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.DEV for All Your Custom Software Development Needs

Are you looking for a reliable and experienced technology partner for outsourcing your software development needs? Then Developers.dev is the right choice for you. With an expansive client base across the globe, 13+ years of experience in quality software development and delivery, and several technology certifications to our credit, Developers.dev is one of the fastest growing IT companies from Central India. We have delivered solutions across an extensive range of domains like education, finance, banking, retail and e-commerce, healthcare, transportation, logistics, real estate, gaming, manufacturing, travel and hospitality, telecommunication, media and entertainment, and such.

Our portfolio of software solutions include desktop application development, website design and development, mobile application development, hi-tech application development, all customized to the particular needs of the client. Hire dedicated software developers from .DEV to make your software project a success.

Software Development Related Services We Offer

Your business demands strategy and development services that align with your goals and provide you the required edge against your competitors. At .DEV , you’ll be accompanied by a team having their expertise in employing diversified development technologies. Before we begin talking about solutions, we drill deep to the root of the problem, obtain critical insights, and engage with the potential/future users too. This approach helps us to ensure our solution meets the core requirements of our clients in a compelling way.

  • Software Design
    and Development

    From designing your software architecture to using the best coding practices for solution development, we do it all.
  • Software Testing
    and QA

    We employ comprehensive testing and QA strategies to ensure best possible software quality for you.
  • Website Design
    and Development

    We design and develop impressive, user-friendly websites that become strong statements for your business.
  • Mobile App

    Leveraging various mobile platforms to build interactive and attractive mobile apps to delight your users.
  • Desktop App

    Developing desktop apps to empower your business to achieve more.
  • Microsoft

    Working across several Microsoft technologies to develop a potent solution for you.
  • PHP Web

    Utilizing PHP framework to develop top-notch and modern web applications.
  • E-commerce

    Helping you establish an online store that’s personalized to match your brand uniqueness.
  • Open Source

    Employing the open source technology of your choice to develop a cost-friendly solution for your business.
  • Cloud

    Helping you step into the world of cloud safely and cost-effectively with our optimized cloud solutions.

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Why is .DEV Best for Software Outsourcing Services?

  • Years worth of experience in software development, testing, delivery, and maintenance with excellence.
  • Highly experienced and knowledgeable technology specialists in several niche areas.
  • Global delivery models that ensure smooth and reliable project delivery.
  • Our recognition as We are a CMMI Level 5 compliant company, ISO 9001:2015 certified, Microsoft Gold certified partner, Magento Silver Solution partner, Joomla sponsor, and Drupal Association Member.
  • Opportunity to hire dedicated developers on hourly, project, or dedicated basis as per your need.
  • Saving time and money while also getting superior quality.
  • Legacy of successful IT projects for our worldwide client base.
  • Robust and state-of-the-art infrastructure to support quality software development.

Technology We Use

  • PHP
  • .net
  • Java
  • HTML 5
  • Drupal
  • Joomla
  • Wordpress
  • Language
  • Magento
  • Shopify
  • node JS
  • Angular
  • MongoDB
  • MySQL
  • SQL Server
  • Configure IT
  • Zend
  • Dotnetnuke

Our Portfolio

Bitcoin Exchange and Trading System

Technology: Python, NodeJS, Blockchain API, Django-2.1, Postgresql, Jquery, Web Socket

Industry: NGO

Development of a coin exchange website application on Django and Blockchain API with web wallets. In this project, I have implemented wallet to wallet bitcoin transfer functionality along with the Transaction Management.


Technology: C/C++ for coin, Ruby on Rails for exchange, Node js for block-explorer

Industry: Transportation

This is a Litecoin based crypto-currency in which we have changed the reward logic and inflation rate of the coin. We have setup blockexplorer as well for the tracking the blocks and transaction from UI. Mining pools were also set up to run the proof of work consensus and create the new blocks.



Industry: Lifestyle

Bonfami (Bon-fa-me) means “better family” and we understand that being a single mother is very important to you and your family and at times can be extremely stressful.

Smart Transportation with IoT

Technology: python

Industry: Social networking

The Internet of Things (IoT) is revolutionizing transportation and logistics industry. Traffic management is one of the infrastructure hurdles faced by developing nations. Developed countries and smart cities happen to be utilizing IoT along with big data to their benefit in minimizing problems related to traffic.

IoT based Street Light Sensors

Technology: python, PHP, Html

Industry: Entertainment

A proven solution for street light management and control which rely on an open and flexible Internet of Things structure. The automatic street light system gives a night time setting for all road users like pedestrians and is intelligent in doing so. The Street light Automation program can help reduce criminal activities up to a certain limit and also can reduce energy consumption and maintenance costs.

