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Our Specialized Virtuemart Development Services

We focus on delivering skilled quality outsourcing services that provide maximum benefits to our customers' company with the best feasible service fee. Developers.dev consistently sought to achieve top-line expansion to boost clients' business expertise.Our committed Virtuemart programmer implements all standardized measures to nurture your requirements economically.

How .DEV Works?

  • Tell us Your

    You can initially discuss your requirements with our skilled virtuemart programmers, and they will present more smarter ways to develop your requirement.

  • Hire Magento

    Share your needs, brainstorm, and review the proposals. Once you are convinced, hire hire virtuemart programmer or team for your service.

  • Get it

    The dedicated team will make sure the designing, coding, QA and project management is executed in the precise way. Moreover, you’ll be updated on a daily or weekly basis with the update on your project.

  • QA &

    We also do performance bench-marking using Testing Automation and deliver the virtuemart applications on your desired platform.

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Our Virtuemart Development Solutions

Hire Virtuemart Developer at .DEV , as our proficient team for virtuemart development has revealed their experience from the cost-effective Virtuemart growth and brought the results to your budget. Our Hire dedicated programmers tried & tested the newest tool like a mix of PHP-MySQL and can also run on Linux and Apache servers. Here are few development services that we provide under out virtuemart umbrella:
  • Virtuemart

    Our team of experts can assist you on any degree of customization on your e-commerce platforms based on Virtuemart.

  • e-Commerce Application

    With right skilled programmers by our side, you can get right guidance to develop your customized e-commerce application.

  • Migration App To

    We offer migration services to and from Virtuemart platform from all other CMS accessible.

  • Payment Gateway

    We have enormous experience with payment gateway integrations with Virtuemart platform.

  • Custom Extension

    We have assisted many customers across the globe with custom plug improvement services needed because of their e-commerce platform.

  • Theme Development &

    Our proficient team is all skilled to integrate and develop theme for your customized VirtueMart development project.

Technology We Use

  • Apache
  • Nginx
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • Varnish
  • Solr
  • Zend Framework
  • Symfony
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • Redis
  • JQuery
  • Knockout.js
  • Virtuemart
  • Angular

Frequently Asked Questions From Clients On Virtuemart Development

What are the major advantages of hiring dedicated Virtuemart programmers?

Over the last couple of decades, the Information Technology industry across the globe getting the benefits of overseas IT development. Its all because of financial advantages together with domain expertise offered by overseas IT development companies are concurrent and exemplary. Many businesses leverage full-time in-house employee with overseas contract IT developers for a variety of advantages listed below.

Benefits of hiring dedicated programmers:

  • Availability of numerous quality resources worldwide ensures the successful completion of this job without any training and development expenditure...
  • 100% Committed Team working on your Job and it ensures higher productivity.
  • Chance to choose from a huge pool of specialists to make certain that you're receiving the best results for all your cash spend.
  • Regular and Everyday Communication with Developers through Project Management Tools provide a direct view of current project status
  • Committed developer direct communication with customers and prevent miscommunication
  • Also, dedicated developers tend to work quickly with Quick Turnaround since they closely work with customers
  • Clients do not have to Cover State of the art infrastructure, just need to pay for services They're Searching for
  • Pay as you go version to reduce investment
  • 24 hours support: .DEV offers 24hr service to customers for all their business needs

What is the basic difference in hiring a team and hiring a dedicated developer?

  • Hiring developers mean you're picking individuals and you take care of their work. You need to individually assign them to work along with the programmers will provide you with the reports regarding the progress made (so far).
  • Whilst hiring team means you're selecting an entire team including team leader and the developers. Here, the team leader is accountable for resources management, the entire project development tracking and reporting on the customer.

Why do I Want Joomla or Virtuemart anyway?

Joomla! Is an extensible Content Management System (CMS) that may be further improved by installing 3rd party Extensions - e.g. Components (such as VirtueMart), Modules and Plugins. VirtueMart is a Joomla! "Part" - so your basic need is, Joomla! The VirtueMart eCommerce Bundle is a modification of the official distribution of Joomla!

