What is an example of a cloud-based application?

Cloud applications are known to be one of the most commonly used terms in software sales and development. A cloud-based application is nothing but an internet-based program where the processing of data storage and logic is processed in the cloud. A web browser is being used by the user to interact with the application. Moreover, the mobile application can also be used for interaction. The data processing is generally managed by the combination of a cloud computing solution and a local device. From the perspective of the user, the behavior of the cloud application is similar to that of a standard website but the data processing and computing are managed by the cloud with the help of API. The full form of API is Application Program Interface. There are many custom software development company that provide cloud services to their client. Try to be wise enough to choose the best service for your company.

Cloud application designs

There are basically three ways of designing cloud application and they are given below-

  • A local device is responsible for running the browser and the app looks similar to that of a classic web solution using HTML. This is basically sent to local devices by the cloud server. In this case, the data, logic, and formatting of the output are normally controlled by the cloud servers. DropBox is known to be a well-known example of such kind of applications where the interaction of the user takes place in the web browser to interact and upload their files but all the processing of data and storage of data takes place remotely on the cloud.
  • A browser-based application is downloaded at the start-up of the application but the local device runs on the browser such as JavaScript that runs to the device from the local. The local app is responsible for handling some of the processing and also to make API calls to the server of the cloud for additional data and processing. Google Docs is the perfect example of this type. After the completion of the launch of Google Docs, it is possible for you to configure the system for allowing you in continuing the edit of the document even when you have lost connection with the internet. This is because it will help in storing the changes locally and will also sync with the cloud after restoring the connection.
  • A native application is being run by the local device, where handling of some of the processing takes place. The APIs are being used by the native application in order to receive and send data to the application that is there in the server of the cloud. One of the biggest examples of this is when an app of your smartphone is loaded on your phone which runs much of the program logic. These are designed in such a way so that even if the connection is lost they can still function by storing the changes in a local manner. After restoring the connection, the data will be synced with the cloud.

Categories of cloud application

Cloud-based application development is performed very easily by the developer and there are many developers available in the market today. But before choosing the best service, you must make sure that you understand your requirements and see the portfolio of the company or developer, whom you are hiring. If a proper developer is hired within your budget then it will help you in completing your project at the required time that can help you in achieving a successful future ahead. There are basically three main categories of cloud-based applications. The three categories are given below-

Software as a service

Software as a service is also known as SaaS. This is known to be one of the most common categories and this is the one with which most users are having familiarity. This is basically a third-party cloud app that is responsible for running the software of the app along with the supplies of hardware. They are also responsible for providing complete support of the application along with the system. If a person is choosing the SaaS service then they are eliminating the need to hire expensive licensing, expensive equipment, and they are also able to provide support for the software and the hardware. Some of the major advantages of this service are given below-

  • Access is very much faster
  • Maintenance of this service is very easy
  • Continuity is very important and this service is responsible for offering it
  • Enhanced data analytics
  • Cost is lowered
  • A device as well as location independent
  • The distribution model is the multi-tenant one

Infrastructure as a Service

Infrastructure as a service is also known as IaaS. This is basically that type where the support for the infrastructure along with the infrastructure of the cloud is provided by the third-party. However, the middleware is supplied by the software designer. The software designer also supplies the app along with the app support. Middleware is known to be the software between the app and the operating system that is responsible for providing extended features to the functions of the operating systems and also simplifying the programming. Some of the major advantages of this service are given below-

  • Without administrative issue
  • The minimum cost of management
  • No infrastructure cost
  • High reliability
  • Pay per use option

Platform as a Service

Platform as a service is also known as PaaS. This PaaS is somewhat similar to that of the IaaS but it is also responsible for including some of the middleware, software, and operating systems. The supplier of the PaaS is responsible for supporting the software as well as the hardware they are responsible for providing. One of the major benefits is that they are able to keep the software up-to-date. Now the applications and the application support are provided by the developer. So you must hire the perfect developer or else you won’t be getting the perfect support for your app. One of the major examples is the Google app engine which is known to be the sub-product of the Google Cloud Platform are responsible for scaling the needs of the app and is known to be the preferred solution for the development of cloud application by Cloudbakers. Some of the major advantages of this service are given below-

  • Less coding
  • More flexibility
  • Easy communication
  • Straightforward mechanism
  • More convenient option

Why choose cloud applications?

