To become a game developer, you need to master eight key skills

Are you a gamer? Would you like to be a game designer? These are some tips to remember.

According to The Competitive Intelligence Unit, 32,262 million pesos were brought into Mexico by the videogame industry in 2019. It is important to understand that there are many disciplines involved in the creation of a videogame, whether you are a player or any other reason.

When developing video games, it is important to consider the storyline, creation of characters, and music. With these elements, the operators can work on software, processors, or other technological platforms.

However, we must not forget the importance of commercializing these products and connecting disciplines to ensure everything runs smoothly. We will now briefly discuss the most important areas that a game developer should focus on, as shared by Udemy, an online education platform.

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1. Narrative ( storytelling): it is about the development of the central story of the video game, in which the role that each character will play is determined, as well as their physical and psychological characteristics, superpowers, challenges, and obstacles they will face. It also includes the scenario in which it will occur.

2. Both the characters and the users must understand the basic principles of psychology. It gives characters their personality and defines their psychological profile. Players' psychology defines the rewards and incentives they will receive throughout the game.

3. Mathematical: It is used to calculate the distribution and create models of probabilities or continuity according to different actions at each level. This is done to prevent fatigue and frustration,

4. Physics: To simulate real objects in a virtual environment, you need to be familiar with basic physics concepts (rotation and gravity, friction, etc. To recreate the behavior of real objects in a virtual world, it is necessary to know basic physics (rotation, gravity, friction, etc.) to be able to simulate them almost exactly. To recreate a river, for example, you need to be familiar with fluid mechanics.

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5. Marketing: To monetize the game, it will be necessary for it to be promoted and sold in the market. This will include knowing the costs, target audience, communication channels, campaign generation, key metrics that will measure its impact, and conversion ratios. If people don't know about it, and most importantly, don't buy it it will not be of any use.

6. Programming: This is a very basic skill. You will need to create a lot of code and follow the steps for each character's actions, according to the player's instructions.

7. Art: This is the visual and tangible aspect of the virtual world. It is essential to understand the basic principles of music, lighting, and texturing.

8. Economics: Game theory is a way to establish fair rules and to set criteria for moving from one level to the next based on certain gains.