How long does it take to build a decent Drupal site?

Websites had been playing an enormously important role in everyone’s life. Technology is advancing at a rapid rate and so the needs of normal people are also increasing. People are demanding more from the websites. So the jobs of developers are becoming very difficult day by day.

It is very hard to find a developer who is perfect at their job. There are many developers available but finding a good Drupal development service is very hard. It is very essential to see the feedback of the previous clients and many more.

Before hiring a Drupal developer you must understand your needs first. Drupal websites are having Drupal modules that help in adding necessary features for your website. This can be installed without any involvement of costs. Every business is having its unique nature and so it is not so effective if a standard set of features are implemented. Here comes the role of additional Drupal modules. Before knowing about the time to develop a Drupal website, it is very important to understand the various types of Drupal websites and then you can easily decide whether you want to hire this kind of service or not.

Why you should develop a website for your business?

Before going further ahead with Drupal it is better that you understand properly why you need the help of a website for your business. There are many reasons for adopting a website for your business. Now in the pandemic situation, people are shifting to digitalization. This is the reason why people are getting more interested to see a website. A website basically allows people to see what they want about their brand by sitting at their home. However, after the pandemic is over, the online trends of business will still continue. The benefits of developing a website for your business r=are given below-

  • Expanding the reach is possible without any limitation to a geographical boundary
  • You can easily shape as well as promote your brand
  • Customers can be attracted, convinced, and engaged
  • Delivering the message to a targeted audience is possible with the help of content and design
  • Availability of 24/7 is possible
  • Benefits can be gained from online sales and any other kind of transactions
  • Marketing tools are there that can help you in knowing about your customers
  • Business can be made known with the help of search engines

Websites that can be made with the help of Drupal

Hire Drupal developers and they can help you in guiding you through your whole journey of developing your project. With the help of Drupal, it is very much possible to develop any kind of business website and there are no exceptions. A well-picked set of core modules are present in Drupal and it is also possible to add any other similar to that of the pieces in the Lego set. Many contributed modules are there which are basically present to extend a website in any area of its work. Custom code is there that helps in allowing the developers to with unlimited opportunities to reach their goals. The businesses that can be built with the help of Drupal are given below-

Building an eCommerce website with the help of Drupal

If a person is interested in building a site for their business and they chose Drupal then it is for sure that they won’t regret their decisions. Drupal is responsible for providing exceptional opportunities for content-driven commerce. A powerful package of eCommerce is there for Drupal which is known as Drupal Commerce. This Drupal commerce is having a number of extraordinary features. Flexible product management, integration with any kind of payment gateways, opportunities for a shopping cart that is ultra-fast are known to be some of the main reasons to create an online store with the help of Drupal.

Building a Real estate website with the help of Drupal

The next type of business site that is paired perfectly with Drupal is the Real estate website. It is very much clear that Drupal is known to be one of the best solutions for developing a Real estate website. They can easily have smart filtering, responsive images that can be perfect in any device, attractive property object listing, integration with any kind of APIs, payment system, granular user roles and permissions, property management software, and many others. There are many Real estate websites built with the help of Drupal and these examples are clear proof of why Drupal is so popular for this kind of project.

Building a university website with the help of Drupal

According to various data and researches, it has been found that 70 percent of top higher-education websites have been built with the help of Drupal. Drupal is very much beneficial for university websites. There are various benefits for university websites offered by Drupal that include different user rules with permissions that are flexible, robust multisite opportunities for various platforms, multilingual features which can seek attraction of students, a mobile-first approach that can ensure engagement of the young audience, and many more. So it is possible to build any kind of school, college, and university or other educational site with the help of Drupal. There are many Python development companies available but the choice is up to you whether you want to go for Drupa developers or Python developers. The budget must be set after understanding your requirements and then you must start your process of hiring the type of developers.

Building a fundraising website with the help of Drupal

Another type of website that can be built easily with the help of Drupal is the fundraising or crowdfunding website. This website helps the users in raising money for any kind of specific purpose. These can be very much interesting with respect to the terms of the functionality they are going to have. The most popular features that are present in this kind of website are flexible options for payments, integration with payment providers, user management is flexible, social media integration, mobile-first approach, dynamic notifications for users that are real-time, etc, and many more. Drupal is known to be one of the best in all these features.

