Things to Consider before Outsourcing Microsoft .NET Development Project

No matter the type of business you are having, in today’s world you will require a technology-based solution at some point. There is a wide range of tech tools that are in the market that will help you solve the challenges that you may be having in your business. One such tool is the Microsoft .NET. It is a technological framework that is highly evolutional and has helped businesses keep up the pace of the changing world that is extremely competitive.

Microsoft. Net

Most of the entrepreneurs use it to design websites as well as in dealing with web designing associated challenges. Microsoft Net gives you compatible, easy as well as ordered programming structure that will help you deal with the structures of web designing. You can outsource the project of development of this technology framework to various firms such as Asp .Net company. What are the benefits of outsourcing the project? Outsourcing a project means assigning the process to a third party. It comes with a number of benefits such as it will help the parties involved to reduce the cost of service, reduce the burden on the service providers as well as minimize taxes. Thus there are a variety of benefits that comes with outsourcing such a project. Want an Asp .Net developer for hire because of these numerous benefits that one gains by outsourcing this project. Then you have to consider a number of things.

Things to consider before outsourcing;

1. The credibility of the firm

When outsourcing firm's credibility, hire Asp .Net developer India company that is credible for excellent development of Microsoft. Net. When assessing its credibility you need to assess aspects such as longevity of the firm, their expertise as well as experience. It is important to look at the longevity since firms that have been in the business for long are highly credible as well as reliable. If they have been in the business, certainly they deliver good results and have built a good relationship with their customers. They would not have survived this long, for instance, 10 years if they were not doing something worthy.

To know about the firm's credibility you can also examine their testimonials as well as customers review. The customer feedback on their projects will certainly give you a blueprint of the quality of their work. Another thing that shows that a firm is credible is its infrastructure. You should make sure that a firm has a real office. Some of the business that operates from the house most of the times they are not credible. You should examine whether they have ISO 9000 or CMMI quality certifications. These certifications show the quality of the company’s software development processes.

2. Skilled in Microsoft technologies

When outsourcing the project you need to consider the developer's expertise in various Microsoft technology projects. You should assess whether the firm has expertise in various Microsoft technologies such as VB.NET, ASP. NET MVC. , C# as well as ASP.NET. You should examine whether the developers have used .NET together with other technologies such as Windows Azure, Kentico as well as share point in the bid of maintaining as well as building web Apps. If they have this knowledge of combining various technologies, have great knowledge in Microsoft technologies, interoperability as well as security features knowledge hire them!

3. Quality

Besides the credibility of the firm, you should consider the quality of the experts you are outsourcing your project too. Here you will have to be keen on the experience, technical skills as well as certification of the developers. You should ask yourself are these developers certified to work on Microsoft .Net projects. Do they have experience of creating applications as well as projects from scratch? In addition, you should assess whether they are dedicated Asp .Net developer

4. Awards and partnerships

The validation of the company in the .NET industry is a thing you have to consider too. To know about this search for the firm's partnerships, awards among other recognitions that the company might have achieved in the industry. You should also verify their experience from the certification bodies as well as organizations who have licensed them.

5. Mobility support

Some of the software products do not take into account the mobility requirement. Mobility support is very necessary and it calls for the integration of Microsoft technologies with technologies such as IOS, HTML5 as well as Android. The company you want to hire should take into account this feature and also have in house development back up for the mobile app technologies. Ensuring that they do this is important, as you will not have to incur extra costs as you look for another developer to help you in the development of apps for mobile platforms. Firms such as ASP.NET have the ability for powering even the mobile apps hence a good company to go for.

6. Set requirements

You should consider whether the company you are outsourcing the project will be able to meet your set requirements. Hire a firm that will meet your set requirements.

6. Deliverance of complex project

You should also consider whether the firm has the experience of delivering multifaceted .NET projects. It is the projects that a developer has dealt with that makes him more skilled. Therefore he was able to deal with a complex project, he will excellently perform in the subsequent projects. Go for a company that has worked on a high number of difficult .NET projects and am certain they will excellently perform in your project.


In conclusion, while outsourcing of Microsoft .Net projects comes with various benefits, you should know that there is a lot at stake while doing this. Therefore you should be careful while choosing the company to outsource the project to. In doing this you have to consider a number of factors such as their expertise, credibility, awards and partnership s among others. Use facts from these factors while hiring the company not just gut feelings. Follow the points above and am certain you will find the right Microsoft net developers to outsource the project to.