Why Virtuemart Developer?

It presents an easy to customize online shop solutions. Average e-commerce websites have liberal worth in the online business that each business should display their product globally. Different sorts of eCommerce platforms can be found in the present market to construct e-stores to provide small to enterprise-level solutions.

VirtueMart is among the very best eCommerce open-source platform built as the extension of Joomla or Mambo, that is a content management system (CMS). VirtueMart, after that, had called 'Mambo-PHPShop.' Now, it is famous as Joomla VirtueMart and written in PHP with MySQL database supports. VirtueMart has numerous features that can help the small to large online business with equivalent performance

What do you do to provide interactive UIs and User Experiences with virtuemart?

We all understand the value of the first impression at the avoidance of users so our employ Joomla VirtueMart designers produce cloying design, graphics, and images using contemporary 2D 3D technology. The only retention isn't enough so we draw your shoppers via sumptuous and thorough navigation and bright UI components towards the talks.

Is Virtuemart effective enough to provide Robust Checkout Experience?

Our Joomla VirtueMart developers are experts in the creation of highly functional and effortless checkout pages using all latest features of contemporary e-commerce solutions. For example, our developer will produce efficient order management system so that your shoppers can monitor their orders anytime and make changes accordingly. Our VirtueMart programmers will create extensive delivery functionality where shipping calculator and precise delivery information make gaps. We empower your customers to use personalize attributes and can create a wish list if necessary.

What resources do you leverage to execute a Virtuemart project?

We've got experience in Joomla for quite a while so we have created ultramodern infrastructure for all degree of Joomla advancement and gathered human resources with enough skills, domain expertise, abilities, creativity, and experiences. Therefore, you can take direct benefits of advance resources on your Joomla e-commerce experience.

How can Virtuemart enable to develop Rapid Yet Quality Storefront?

We've trained our project managers to execute the most acceptable development methodologies and make cost-effective strategies in line with the nature of the undertaking and requirements of clients. Therefore, you'll get your desired features and functionality in your online store without spending much. We use MVC framework so that our designers and programmers work in collaboration and the complete project quickly.

What if I employ your VirtueMart programmer, then 6 months down the road, they're not performing to my standards, then what?

We will be checking in with you at regular intervals to make sure if you're happy with the operation of your distant employee or not. At any time, in case their performance starts to suffer we'd initially request that you resolve the problem as you would normally do with another employee. Nonetheless, in case the performance still lacks your regular and when these efforts don't produce the desired effects, we will replace the software developer. No questions asked.

Can You Develop Complex commerce Applications with VirtueMart?

We have completed a variety of custom software applications for our customers. The smallest may have only a few million lines, although the biggest demand countless lines of code. Lots of those jobs which are complicated to have groups of 6-10 members developing software for 3 weeks or longer. We're always ready to talk about the intricacy of the type of software that will have the ability to meet with your specific company needs.

Domain Expertise

  • Education

  • Finance

  • Gaming

  • Healthcare

  • Hitech

  • Manufacturing

  • Media & Entertainment

  • Retails & Ecommerce

  • Telecommuni- cation

  • Transportation & Logistics

  • Travel &

  • Cyber

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    Retention Rate

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Clients Testimonials


United Kingdom

Very diligent and hard-working. When given sufficient information, were able to produce a good-quality product in a quick time. Would use them again.


New York, United States

Outstanding work even with some of the last minute changes they coded the program changes without any problems.

Rashid F.

Georgia, United States

Amit and team did a superb job, and did much more than they were required. Communication is very professional. Recommend these guys every time. I will use again.

Rama Mclntosh

CEO, My School Inc, USA

CIS has exceeded our expectations by developing for us a full marketplace website from scratch with customer and admin applications. We early anticipate the next applications, already in development, that will further enhance our.

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