Will Java Developers Still Be In Demand In 2021?

Java recently celebrated its 25th anniversary as one of the most persistent computer languages in the world. It is constantly in its development phase, which makes this language most interesting in the eyes of developers. The functionality of Java has kept it alive to date. As the hiring trends are changing each day and technologies are evolving by leaps and bounds, it is important to know how much value will a Java developer hold in the programming world in 2021.

Although it is quite evident that core knowledge of Java will not be much appreciated by companies, some skills may give Java developers an opportunity to make a difference in the market. Java development services will be seen unfolding new potentials and increasing their productivity. It is important to change with the changing world and most probably, in 2021, Java developers will embrace new horizons and identify technologies that will help them master their craft of development to some extent.

Skills Needed For A Java Developer To Learn In 2021

In 2021, you just can’t stay static, you need to keep learning more things in order to be in demand. The year after the pandemic has increased the competition. There are so many new frameworks and languages and they are really easy and providing businesses with what they want. If you still want to get work and want companies to ask you for their development needs, learn what interests you from the list below:

  1. DevOps:
    Just knowing how to code isn’t enough in 2021. You need to know how a developer’s operations work. DevOps is something that will stay in demand this year and in the years to come by. There are no chances of this being replaced or getting faded into the sky like other skills in development. Every custom software development company is now using it. You can learn a lot in DevOps. There are tools, principles that you can study and understand and improve yourself. You can define a roadmap for yourself and follow it with dedication. This is important so that you have a direction of studying and also so that you can keep yourself in check. You need to set goals and then work accordingly. If you pay attention and if you can grasp fast, you can learn things quickly and start implementing them.

More and more companies are moving to DevOps as the years are passing. There will be a lot of opportunities for the Java developers who know DevOps. If you are a developer who loves Java and wants to manage the environment, automation, and other parts of development while improving the overall structure of the project, DevOps is right for you. You can learn about DevOps online on a lot of websites. You can start by going to online courses websites and take up courses that suit you and get started with it. The earlier you start, the better it would be for you.

  1. Git:
    Git and GitHub are there for the Java development company as well as the developers’ community for a long time now. Spend more time at Git and learn how to code with the command line. Yes, that might sound like quite a difficult task but you need to put in some effort before you can see some results. To look better than others, you need to prove that you have got your hardcore basics really strong. If you are not able to do it right away, try to learn it through online courses and then keep practicing till you feel that you have learned most of the things.

Companies are also migrating from CVS and SVN to Git. This is a perfect reason why you need to improve your game with it. There are so many people who are already doing it, and if you want to stand out from the crowd, do it but with your own specialties. No one wants a developer who does what all others are doing because if that was so, they would hire someone else only.

  1. Java 9-15:
    It is great that you know Java 8 but it is important that in 2021 you move ahead. You need to know Java 9 and later versions till Java 15. Every company in the world, including open-source development services, needs developers who can work with the latest versions. So, take one step at a time, learn all the versions and know what they hold special in them. This is something that can really provide you with the attention that you are looking for. A developer who knows all or most versions of a language will always be in demand.

All Java-based development companies will happily take your services if they know that you understand all the versions and can work on them. This is something that most developers out there can’t do. Also, make sure that you also have a strong hand on Java 8 and other important versions. There are certain versions that are used more than others in the market. If you want to work smart, find out which is being used by the companies in your region and then learn those to secure a position or a job in any of those companies. Learning everything is something that can’t be compared with anything.

  1. Spring Framework 5:
    Spring Framework 5 has something that is really in demand and if you can learn it, you can eventually increase your own demand. Features like reactive programming are really making this framework popular. If you can get your hands on this, you might get attention from the software development services that are already using it or are looking forward to using it.

One thing that you need to understand is that it is how you show your knowledge to the world. Just learning is not enough, you need to have projects or something to show. Practice by yourself and show it in some way on the web. Have a blog of your own and update how you have been learning all the new skills. This can be done with each skill that you learn, each skill that is mentioned in this article.

