Changing a Web Development Vendor: Project Owner’s Guide

Creating a lasting relationship with a web development company India is very easy. Most likely, you took your time to look at all the possible services and solutions on offer and decided to use the company as a reliable vendor.

What happens when you need to break up with a web development agency without being anxious? If you are not the owner of the domain name, you need to be tactful so that you do not lose your most vital data. We will offer a simple guide on how to ship to another web development vendor by making sure your company’s interest come first.

Understand why you are Unhappy

What is the main cause of your move? Is the current agency not up to task or they are not handling your current brand according to your expectations. Try to analyze if the next possible web development company can address the current concern.

The failures of the current web development solutions vendor should guide you to come up with the expectations for the next company that will offer its services to you.

Go Through Every Aspect of the Contract

Make sure you check all the small details that have something to do with termination of contract. The termination clauses include the time within which you can inform the company of your intentions to leave. Do they have a termination fee or a request for advance notice?

You are advised to break up with a web development agency after you have confirmed your understanding of the contractual terms and consequences of termination.

Create Your Backup

Most project owners hire third party a Web Development Company to help them in managing the project. If you are a technical person familiar with how web hosts operate then creating a backup should be a straightforward thing.

Do not feel left out because even when you are conversant with technical jargon, we will share with you some of the technical terms.

Do you own the Domain Name?

The name of your website in most cases is the domain name. If you own a, then you bought this name on the day they were registered and you own them. If you do not own the domain name, when you breakup in bad terms, they web development agency may bar you from using that name in future.

If you are not sure about your domain name, this link will give you the names of who owns a domain name

Where is your Website Hosted?

Regardless of who hosts your website, make sure you know where your files are stored. It is known that some web development companies in India use servers outside the country to serve your files. Make sure you have this vital information before severing ties with the web host.

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Make sure you have Copies of all the Files

How regularly do you backup your website? Do you get the individual copies of these files? It is good practice to ask for the latest version of all website copies before switching vendors. Having the original copies will save you a lot of time when starting over with a new web development agency.

Who Manages the Back-end of the Website?

All the users with privileged access to your content management system (CMS) should each have their access revoked immediately you switch providers. You can always re-assign them once you are up and running on the other side.

Do you Have Write Access to the Images on your Website

When you use stock images on your website, make sure you have a copy of the files alongside their permissions so that you can use them for custom web development solutions after you change the supplier.

Notify the Current Vendor

If you are not in any way pleased by your vendor, leaving the company for another could be a blessing. Who would not want to work with a web development firm that meets the immediate needs?

As you notify them, be respectful and civil with them. Some web development agencies would want to know your reason for leaving and probably use that as a lesson.

Remember not to ignore their emails or phone calls while in the process of breaking up or ask the newly found web development agency to tell them that you are leaving.

Finding a New Website Vendor

Probably you had a new website vendor in mind when you were going through the rigorous process of running away from the current one. Always take your time throughout the entire process, you can conduct interviews and submit request for proposals.

The moment you narrow down to the company that you believe will offer the best and custom web development services, and then remember that you need to reconstitute your entire team. You may want to retain some of the team members who had access to the CMS files; they come in handy during the transition process as they take part in the transfer of information between the entire team.

Project owners are supposed to create a cohesive team at this stage when you are adding a new member to help in the transition phase of the web project.


Anxiety will only come in if you fail to plan and lack proper knowledge on anything surrounding your product. Let your new web development agency know why you left the previous host and what you expect from them.

A reliable web development company will help in the facilitation of the entire transition process by making it a success.