Why Microsoft Technologies are Best for Web Application Development in 2019

Microsoft is considered an integral application due to its instant confidence while registering web application development. It is the energy force behind the success and growth of the technology strategy of several businesses today. Consequently, it is also considered important due to its contributions in helping developers learn about web development, thus helping them to gain relevant skills that support their growth as a profession. Many people are currently trying to familiarize with Microsoft technology stack today while there are still many who do not know about it. With this cause, through this paper is some relevant information on why Microsoft technologies for web development are best for web application development in 2019.

It is one of the best

Microsoft technologies were introduced and tested to be feature rich and thoroughly battle-tested several years ago. Ever since then, it has always been a common place where people go to have a combined native development with managed codes. For over ten years now, Microsoft technologies still stand out where today, most of the development tasks are being completed through their technology stack. It has since then managed to remain among the best due to the vast information from MSDN, StackOverflow and many other forums. In this case, you can never get stuck while using Microsoft technologies since you will always get researched answers for any of your query.

It has evolved

Looking back at when Microsoft web development services were being initiated several years ago, it is interesting to find how many tests survive today. The back end of the application indeed remains the same, but one sure thing, the patterns and component in it have changed a lot to help meet the current technological needs of its users. Today, the application has a robust infrastructure for authentication, bundling and routing that have been important for non-Microsoft technologies. More to this, the site has been improved, making it look better for a wide range of form factors such as phones and desktops where its API capabilities have been making web services a breeze. With the current state of the site, you can never get stuck on a problem, and therefore the change has been for the better.

Its simplicity

Before the existence of Microsoft technologies, other platforms were sophisticated to users. Web development is always a complex task, but it is through the simple saying things should be simple and complex things should be complex that they managed to change the web development sector. In this case, Microsoft was able to make the stack overwhelming and straightforward, all the way from its behaviours, endpoints and bindings. Through this factor, it is today a piece of cake more so due to its configuration with API that turns it to be more secure. If you need a simple web service that will help you complete your processes in minutes, then look no further than Microsoft technologies. Another advantage is it comes with comprehensive coverage of service scenarios and above all, its secure prepackaged framework.

It is easily testable

For those who have done web development or anything relating to IT before, they can testify that no one would ever wish to complete a process without a test. This is always so due to the fear of messing with the code or even breaking something else. Microsoft technologies have been built with testability in mind. In this case, it includes hooks for dependency injection and in version 5 in its framework. Fir the dependency injection, they use it to disassociate implementation from the interface which lets users swap production types with mocks at test time. Testing is always an inseparable part of the software development process today, and Microsoft technologies come packed and equipped with this new reality.

Elaborate support ecosystem

In defining excellent support for web development, it should have a range of options, including community forums and an actual live human being working on site of the server. Microsoft technologies meet all these demands a factor that has helped to make its online ecosystem one of the largest in the industry. The most significant contributor to this is the initial developer of the Microsoft technologies Bill Gates, who was also a developer. It is through this that he knew a wide of adoptions that would be key for the proliferation of the Microsoft products. This meant ensuring the site provided developers with unlimited support about web development. While using the Microsoft web development interface, you never need to worry about calling Microsoft support. It always provides a handful of production emergencies and a range of support options that ensure all their users' needs are well catered for.

It sticks to its products

One of the reasons why choosing Microsoft technologies is a valid choice is due to the available mobile trend in full swing and JavaScript frameworks that are dominating the front end space. Ever since it was developed, Microsoft has always stuck to its products, therefore, making it the best for those who would wish to have the best experience while making technology choices. By this, Microsoft technologies ensure that time and money is invested in technology and therefore making it the best choice for most of the companies.

Its visual studio umbrella

One of the most significant advantages of Microsoft technologies is its visual studio that provides a one-stop solution for all the tools. Its studio has a collection of all the tools that offer a familiar experience for its users through the interface. More to this, it guarantees a variety of services, including database hosting to mobile services. Unlike in other platforms, all the pieces in the visual studio umbrella fit together, making the overall development process efficient for the users.


Today, there are many choices developers can take while completing tasks related to web development. Though this brings competition to Microsoft technologies, it has been a healthy one since it has forced innovation to avoid complacent. Basing from where Microsoft started it is sure it has pushed from the top of the mountain to ensure tech evolution. Microsoft website development has shown its interest to adapt and stay tuned to the realities of the current technological trends and therefore, it is the best option we can take for Web Application Development in 2019.