Solutions for the Real-Estate Industry

Solutions for the Real-Estate Industry

Real estate buyer-seller case study

Real-Estate domain Landscape

A real estate website that offers the best of the property choices and deals to attract the customers. Real estate is the property, land, buildings, air rights above the land and underground rights below the land. The term real estate means real or physical property.

CIS worked with one of the leading Real estate domain providers and optimized their web presence which will be outlined in the document.

About the Client

We add additional values to your business and know how to create the conditions for a really good final price. With well-thought-out imagery, carefully chosen interior design and social marketing, our experienced brokers will work for you in your biggest business.

With us, the job does not end when the ad has appeared on Hemnet. We are actively working to writing about pushing your item out on social media and other channels. All to give as many people as possible the chance to see your item and come to the shows.

Problem Statement

The purpose of creating this Real Estate Web Application is to outcast the discrepancies in hundreds of such existing systems on the World Wide Web. One of the basic problems with the existing systems is the non-interactive environment they provide to the users. Most of the applications involved in Real Estate business use some web template to put the content specific to their company and make it communicate with the database to search the listings. These templates simply use basic web controls to do this task making the web page non-interactive. On the other hand, the motive of this Real Estate Web Application is to allow the user to play with the search tool and create different combinatorial search criteria to perform an exhaustive search.

CIS Solution

  • Interactive searching to help the users find the best suitable real estate option according to their choice.
  • Features various information like images and plans to make the user understand and know more details related to the property area, land, space and facilities.
  • All the information kept in the application is based on the analysis of customers' demands.
  • Synchronizes Real Estate and Realtor details from Facade API.
  • Users can access complete details about properties and realtors.

Challenges while implementation

The biggest challenge involved in this project was to gather the requirements and design its structure so that it can altogether and have a new look. It also involved thinking about new features that can be incorporated in this application and could make the search of listings much easier for the real estate buyers. Understanding the structure of the application was the biggest problem at the start of the project. Finally, the scope of this application was defined which greatly helped in understanding what all features have to be included in the project. The whole emphasis in this application is given on the search criteria to help buyers to search for new property listings.


  • Easy To Use: Users can find the best plans according to the deal.
  • Hosted Online: No need to install or upgrade software again. Simply access anywhere through your web browser.
  • It is very simple to use and no additional training is required
  • Communicating with cleaners in spite of language barrier. Arranging cover cleaners on very short notice


Ruby On Rail, Postgres, Jquery, Bootstrap, CSS.

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