  1. Unit Testing:
    There is nothing that can beat testing as a skill in a Java development company. If you are both a great developer and a tester, no company would want to let you go. You need to understand how testing works and just go and test something out there. It might take a lot of time for you to learn but when you get your hands on it, you might start enjoying the process. Unit testing is the process of testing every individual unit of code and finding any errors in it. This process makes the code error-free in very details. Though, if not done properly, it might change the architecture of the software that is being developed and hence can create problems. Most developers face this problem and that is why it is important to learn properly and keep practicing.

    If you already know a thing or two about then you better upgrade your skills this year. Unit testing professionals are and will be in demand for a long time. It is a great combo, a Java developer, and a unit tester. You can develop and test your own codes and earn more and stay in demand forever.

  2. RESTful web service:
    With a lot of free time in hand, you can learn the most popular tool used by open-source development services, REST API. This is a great addition to the skills you already have as a Java developer. Understand how you can implement Restful web services and how you can secure them. This is something that a lot of companies are looking for. There are many sources from where you can learn this and if you have an interest, it would not take too long to understand the basics and get started. Keep on improving the skill till you understand how to handle complex tasks with RESTful web services. It is great to have knowledge of both Java and REST. REST has been in demand for a long time and the way it is improving, the market wants more people who can manage it. If you work hard and understand the working of REST while still being a strong Java developer.

  3. Spring Security 5.0:
    Security is top most priority of all businesses and almost every custom software development company and the fifth version of Spring Security is really popular among them. If you can learn the working of this and know how to integrate it with businesses and increase their security, you have a great combo. Your coding mind and security skills will make you a potential security expert and will give you a lot of opportunities throughout your career. A lot of bugs have been fixed in this new version of Spring Security. Learning this framework will have both personal and professional benefits for a Java developer. Personal benefits in terms of securing their own data and profession are that they will be able to provide that as a service as well.

  4. Spring Boot 2:
    Another update is Spring Boot version 2. If you get the time and want to learn the latest version of a framework, go for Spring Boot 2. Spring Boot is a great framework and you need to learn this one in order to look more efficient and different in the community of Java developers. A lot of frameworks can be learned but Spring Boot can really make changes to your portfolio. Developers don’t usually go for it but learning this will be a good value addition to your skillset. There are sources available on the internet to learn this framework.

  5. Angular 2+ or React JS:
    So, you are already developing software on Java, you might as well know JavaScript. It Is now time you go and learn two of the frameworks I.e., Angular 2+ and React JS. These are both JavaScript frameworks and are really in demand. Angular is used by top companies in the world and so is React. Both have their own sets of features and benefits and it is great if you can learn any of them. It totally depends on your interest and future plans that which one of these two do you learn. If you can learn both, there can’t be anything better than that. Deciding one should be a thoughtful decision, going with one of them because someone said so might not be a good idea. You can find a lot of material available on both of these online.

  6. Android:
    What are you, a desktop software developer, now it is time you switch to Android (mobile)? Yes, the year 2021 wants you to scale up and do something that is in trend. You already know Java and that is what makes your base strong for Android app development. Start from the very basics and you will get to a great point soon. The applications you develop will not look as basic as other beginners as you already have an understanding of the Java programming language and that is where you do the magic. There are lots of online lessons available for people who want to learn Android app development.

  7. Apache Spark and Kafka:
    Data is the future and to deal with the future you need to learn how two of the biggest big data frameworks work. We are talking about Apache Spark and Kafka. These two have made it big in the big data industry and you need to learn them if you also wish to go into the same field. The field has great potential and can be great if you like playing with numbers and stats. Big data is the future and if you want to shape your future in a particular way, go for something as strong as Big Data.

  8. Docker and Kubernetes:
    This is another technology we think that you should learn if you want to stay or increase your demand this year. This is one of those tools that everyone needs to learn if you are looking to stay in the market for a long time.

  9. Microservices:
    Microservices are defined as the extension of web services provided by REST. The main objective behind the evolution of microservices is to divide the code into small yet distributed and independent services. This will help in increasing the probability of successful development as well as the deployment and management of the program. The architecture of Microservices is perfectly suitable for the public cloud.