Toxic Apparel Box

Technology: Shopify, Liquid, Sassy CSS, Jquery, HTML

Industry: E-commerce

We at Toxic Apparel Box believe the customer is the Star. The girls who rock our styles are adventurous, inspirational and badass. A Toxic Apparel Star is always the best dressed girl in the room. Her confidence is what truly shines, but her Toxic Apparel outfit adds that extra sparkle. We strive to provide awesome service, unbeatable prices and the hottest trends. Our company is based in New York the fashion capital of the world.

Pc Hub


Industry: E-commerce

PcHub.com specialize in e-retailing of laptop spare parts, electronic components, electronic repairing and measuring tools. This application is Complete management of E-Commerce, Supply Chain Management, CRM and Warehouse Management.


Technology: iPhone & Android

Language: Objective C & Java

IDE: Xcode & Android Studio

Careem is MENA’s #1 car booking app for a safe, reliable and affordable ride. Voted as the Best Local App of 2016 by Google Play Store, Careem will get you where you need to be. Commuting to work? Airport transfer? Visiting family? Forget about parking, traffic, car rental, waiting for a taxi or taking the bus. Download Careem now for hassle free transportation.


Technology: iPhone & Android

Language: Swift & Java

IDE: Android Studio

A social networking app that allows posting messages, chatting with friends, befriending strangers, posting pictures and videos, posting check-ins for locations, and much more. A comprehensive social app, Heyoe is the perfect choice for the active social personality!

CrossBox Lap Timing

Technology: iPhone

Language: Swift

IDE: Xcode

An app that converts your smart phone into a highly accurate lap analyzing tool. Exclusively built for motorsport enthusiasts, this GPS based racing tool helps professional as well as amateur racers to enhance their riding skills by giving them useful insights about their lap timings and performance on the race track.


Technology: iPhone & Android

Language: Objective-C & Java

IDE: Xcode & Android Studio

An app that simplifies the management of entire Visa application process at select embassies. The app helps in keeping the Visa application process electronic for the sake of ease of the traveler. Among its other travel services, the app also helps in flight and hotel booking.

9-9 web Clinic

Technology: iPhone & Android

Language: Swift & Java

IDE: Xcode & Android Studio

Consult with a doctor at your continence 9to9webclinic connects you with a board certified physician 9AM to 9PM/365. Connect to a doctor to resolve your medical issues and if necessary a prescription will be sent to your choice of pharmacy. Our patent pending technology provides fast accurate diagnosis for a quality experience.

Top Questions From Our Clients

What process do you follow for developing software? Do you offer agile approach for development?

We follow a methodical process for any software application development project. The process starts with an analysis of the requirements that the client has and outlining a clear vision for the software to be developed. Since we provide custom software development, we make sure to take the time to perfectly understand what specifications and features client is asking for. Once we’ve analyzed the requirements and set project objectives, we begin with designing and refining the architecture of the software. With this architecture to guide us we proceed with developing, and then subsequently testing, the code for the software. Following this comprehensive development process helps us in delivering the custom-tailored software effectively.

Yes, we do leverage agile software development when it’s the best suited approach for the software that the client wants to be built.

How can I view some examples of the custom software that you’ve developed so far?

We understand that, as a client, you would like to see a couple of samples of the work that we’ve done so far, just to get an understanding of our capabilities. Offering high-quality software development services, we have developed a huge variety of software applications up till now. Each of them was based on a different idea and leveraged different technologies. We invite you to explore some of our best software applications here.

The portfolio will give you the overview you need to comprehend our extensive abilities in custom software development. If you are looking for something else or more, you can always get in touch with our team who’ll be happy to help you out.

Will you provide best advice related to the technology aspects of the project?

As an offshore software development company that believes in offering complete support and guidance to our clients, we do advise our clients on all matters and decision-making related to the technical aspects of their project. Sometimes our clients need help in selecting the right technology stack. Sometimes they need help in deciding what kind of features would work best for their software. Sometimes they are looking for unique ideas and functionalities to implement for their software. These are just few examples of the kind of advices our clients usually seek from us. It is always a pleasure for us to provide valuable recommendations to clients. Our custom software development team has vast range of expertise and experience across various industry domains. Therefore, they certainly do have useful insights to offer regarding what would work well for any particular case and what wouldn’t.

What would be your recommendation when it comes to choosing a development platform for my software?

Each software is different and hence our recommendation for choosing a development platform would be very much dependent on the software being developed. While one development platform may be suitable for one kind of software, another development platform may work the best for another kind of software. We analyze each software project carefully before recommending to the client what technology stack they should be opting for, for their custom software development project. In doing so, we look at a few important factors. One factor is the technical requirements of the project. For example, what is the expected performance of the software, how scalable should the software be, etc. Other key factors are how quickly does the client want the software to be developed and within what budget. After considering factors like these and more, we arrive at a suitable recommendation for our client.

