What among CAD/CAM are the requirements for a chairside material?

The vision of creating indirect restorations in a dental practice is now possible thanks to the establishment of dental CAD/CAM systems. Not only does chairside manufacturing require the right technical equipment, but also the right materials. German CAD/CAM specialist Dr Andreas Kurbad is. For many years, he has been devoted to chairside restoration manufacturing. He tells us today about the must-haves of the material to make it the material of choice.

Chairside manufacturing requires the use of suitable materials like lithium disilicate glass-ceramics.

The material must meet certain criteria to be suitable for chairside processing. Dr. Andreas Kurbad points this out: "For example, it should be strong enough that it can withstand a lifetime in use." Dr. Kurbard also notes that materials that are too strong will be difficult to process in a grinding and milling unit. This is because onsite manufacturing takes only a few hours. The CAD/CAM professional states that another requirement is that the material has a tooth-like aesthetic appearance. This includes its shade attributes. "The appearance should be pleasing to the eye." Despite the fact that onsite fabrication is not designed for complex enhancements such as ceramic veneers,

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Dr. Kurbad believes that chairside materials must meet the following requirements:

  1. Excellent resistance to oral conditions
  2. High strength
  3. The milling and grinding unit allows for quick and easy machining
  4. Tooth-like esthetic properties

Dr. Andreas Kurbad, as the title suggests, has used IPS e.maxCAD for over 10 years to restore his chairside chairs with great success.

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