What steps should you follow to Hire a Node.js Developer/team?

Finding a node.js developer is not going to be an easy task. It requires you to know the required technical skillsets in developers to meet the needs of the project efficiently. There are thousands of developers out there with different levels of skillsets, so how do you tell if they have got what it needs. This blog will take you there.

What is node.js development?

Before we proceed to the hiring part, let's begin by understanding node.js and what makes it so popular.

Node.js is widely used with other JavaScript frameworks for the development of high-performing web applications. Tech giants such as IBM, Microsoft, etc., use node.js. It is a runtime environment and an open-source technology for developing JavaScript applications. It is used by developers to execute the code on the server-side to reduce the development time and improves the development process.

It is popular in the development community because it allows them to develop the backend of JavaScript. It is a great way to unify the app development and use a single language for building apps in real-time. It also opens opportunities for mobile app development with its package manager and ecosystem. You can also use the code that is written in other languages for website development services.

Given the perfect reputation of Node.Js, it is very likely of you to opt for node.js development for java-based applications. To help you in your course, here is a complete breakdown of what hiring would look like for most of the web app development services of leading industries and businesses of different sizes.

Node.JS developer responsibilities

Node.JS is a popular choice amongst developers for large-scale app development. It is because it boosts the performance of the applications that directly exchange between user and server.

Here are some shortlisted technical skills that you must look for in Node.js development company or developer:

  • Knowledge of agile development methods
  • Knowledge of front-end development and some work experience in that area.
  • Streamlining, and well-documenting code.
  • Ensuring the readability of the code
  • Knowledge of API development
  • Work experience with database and cloud platforms
  • Necessary soft skills for improved coordination and cooperation in the team.

Important things to discuss

  1. Agile development methodologies

Agile methodology allows you to develop the application much faster. A development team of the size of 12 members to hundreds can utilize the methodology for increased collaboration.

  1. Smooth UI

The user interface can impact your user's experience on web and mobile applications largely. To achieve a smooth UI you need a high-performing backend. It helps you improve the experience of the product and increases user engagement.

  1. Readability of the code

Well-formatted and documented code is an important skillset to look at when you hire nodejs developers. It helps you in the development of large-scale projects and provides all the necessary tools for development. It helps in the easy detection of any problem in the code.

  1. Team players

It is a very necessary soft skill. A web development company would be employing multiple developers on the project; for collaborative development practices and cohesive working between team members, every individual is required to be on the same page and plays their role well.

Necessary skillsets for Junior Node.JS developer

Junior developers are individuals with 1 or 2 years of experience people with more academic knowledge and less experience. Here are some basic skillsets to look for in a junior developer:

  • NodeJS (express.js or another popular framework)
  • HTML DOM and events, JavaScript
  • HTML5 and CSS3

Junior developers work under a team of expert developers. They are in their learning phase and getting trained or experienced to become a middle-level developer in the next 1-2 years.

Necessary skillset for Middle Node.JS developer

Middle-level developers are the people that work the most on any project. They have the most responsibilities and are the backbone of the development team. They are experienced in node.js development and hold some level of industry experience. Here are a few skillsets to look for in a middle-level Node.Js developer:

  • Knowledge of REST paradigm on an abstract level
  • 3-5 years of working experience with Node.JS
  • Knowledge of more than one programming language other than JS (C, PHP, Ruby, etc.)
  • Basic knowledge of typescript/ Coffeescript
  • Understanding of MySQL / PostgreSQL, Docker, AWS, and other common tools for the development and deployment of the application.

Necessary skillset for a senior-level Node.JS developer

To hire web developers with senior-level experience, you must look for someone with advanced problem-solving skillsets. Their responsibilities go beyond coding the application. You need someone with very versatile knowledge and experience.

  • 5+ years of experience with Node.JS
  • Expertise on TypeScript/ CoffeeScript
  • Experience with Angular, React, and other JS frameworks
  • Deep understanding of SOLID principles and GOF patterns
  • Diverse experience of working with many programming languages.
  • Experience of RESTful API development
  • Security and authorization knowledge.

Offshore node.js development

Offshore development is one of the best ways to find experts and develop the application at much cheaper rates. It opens an opportunity for you to hire web developers with advanced knowledge and experience in a country where IT services are more cost-effective. Here are some benefits of hiring an offshore node.js development team

  • Vast developer pool to choose from
  • Easy management
  • Cheaper in cost and higher capabilities

Hire a dedicated development team

There are two major advantages of hiring a dedicated Node.JS team:

  • Find people that have worked on multiple projects
  • Find developers that have worked on similar projects to yours.

