List of technology used for mobile app development?

Technology is growing at a rapid rate and so people should take advantage of this technology to stay ahead of their competitors. Mobile app development has now become an easy job but choosing the best technology is a difficult task.

If a person is successful in choosing the best technology for their mobile app development, then for sure they can make their project successful and rewarding. Good technology will always help the mobile app to help their clients to grow in the future. The technology used for developing a mobile app will not only help in providing project life but will also help in making it scalable, maintainable, and also committed to your requirements of the function.

It is because of the ongoing demand that mobile app development services are increasing in number. If you choose the proper technology stack then it is for sure that you can cut down your cost for development along with the cut down of the required time. Now you must be wise enough to make a perfect decision to choose the best one for you that will be within your budget. The most popular mobile app development approaches are given below-

  • Native app development

The development of a native app means the use of a programming language that is platform-specific along with software development kits, the environment of development, and various other tools provided by the vendors of the operating system. The main thing that happens is that to prepare native apps for various platforms, it is essential to employ separate development technologies for every platform. The naive approach is taken by popular apps like Pokemon GO and Lyft.

  • Technology stacks for iOS apps

If a person is interested in creating a native app for the iOS operating system then the following technology stack can be considered-

Programming languages- Swift, Objective-C

To build an iOS app it is very essential to choose a programming language between Objective-C and Swift. Objective-C is known to be a superset of the C programming language. This is basically having the capabilities that are object-oriented along with an environment of dynamic runtime. iPhone app Development Company will help in selecting the best technology for the project you are planning to work on

Many developers are there who prefer using Swift over Objective-C because it is more functional in nature and helps in providing codes that are less error-prone in nature. The code is less error-prone because it is having inline support for manipulating data and text strings. Moreover, it also contains dynamic libraries that are directly uploaded to memory, thereby cutting down on the app’s initial size and hence increasing the performance of the app. Many developers are there who are using Swift and have created their own water library for overlays of videos and images. The library can be integrated and installed in a fast and efficient manner that will be having the capability of putting the watermarks in videos and images. iPhone app development companies are always working hard to hire proper developers for their companies so that they can satisfy the needs or requirements of their clients.

Toolkit- Apple Xcode

Xcode is known to be one of the most beneficial toolkits if a developer is choosing Swift for developing an iOS app. This toolkit can help developers in developing native apps. The development environment is full-featured and helps the developers in creating mobile apps and also to create desktop apps. Xcode is having integrated support of Git repositories which is known to be a graphical editor that helps in building user interfaces, debugging tools and instrumentation, and integrated documentation.


This iOS includes an API that is an application programming interface this plays a link or a bridge between the software application and the platform they are mainly running on. There are many ways to build APIs that include helpful programming libraries and some other tools. For the Apple touch screen, there is a need for iPhone SDK and this can even work on any type of Apple’s iPhone mobile device such as iPad. Hire an iPhone application development service for creating the best app for your company that can attract more customers.

  • Android technology stack:

If you are planning to build a native application for Android then you must pay attention to the mobile development technology mentioned below:

Programming language: Java, Kotlin

You can use Kotlin or Java to develop the native android app development. Java is counted as one of the best-reputed programming languages as it comes up with open-source libraries and tools that will help the developers a lot. For the Android Studio Kotlin has become one of the congruous and stable developments. Some definite limitations are there inside java that plays a role in impeding the API design of android. Kotline is considered clean, lightweight, and even far less verbose. To improve the existing Java models the Kotlin was mainly as it offers API design deficiencies.

Toolkit: android developer tools and Android studio

The android studio comes up with code debugging; editing, flexible build system, performance tooling, and even the instant deploy/build system. It helps in focusing on building the best high-quality and unique apps. Android development tool helps in gaining full support for android app development. This not only helps in providing android specific coding but even allows the developers to use various on-device debugging tools, emulators, graphical UI building, and a fully scriptable test that is automation support. Hire an android app development company that has a lot of experience and knowledge in this field.

SDK: Android SDK

To write the programs including the latest feature developers must download and install each version SDK for a specific phone. Android SDK components can even be downloaded separately. You can even get the third-party add one that is also available to download.

You will get to see that Google and Apple both come up with app developers that provide their own developing tools, SDKs, and interface elements. Before selecting the native app development you must know the pros and cons.

Pros of native app development:

  • The native app comes with the best performance
  • This type of app is more secure than others.
  • More interactive and intuitive
  • Helps in allowing developers to access all the full features set of devices.
  • During development, there are fewer bugs
  • Fast performance

Cons of native app development:

  • Runs on only one platform
  • Expensive as it takes a lot to develop
  • Need a lot of developers


  • Cross-platform app development:

This mainly means developing a mobile application that can be usually used on multiple mobile platforms. This app development helps the developers to use the single code base in this case the mobile app is developed for different platforms and can be easily adapted by the majority of devices.

  • Technology stack for cross-platform apps:

There are several different frameworks for cross-platform application development that are mentioned below:

React Native+ Javascript/typescript

React Native is mainly a JavaScript framework for coming up with the mobile application that will feel and look native for both Android and iOS. With the help of React, and JavaScript you have to put the building blocks together. With the help of react-native, you will get a radical, novel, and even highly functional approach for constructing the user interfaces. The application is mainly running and written in JavaScript but the application is fully native. Skype and Instagram are some of the best examples of this type of application. Hire android app developer if you are planning to create an app specifically for Android devices.

