Why Your Agency Should Become a White Label Mobile App Reseller

Living in the 21st century, it is safe to say that mobile applications are a huge part of our daily lives. Nowadays we have mobile applications for almost everything.

If you have a unique idea and you want to grow a viable business around that idea. Developing an app on your idea can take your business to great heights. As the demand for innovative and unique applications are always been welcomed in the market.

Some researcher states that around 42% of the small business are using applications of their own. And more than 30% of small business owners are developing their applications for the future. The mobile applications help to succeed not only the start-ups or small business it can also help the established larger business. Usually, the younger business owners and entrepreneurs keep their businesses updated with the ongoing trends in the market.

The above information can be taken into advantages if you run an agency. By adding some of the extra values and improved services to your existing clients you can earn extra profits. If your client wants to build a mobile application according to the requirements of their business. Be sure that, you will be the one who will provide the best application and services to them. If you succeed in this you will become a white-label mobile application reseller.

The white-label mobile app resellers have a better edge in the market than their competitors. This is because you will be able to provide all types of services to your clients under one roof.

To know more about white label apps and the reason why your custom software development company should be converted to it too, please continue the blog.

What are white-label applications?

White label applications are app modified by the white label companies to resell it to a different client. The modification is done on the features and the services that the company will provide to their clients. The white-label app development companies may use the app builder platform or can outsource it to a third-party development company. This helps the company to get rid of the hassle of developing a complex app without any installation cost.

How to choose the best white label app reseller?

There are certain steps by maintaining which you will be able to hire the best white label mobile app reseller available in the market. Such as

  • The hired agency should test all the features of the application before deploying it to the market.
  • The partner company will use the mobile applications builder as their products. This is to make sure there are no bugs or glitches present in the application that can harm the reputation of the software consulting services.
  • The company that you have hired will provide you both the onboarding and the technical training along with the customer support for your application.
  • All the documentation needed for the implementation and other processes will be handled by your partner. So, that you will be able to use the application without any barriers.
  • A detailed Q & A available on the applications shows the quality of the work that the partner is selling you.
  • A better white-label mobile app reseller will always take the responsibility of launching the application on both the apple and android market. Moreover, they will provide continuous support once the app goes online on either of the app stores.

Reasons your agency should become a white label app reseller.

Here are some of the major reasons for converting your agency into the best white label app reseller,

  • Mobile oriented market

Nowadays people are more comfortable with their mobile phones than their desktops. That is why all the small and medium-sized business developing their own mobile applications. In order to do business more effectively and maintain better communication with the users. All of this is done with the help of highlighted app features, exciting deals, and promotions, and push notifications.

Plus, the mobile applications help the development companies to create a database for their potential users. This database allows the applications to collect all the necessary information on their customers. With more information you get, you will be able to provide a better and effective consumer experience.

  • Being a reseller doesn’t imply that you are not allowed to code

If you are a white label developer, the clients will pay you the full amount of development. But instead of developing the app from the scratch, you will use the third-party app and white label it. Here, your client will pay you the full development fees, whereas you will hire a white label developer who has a cheaper development fee than any custom developer services.

Basically, the process feels like having an in-house developer present in CRM Development Companies especially when you are able to resell more than one application to your clients. Plus, you don’t have to worry about the hassle and investment needed for hiring, maintaining salary, and annual appraisal for the employees.

In order to develop applications, you will use white label app development tools like Shoutem. Which doesn’t require any type of technical knowledge or coding. It is just like a drag-and-drop app development process for modifying and creating applications. moreover, you will be able to gain ownership of the product without using a single line of code.

  • Scaling of the organization

  • It is one of the important aspects of being a white label app reseller. This will allow you to grow the scale or size of your business in 3 different ways,

  • You will be able to provide white and private label solutions to your clients. That means you will be able to add innovative and unique features and services and make the product company exclusive. In spite of being a start-up, you will be able to work as an agency.
  • 2nd way is obviously the revenue factor. Being a white-label development, you will be opting for a bulletproof return of interest model. As you will have the facility to use readymade development methods and templates to develop an application. And then sell it in the name of your brand.
  • The 3rd way is the expenditure factor. Your development process will not require experience developers like the IT companies. Plus you will be able to cut down heads and resource expenses to a minimum.

All these ways will aim to quick establishment of your organization and increase its scale to a large extent.