Can I know a little more about your team of software developers? What makes them the best?

By choosing .DEV for your software development outsourcing, you are choosing to work with a team of highly proficient and committed developers, who will give their best to deliver you the best results. They are qualified and experienced in a wide array of technologies. They have closely worked with clients from around the world, so they are also experts in cultivating and sustaining a positive, collaborative work relationship with clients.

The reason why .DEV ’s team of developers is the best is because they dedicate themselves fully to developing a first-rate custom software for the client, leveraging their immense technical know-how and experience. So if you are looking for the finest team of developers for software development India, then .DEV has exactly what you want.

How Will You Keep Me Updated On Progress?

We all in the IT industry are aware, whether it's for iOS or Android, software development is an iterative process, which will require constant discussion over varied fields and decisions made about the application being developed.

At .DEV , we gladly provide daily updates to our clients about the development process of their application to ensure they’re well aware of the progress and work being done on their project. With us, as your outsourcing partners, you can talk, stay in touch and exchange feedback regarding the development progress to check if it’s meeting your expectations.

Will Your Software Development Team Maintain My Software Product Post-Launch?

If you’ve ever dealt with custom software development projects before, you’ll be well informed about the post-software launch requirements. However, if you’re novice then you must know that after an application is launched in the marketplace, the job of Custom Software Development Company isn’t over; you will need them from time to time for following tasks:

  • Bug fixing
  • Releasing New Updates
  • Adding New Features and Functionality

At .DEV , we understand that your app is a breathing living product and would require constant maintenance from time to time. That’s the reason we offer maintenance and support post-application launch as well. Our post-application services are available on an hourly or monthly basis. We believe in continuous support.

Do You Do Testing Services For Applications?

At .DEV , we aim at bringing complete peace of mind to our clients by ensuring that their software delivers an hassle-free and exceptional customer experience. Testing services are not just about analyzing and finding bugs and then sending error reports. Whether it’s automated or manual testing, our testing and quality assurance specialists dig deep in the bugs/issues to identify its patterns to uncover trends which are the source of those bugs/issues.

In short, we not only offer you testing services for your software’s/applications, but we also fix the problems from their roots to avoid the bugs from occurring. And for the record, Software testers do not make software; they only make them better.

Will I Own The Source Code Once The Project’s Completed?

The idea is yours, the project is yours, and you’re are even paying us for developing the software, then how can you not own the source code for the project! Yes, off-course you’ll own the source code once the project gets completed.

The ownership of the source code guarantees the ability to modify, sell, and copy a software. Therefore, it’s important to include the ownership of source code clause in the agreement. Any Software Development Outsourcing company who works on client’s projects must respect the fact that the code belongs to the client. Even if you (as a client) decide to switch your software development partner before your application is completed to another agency for rest of your work, you must own the source code of the application for your future endeavors.

Will My End Product Be Search Engine Friendly?

Yes, we do ensure your applications are user-friendly. Under SEO, we also ensure that your software/applications gets accelerated mobile pages for getting proper conversions.

With Google confirming that more searches are carried out currently on mobile devices than they do on desktops and having many ways your apps can appear in search results, it's becoming increasingly important to be visible in mobile searches too.

That being said, getting your mobile apps found in mobile search results is not only relevant to acquire new users but also to re-target existing ones. It might happen that your customers are looking for something, you are offering on your own apps. By making SEO friendly apps, you can ensure those customers end up coming to your app only, simply by clicking on a search result.

Domain Expertise

  • Education

  • Finance

  • Gaming

  • Healthcare

  • Hitech

  • Manufacturing

  • Media & Entertainment

  • Retails & Ecommerce

  • Telecommuni- cation

  • Transportation & Logistics

  • Travel &

  • Cyber

Only Results Matter to Us

  • 100+

    Software Projects

  • 75%

    Retention Rate

  • 93%


Clients Testimonials


United Kingdom

Very diligent and hard-working. When given sufficient information, were able to produce a good-quality product in a quick time. Would use them again


New York, United States

Outstanding work even with some of the last minute changes they coded the program changes without any problems.

Rashid F.

Georgia, United States

Amit and team did a superb job, and did much more than they were required. Communication is very professional. Recommend these guys every time. I will use again.

Rama Mclntosh

CEO, My School Inc, USA

CIS has exceeded our expectations by developing for us a full marketplace website from scratch with customer and admin applications. We early anticipate the next applications, already in development, that will further enhance our.

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