For building the cross-platform application, typescript language can be used. With the help of Typescript, you can get come of the nice features that will help in quick error detection when working with react components. In the Typescript toolbox, some of the generic components are very important. While working on components, feedback loop, and tightening this will help in giving the extra safety.

Xamarin + C#

For cross-platform mobile app development, Xamarin is one of the tools that help the engineers have to share almost 90 percent of the code all across the major platform. Xamarin mainly uses C# as one of the main languages in cross-platform development. C# is mainly a static type language that comes up with IDE support and mature tooling. The apps which are written on the C# are mainly cross-compiled to the native Ios and Android binaries.

Pros of cross-platform app development:

  • Helps in saving money.
  • It’s very easy to launch and even update
  • Comes with reusable code this even means development speed is higher.
  • Provides platform coverage.

Cons of cross-platform app development:

  • Comes with limited device feature support
  • Lack of flexibility
  • Tool limitations


  • Hybrid app development:

Hybrid development helps in using the standard web development and tools like CSS, HTML5, and JavaScript. Then the shared code can even be wrapped with the help of a native container. All this can even be done with the help of various tools and even shipped as a regular app. This type of platform works like an app but looks like a website so you have to browse them to know more.

Technology stacks for the Hybrid apps:

Below are some of the existing frameworks for hybrid app development:


Apache Cordova is one of the open-source frameworks that help in running the JavaScript and HTML-based applications that are inside the special native contender on a device. The Native device functionality is mainly exposed via HTML-based application and Javascript APIs. That helps in accessing the device-specific functions like the camera, and sensors. Here the developers don’t have to rely much on the CSS and HTML for building the user interfaces, as PhoneGap helps in supporting a lot of framework and libraries that include AngularJS, JQuery, and Knockout.js.


Ionic is mainly an Angular JS-based framework this is the main reason that it shares the whole set of advantages and helps the supporting community with the help of famous frameworks. The ability to create a hybrid app comes with a native look that is also well implemented. Ionic reuses DOM elements that help in handling some of the reason that helps in poor mobile performance.

Pros of hybrid app development:

  • Helps in building an app for all the platforms
  • Will feet in your budget
  • Easy to maintain and build

Cons of Hybrid app development:

  • Lack of native features
  • Slower interaction

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Things to consider while choosing a tech stack:

  • Project requirements and features: When planning to form a tech stack it's very important to know the size and the purpose of this project. According to this the choice of the technology can change. The larger and greater the project is the larger and complex the tech stack will be. For a medium business project like a mid-market application, or the online store this consists of more complex technical stacks where you can get several layers of programming languages and even the framework. The large business comes with a larger technical stack that uses multiple levels of framework and programming language.

This type of framework is used and created for the larger amount of data conditions. There is no need of loading the project with unwanted technologies. For an effective solution, it’s very important to use the exact technologies that are needed in the task.

  • Resource and experience: It is very important to select the company having good experience and knowledge for picking the right tech stack. For selecting the best technology for the project the developers must have the proper knowledge and should know all the things and differences between them. It’s very important to give preference to the technology in which you are having work confidence. For the sake of new technology, you should not use them if you don’t have much knowledge of them. After all of this, you even need to make sure that you never choose some of the outdated technology and are ineffective. If you start working with the new technology which you don’t know then you may even lose a lot of development time, in the end, it will increase the development time.
  • Scalability: the architecture of the application should be scalable as this is vital for the development. This even helps in determine that your application can handle the load or not. There are mainly two types of scalability that are vertical and horizontal. The vertical scalability mainly means that it has the ability to add more futures and elements to the application in the future. Whereas horizontal means the ability to work on different devices and helps in increasing the number of users. The powerful programming language will help in achieving good scalability.
  • Maintainability: It is one of the important factors that help in building the application. Even when you scale app development should be done without any additional efforts. These two factors on application maintainability depend on such as architecture and codebase. In architecture must support the reusability scalable, and be mobile. Whereas in codebase should not be lengthy as it will take longer to process and can even lead to error during debugging.
  • Security: every end-user needs the assurance that their personal data is safe. This means when working on the technology stacks it is necessary to select the best technology that comes with a high level of security. This is one of the important things that are needed to be taken care of when it comes to online payment.
  • Development speed: One of the most important factors is the speed of project development. The project must be developed in the given time or the shorter time. Selecting the best technology will help in reducing the overall development time with the help of third-party integrations.

For mobile applications the right technology stacks needed to be taken care of. For this, you need a proper plan to come up with the best software development that helps in attracting potential customers. There are so many things that are needed to be considering while choosing the right mobile application technology. Once the launch time is estimated then the company can even start with marketing.

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The mobile application will grow day by as the demand is increasing and people want new technology. If you want to come up with a highly functional mobile application then you need to choose the right mobile app technology. Mobile application development is one of the processes of creating a functional software application that will help in running on the device. Before selecting technology for development it is very important to carefully analyze the project. In this way, you can understand the requirement of the project, resource or experience that are required and the technology that are needed. All this will help in scalability, security, and speed of app development. Hire dedicated developer who has the proper knowledge in this field and will provide the best feature that will match your business.