  • Branding your white label dashboard

The white-labeled app development platforms contain ready-made templates for developing applications. this is because you will not create the application from the scratch.

 Basically, you will use the already present options for the logo, branding, and color of the application and create the product.

That is why the dashboard of this type of organization is very important. Your client will be able to enter in the dashboard and choose the looks of the application according to them. They your agency will finalize the details and legitimize it for the client. Plus managing different clients simultaneously is very easy. As all of them have access to different control panels.

  • The vast growing industry of mobiles

The smartphone is one of the topmost growing industries of the world. And you will be connected to it indirectly. As with the increasing trends of applications for small businesses, you don’t have to worry about the clients. The need for smartphones and the application of smartphones will always be the fast-growing industry.

In 2016, more than 3.5 billion people own a smartphone. That means about 50% of the population owns a smartphone according to Statista. And the number is still increasing day by day.

There is still time to enter this white-label app reselling market by scheduling a demo for your potential clients.

  • A very cost-effective way to start a business

For every start-up, entrepreneur, and business owner, the ratio of benefit to risk is an important factor to consider. In order to maintain the scale at the beginning of the business, usually, the owners take fewer risks with more benefits.

But surprisingly to be a white label app reseller you don’t need to invest that much money. As the development platform used and expertise needed are not that much expensive. Plus, the app builders are basically freely available on the internet. You don’t need a huge pile of cash to become a reseller, which makes it the best opportunity for start-ups.

Hiring Cloud integration services, you have to pay on a monthly basis or annually. For using the app builder services of the company which includes application launching, maintenance of the system, and customer support. Plus, you will able to negotiate with the agency so that your desired budget can be met.

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  • Benefits of ready-made business scheme

You will be able to impose your full focus on the success of the agency. As you will be using a ready-made business scheme along with ready-made applications to resell. Moreover, by collaborating with a third-party app builder, you will be able to provide better services to your clients. Which can make you the one-shopping destination for every requirement of the clients.

By opting for a white label app reseller, you can earn better benefits on developing and reselling the applications. As for every new modified or implemented service the clients have to pay some additional amount. Along with that, steam of additional revenue will be started.

Instead of stressing over the development process of the applications and make them the best in the market. You will be able to focus on the core values and the services that you can provide to your client. For this market best open-source development servicesis the only thing that can make your brand stand alone in this crowded market.

  • Roles of mobile app reseller are easy to cop up with

More than 55% of the business owners are opting for mobile applications for their business. And for new businesses, it is not possible to hire high-end development companies, to develop an app for them. The only hope for them is white-label mobile app resellers.

To become the best re-seller available in the market just flow these steps

  1. First, you have to take the overall requirements of the clients from the sales executive. And then book a demo of the application for your potential clients.
  2. If the client is satisfied with the demo, you will have to show the service and perks that you can provide to them at a reasonable cost. You can ensure that the client chooses you from the demo by providing more details to your dashboard. Then you have to give a thorough walkthrough of your experiences and the features they can implement on their application.
  3. If the client chooses your reselling services. You have to generate a subscription link from where they can enjoy the resell app services.
  4. Then you have to set a domain name and a log for your brand on the dashboard before initiating the reselling program for your company.

Then you are able to promote your reselling services in the market and become the best white label mobile app reseller. By providing the best services available in the market.

  • Business success can be measured easily

The strategies and plan for any business should aim the ways to working that can pay off later. And your agency can achieve that by providing your client with better feature-packed and visually attractive applications.

In order to make your business successful, you have to have some knowledge of the applications. Such as cart abandonment rates, downloads on the store, conversion rates, and gross revenue after the previous launch.

Basically, you have to do thorough market research on some of the feedback of the applications. Such as problems with the application, how much the users enjoyed it, did they uninstall with 24 hours of its download, etc?

  • Make your own offers and deals to attract more new clients

Being Cloud-based application development services, you will have the ability to provide applications for both the Android and iOS markets. Providing exclusive features and offers is the best way to promote your brand in the market and attract new users.

Keep a better knowledge of the present trends of the applications always gives a better edge to your brand. And make you one step forward from your competitors of the present market.

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Conclusion- Becoming a white-label mobile app development agency is one of the best options for start-ups to prosper in this market. The cost of development is low, no technical knowledge is needed and additional revenue for every additional feature can be earned by this process.