Before hiring any offshore development company, ask them about:

  • Modes of communication
  • Budget for development
  • Workflow management

Node.JS developer salaries

Budget is very crucial to consider while developing any web application. It is important to define a strict timeline for the development of the project that allows you to manage the project well and that all at cheaper rates.

A full-time developer in Asia would cost you $18 - $50 per hour, depending on what level of node.js developer you are hiring. Developing in the US and UK may cost you $81 - $100 per hour, depending on the experience and expertise of the developer.

Other hiring options for hiring Node.JS developers

You opt for other available hiring options. Analyze your project and its specifics, make a list of all the necessary features you need in a project. Consult the development company on how they propose the resolve the challenges found in the development project.

  1. In-house development team

In-house development teams are usually costlier than hiring a freelancer or outsourcing the development work. It is because you have to invest a lot in the infrastructural capabilities and comply with the regulations. But it is a good option, if:

  • You need to develop your own project and require continuous development and maintenance
  • It is a large-scale application, and the complexities of the project need in-house research, post-launch maintenance, and support.
  • You are working on several long-term projects
  1. Freelancers

It is one of the most cost-effective options of all, but it comes with some risks. The developers may walk out on the project anytime in between, and the coordination between you and them is not as proper as it is when you hire an in-house development team or outsource the development work. But it is a good idea to hire a freelancer developer, if:

  • If you have a very work from the developer
  • The project is not long-term and too large for one person to handle
  • The skillset is required for only one project
  1. Outsourcing

You can find a middle ground between a freelancer and an in-house development team by opting for outsourcing application development services. Although the hiring process is a bit tedious, it is only a small part of a long journey. Here is when you must opt for outsourcing web development.

  • You don't have a large team, and you require some assistance in the development work
  • You need to coordinate a team to work on your project
  • You have a long-term project or a large multi-sided project for future support and maintenance.

Best practices for hiring node js developers for each available option

Budget is one of the most important things to consider while hiring professionals from any of the available options. Once you have a clear understanding of how much you can spend, start by analyzing your project requirements, list out all the necessary features in the project, define a target audience and other important things. Check with a tech consultant on what would be the ideal cost of the development cost for a project such as yours once you have established that you are all ready to explore the vast developer pool.

  1. In house developers

Here are some best ways to hire an in-house development team:

  • Word of mouth (ask around if you know someone lately undergone node.js development and if they can give you a reference)
  • JS meetups (find developers of all experience levels at the tech meets that are designed to bring the community together for discussions and networking)
  • Job posting sites (Go for local job portals or to the social media IT groups)
  1. Freelance developers

There are various online portals where freelance professionals register themselves. You can add your project description, manage your development budget and open the project for biddings. You can even checkout detailed information on the professional's work experience on these portals; it includes reviews, ratings, the project they have completed, etc. some of the leading freelance platforms are Upwork, Toptal, and Freelancer.

How to choose the best node.js developer for your project?

So, we have discussed the hiring model, the available sources, and best practices of hiring individuals working in different setups. Now, it is time to make a decision. Some of the best ways of choosing the node.js developer is mentioned here in this section:

  • Define the kind of software engineer you are wanting to hire for meeting your project requirements, goals in various development phases and post-development phases.
  • Check out the candidate's GitHub portfolio. it would allow you to analyze the coding style for the development and personal characteristics.
  • You don't need technical knowledge to evaluate the proficiency of the developer. All you need to do is check if the code is clear and accurate Readme. You can also ask a developer on your team or network to analyze the projects of the candidate.
  • Discuss with your team lead. A person with some technical knowledge would be able to screen the candidate better. They would help you understand what the basic responsibilities that the developer has to handle are once the team lead gives you a general approval for the candidate.
  • Evaluate node.js developer skills by holding an interview. It would allow you to know their knowledge and proficiency of the Node.JS developer. Ask what technologies they know, what tools they use, their skillset in different parts of app development.
  • Take a practical test and ask the candidate to complete a small task. Ask the development team to evaluate the results.
  • Make your goals and expectations clear in the interview procedure.
  • You can give them a small project before hiring them for a long-term project.
  • If you are short on time and you need to hire a developer for an urgent project, you can skip the test part. Instead, just give them a problem in the development project which is lately resolved by you. If the developer gives you the right answer or a satisfactory answer for that problem, you can hire them.

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Wrapping Up

If you are looking forward to hiring an individual for node.js development, we recommend you to go with an offshore development company. The reason being, they hire some of the best node.js developers and have the necessary tools to meet the requirement of the project. Moreover, it is a very cost-effective way to hire node.js developers and mitigate the risks found in hiring a freelancer or an in-house development team.