The transportation & logistics industry is the backbone of all the modern global supply chains. Be it Airlines and Airports, Shipping companies, Logistics service providers and other transportation companies, all are part of the process to keep people and products on the move.

About the Client

Eship deals with Listing (item) owner and Transporter. The listing owner submits the listing details with time and pickup/drop details for the listing. Then several transporters can place bid on the listing to transport. The listing owner can choose the bid and pay to the transporter.

Problem statement

There were issues with payment gateway and other functionalities of the website. And Certain important features were also missing which were making things difficult for the visitors.

CIS Solution

We have implemented a managed stripe account to deal with Admin (application fee) and actual transfer to the transporter. Every transporter and admin (website owner) will have a stripe account whose APP ID will be used to work with a stripe managed account. For example, when transporter's bid is selected and transporter says $100 to ship and listing owner has to pay $105 where $5 is application fee so $5 will go to admin's stripe account and $100 will go to transporter's account. We have also implemented Google Map to list out all the listings to the transporter based on location.


  • Easy To Use: Eship is a Software as a service so you don't need to install additional software. It provides an intuitive interface, supported by tooltips and guides with e-mail and live chat Support.
  • Hosted Online: Never install or upgrade software again. Simply access anywhere through your web browser.
  • Provide Best Features: Transporter can manage all the listings on one dashboard as a map and search filter can help them to locate the locations.
  • It is very simple to use and no additional training is required.


Ruby On Rail, Mysql, Jquery, Bootstrap, CSS.

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