Since the main focus of microservices is on elastic scaling with resources that are available on-demand, it required a lot of preparation and time to design. Microservices are somehow difficult to understand and develop, but they will help the developer in creating more scalable and thoughtful applications in the future. There are several tools such as Spring Boot and Spring Cloud that help in simplifying the microservice applications. It provides some common features in a ready-made manner. This gives the developer an ample amount of time to focus on business logic and prepare for the main code.

  1. Cloud (AWS):
    Apart from containers, the cloud is another important technology a Java Developer should know and learn in 2021. Software consulting services of all sizes, as well as domains, are now transferring their environments into the cloud. Cloud is a good alternative for saving the cost as well as scalability of the software. Cloud computing is a growing technology which means sooner or later, one must have to switch to these cloud-native applications. Learning cloud application platforms such as Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services and more will help in discovering the hidden potentials of programming and will help in taking further steps in upskilling yourself. It will also be impactful in standing out from other competitors in Java development.

    To start with cloud computing technology, AWS is one of the best technologies to learn. As it is the most popular and one of the most mature cloud platforms, AWS has a lot of job opportunities in the market right now. It has a strong demand for developers as well as system administrators. It is high time that Java developers learn AWS to have a good jump in their career.

  2. Concurrency:
    Concurrency is one of the most important skills that differentiate between an average developer and an advanced programmer. To sustain in the race of technology, especially in a competitive platform like Java, one must have a clear understanding of fundamental concepts such as Thread, object locking, runnable, synchronization, and more. Additionally, one must also have a good knowledge of advanced concepts such as deadlock, livelock, race conditions, and other conditions and how to deal with them. Another important set of concepts that will make a difference in the career is the knowledge of Cyclic Barrier, Count Down Latch, Phaser, and how to perform an async operation in Java.

Some Basic Skills To Revise

  • Basic software engineering concepts

Even the most advanced developers make silly mistakes during some projects in software development services. In such a scenario, it is best to go back to the theoretical days of development and learn the basic elements of the language. Coding languages have their own set of rules and regulations and with passing time, people tend to forget what is the basic idea behind the terminologies. This results in embarrassing mistakes. Core concepts must be revised thoroughly, every once in a while, to avoid such situations at work or while working on an individual project. Some of the basic concepts that apply to every version of Java are as follows:

  • Multithreading

  • Data Structures

  • Functions

  • Looping and iteration

  • Variables

  • Data Types and data abstraction

  • Code locking

  • Control flow

  • Conditional statements

  • Algorithms

  1. Keeping pace with Java Versions:

Java has been always called a vintage language because of its long existence in the technological world. The only thing that has kept it prominent is the regular release of its different versions. Various upgraded versions of Java are launched very often with the latest functionalities and easier approach. Java Development services always seek for the latest ones to work with. If one wishes to master Core Java, then staying updated about different releases is a must. As different features are being added, removed, and improvised, proper knowledge of them will give a wider outlook about how to use them in the best way. All the information is available on different tech blogs and websites, but it is advisable to read from the official website of Java for true and to-the-point information. Java has different components such as JRE and JDK which come in different versions themselves. So, to understand the language fully, one must try to study as much as one can for enhancing creativity at work.

  • Machine learning algorithms

Machine learning has plenty of real-world problems and applications such as self-driving cars, product recommendations, fraud detection, and more. To prepare for the upcoming world, Java developer must try their hands-on machine learning algorithms using Java. Some of the top libraries that will be good for a fresher are as follows:

  • MLib or Apache Spark

  • Java-ML

  • Mahout

  • Weka

  • Deep learning 4j

These libraries not only give a taste of the latest machine learning but will provide you with projects that will last effective for a significant number of years.

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A Java developer still holds significance in the world of technology and science. But basic Java and its applications have started to get obsolete in the world of software consulting services. In order to keep going in the race, some of the extra things that one can do as a developer are experiments with writing mobile applications on android, master commands, and get a more practical idea of automation tools. With deep knowledge of Java combined with some latest technologies can do wonders in terms of skills and money.