If you are able to choose the best cloud integration services then you will receive various benefits from that. The major advantages of cloud applications are given below-


Cost is known to be one of the most important aspects of any business. It is worth mentioning that the majority of the storage and processing power is handled in a remote manner by cloud applications. This is the main reason for reducing the cost of infrastructure. So there is no need of maintaining your own server. It is also responsible for reducing the cost of supporting the app onsite. Moreover, the cost of licensing can also be reduced depending on the type of software used by subscribing to a similar product of SaaS.


The applications of the cloud are not tied to a single machine and so it is possible for the users to access it and also to interact with it from a number of devices and that also in a safe and secure manner from any internet connection.


Cloud applications are normally having access to a number of computing resources that are feasible for them to have onsite. It is possible for you to rapidly scale your application without an increment in the capital cost. This scale is normally dynamic in nature and you can use the scale when it is required.


The applications are normally hosted in trusted partners and when they are hosted in partners like Google, and then it is a guarantee that they will be accessible as well as reliable. It is also responsible for ensuring you that the data will be safe and secure and that also in a remote manner. Moreover, it will also be very easy for you to ensure that the people who are working in your organization are using the same version of the cloud application. If a good developer or a service provider is not chosen then this advantage can be a disadvantage and can easily hamper your business by making you stay behind your competitors.

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Examples of cloud computing

Cloud computing is known to be a growing market. There are various examples of cloud computing and they are present almost everywhere from video streaming apps to messaging apps. Some of the major examples of cloud computing are given below-

  • Linkedin
  • Boomerang
  • Rapportive
  • TripIt
  • Asana
  • Cloudon
  • Docusign
  • Lucidchart
  • DropBox
  • com
  • me
  • Zomato
  • Warlight
  • SlideRocket
  • io
  • Gantter

All these are examples of the major companies that are using the cloud-based application. Software consulting services must be chosen with a great time so that you never regret your decisions. If you are not a technical geek, then it is always better to hire someone who is having proper knowledge in this field. An output product is easy to get but to get the perfect one is very difficult. The big companies have also used the services and so you can also use the service to benefit from them and stay ahead of your competitors.

Things to consider

There are various things that must be considered apart from choosing the best service within your budget. In order to achieve proper success the things that come under consideration are given below-

  • Cost viewpoint- pricing is known to be the main objective for many organizations but for some, it is the most valuable thing especially for start-ups. So this must be considered while you are engaged in choosing the cloud solution for your requirement of the app.
  • A number of users- the majority of the app users are responsible for seeing this as a sign of customer satisfaction and trust when they are engaged in using the service in an effective manner.
  • Data security- from small to large organizations everyone wants to keep their data safe and secured. A cloud service is responsible for delivering a different level of security to the developers of the mobile application. This helps to provide the client with proper protection from breaches in security as well as online fraud. CRM development companies are working very hard to make security more effective as the numbers of hackers are increasing on a daily basis.
  • Level of technical support- it is very essential to make sure that you are having suitable assistance and technical support in order to maintain the app if something goes wrong while the process is being carried on. If proper support is not received, then it can delay in getting your proper output, and sometimes you may get output that is not up to the mark and will also fail to meet your requirements.
  • Updated policies- this is known to be another critical consideration that is used for keeping the app updated with the policies of cloud services so that the software is able to run in a smooth manner.

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An additional range of features is providing by cloud computing to match the requirement of web development. The user experience of the audience can be boosted in a successful manner. Depending on the strategy of your business, you will have to choose cloud solutions. Another important factor depending on which you will choose the service is the budget. There are also many open source development services available in the market. Cloud-based applications have always been a success and in the coming years, they will gain the majority of the market.