Building a law firm website with the help of Drupal

Law business is becoming famous day by day and so there are many people who want to develop their law business website. Here also Drupal plays an important role by helping people to get the best services from their Drupal site. But it is important to remember that if a good developer is not hired then it is possible that your business will not flourish. If people are engaged in searching for any kind of law firm then the most important thing that must be taken into account is the online content along with search engines. The SEO-friendliness along with handy content publishing is known to be a great feature of Drupal that can play a major role in seeking the attraction of more users. It is very much easy to build a law firm with any kind of features like user-friendly contact forms, email marketing, third-party integrations, live chats, and many more. However, as mentioned earlier, it is very important to keep in mind that today’s world is full of competition and if proper measures are not taken then it will become impossible to stay ahead of your competitors. It is better to hire a good software application development company that can serve you with perfect Drupal developers for your project.

Building a healthcare website with the help of Drupal

If any business requires any kind of special responsibility then it is essential to have a good CMS for building their site. Sites of this type require granular user permissions, security, and sometimes authentication of two-factor. All these can be obtained by the business owner with the help of Drupal. There can be many interesting features like electronic signature, online appointment calendar, various integrations, online message, and many more. Drupal is having the ability to provide all this along with other important features for healthcare websites.

Building news and media business website with the help of Drupal

There are many people who are having the wish of building a publishing website and they do not know the first step that they should go through. It is clear without any doubt that Drupal can help them in getting the most out of their news and media websites. Drupal basically allows easy content reading, features for quick editing, multilingual capabilities, mobile-first approach, API integration, easy media embedding, media library, and many more. Drupal is always having its new version and with this new version of Drupal, it is possible for the client to get a smooth as well as silky editorial experience.

Building beauty business website with the help of Drupal

An industry that is selling business products or industry related to beauty is increasing at a rapid rate. People want to enjoy this kind of service while they are sitting at their home. It is very easy to build a website for beauty products with the help of Drupal. If you hire an experienced developer then they can build your website before the deadline as they will have the ability to solve problems that they might face while developing your project. Good filtering and sorting, integration of eCommerce, easy content publishing for beauty tips, blogs, and videos, image optimization that will help in the attractive presentation of images, and many more features are there that can help in developing a perfect website in this field. Hire a Drupal programmer who can understand your needs or else it will be impossible to develop the website as per your needs.

Cost and time to develop Drupal site according to types

Time is something very important that must be noted into account before giving your project to the developer. Another important factor is the cost involved. They both are related to each other. The websites of Drupal can be developed very fast but the time may vary depending on the type of websites and also depending on the needs that are the extra features which you want to add to your website to make it the best among other similar websites.

Simple promo page

The best solution for editing the promo page’s content is the Drupal CMS and if a proper developer is hired then it will take around 50 to 70 hours. Now the cost will be-

  • Asia and Pacific- within the range of $500 to $1400
  • Eastern Europe- within the range of $1000 to $2800
  • Western Europe- within the range of $2000 to $4200
  • North America- within the range of $4200 to $9800

Company website

Development of any company website that includes sections like news, blogs, portfolios, services, about us, and contacts will take around 200 to 250 hours. Now the cost will be-

  • Asia and Pacific- within the range of $15000 to $35000
  • Eastern Europe- within the range of $8000 to $15000
  • Western Europe- within the range of $4000 to $10000
  • North America- within the range of $2000 to $5000

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Mobile app

The minimum time according to estimation for developing backend run is around 150 to 200 hours. Now the cost will be-

  • Asia and Pacific- within the range of $9000 to $28000
  • Eastern Europe- within the range of $6000 to $12000
  • Western Europe- within the range of $3000 to $8000
  • North America- within the range of $1500 to $4000


This is considered to be a difficult task. In order to develop an eCommerce website like Amazon, it will take around 250 to 300 hours. Now the cost will be-

  • Asia and Pacific- within the range of $15000 to $42000
  • Eastern Europe- within the range of $10000 to $18000
  • Western Europe- within the range of $5000 to $12000
  • North America- within the range of $2500 to $6000

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Offshore Python developers or any other developers which you hire for your project can serve your need but the best for your business is the service of Drupal. The above-mentioned business types along with the time taken to develop will be very helpful for you to decide whether you want to choose Drupal development services for your project or not.