Solutions for the Healthcare Industry

Solutions for the Healthcare Industry

Appointment booking

Healthcare domain Landscape

This web application aims to streamline various activities that typically take place in a hospital. These activities include booking online appointments with the doctor, patient registration, patient medical information management that includes their health problems, symptoms, past medical history, family history, drug allergies, X-ray images, scanning reports, etc.

CIS worked with one of the leading Healthcare domain providers and optimized their web presence which will be outlined in the document.

About the Client

One of the Group has been in practice for many years and is the main eye care specialist in Tijuana Baja California. LASER Group is proud to set the standard in eye care industry and surpass the industry's brands in the fields of ocular inflammatory disease, vitreo-retinal pathology, cataract surgery, and refractive surgery. Our experienced visual care team makes LASER one of the most respected in Tijuana.

Problem Statement

Earlier clients had three different websites running, each serving a different purpose in the area of healthcare with their own respective set of features. The client desired to make a single website that could combine the features and purposes of all the 3 websites into 1. The client wanted to merge the different databases and code for all the 3 sites into the new site. This new site was required to offer the features of all the 3 websites.

The client desired to make a file manager for storing all the files, images, etc but the data was stored in the local machine but as per requirement we need to store the data on the AWS server. Also, it was required to make a feature for a digital signature on a document and generate pdf of that document.

CIS Solution

The solution that we provided involved in making a sub-domain for each site.

  • The database was merged using Ruby Apartment Gems through which database was kept in different apartments. We also made a database consistent with the same fields. So using sub-domain for each site is running independently with the same code.
  • We have used el finder jquery library for a file manager for the web and as per the client requirement, we have made a custom feature with the current functionality to upload the data on the AWS server.
  • We have used the signature-pad library for digital signature and for generating its pdf we used wicked pdf library and stored.

Challenges while implementation

The challenges that we have faced while merging database records for all the three websites was a challenging task.

  • Creating a custom feature for El finder library with the current functionality to upload data on the AWS server so we have made a custom feature to update through the el finder library.
  • While creating pdf signature image was not showing on pdf so we have converted digital signature into the image and that image used for showing on pdf.


  • Easy To Use: This is a web application which has provided easy to manage appointment, surgery, procedure report sharing easy.
  • Hosted Online: No need to install or upgrade software again. Simply access anywhere through your web browser.
  • Subdomain: This is Subdomain based application so the user can purchase a subdomain invite to use their subdomain for different profiles.
  • It is very simple to use and no additional training is required


Ruby On Rail, Postgres, Jquery, Bootstrap, CSS.

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