Why Microsoft wants you to Learn Python Programming

It’s an inspiring thing for programmers and developers who would want to learn Python as now they can do it free – thanks to Microsoft. The tech giant wants programmers to learn Python for free and it has launched free video courses that help programmers to learn the programming language. With the free resources for learning Python and other programming languages, businesses and organizations planning to hire Python programmers will find it a little bit easier to get qualified individuals since the number of those experts learning the programming languages is increasing.

Microsoft feels that when the programmers are well versed with Python, they can build artificial intelligent apps on the Azure platform. The new 44 series videos course is known as Python for Beginners and is streamed on YouTube, it is expected to attract many developers and programmers who would want to use Python or become Python developers. In the course, there are three-to-four minute video lesions from two self-describing geeks from the company.

Microsoft is known for their efforts, desire, and passion to pursue and teach programming to people. The videos comprise a perfect length to allow a learner to watch them in different places like when eating lunch in the restaurant in downtown or when on a conference call or even when they feel like procrastinating a little. Since the videos are easy to digest, they are ideal for watching a couple times over if you feel that you haven’t grasped whatever concept Microsoft was trying to share. Besides, you can also ask questions and classification or help in YouTube comments, assuming that you won’t mind wading through the mess of comments you get from YouTube.

Any trusted Python development company will appreciate the efforts and initiatives Microsoft company is taking to promote the learning of programming languages and frameworks.

Course Not Really for Fresh Beginners

Although tagged a beginner course, the Microsoft Python for Beginners on YouTube is not really a total beginner course because it assumes the individuals have already done some little programming such as use of JavaScript. It also assumes that the individuals have played around with kid-oriented languages like MIT-developed Scratch Visual Programming Language.

While not a completely beginner course, it can help those people at the beginner level to kick-start their ambitions of building machine learning apps, automating processes on PC, and web applications.

The Python for Beginners focuses on Python 3.x but the sponsor, Microsoft company, says the lessons are still valuable to people who use Python 2.x. For those people who would like to get more information, Microsoft has published it on GitHub and it contains additional resources that include slides and code samples intended to help students to be better Python users. The Python for Beginners presented on YouTube is spearheaded by the senior program manager at the tech giant company and a business development manager serving in the AI Gaming Unit at Microsoft.

The course is not necessarily designed for a person who is brand new to the business of coding, the individuals need to have some light experience in programming including MakeCode and JavaScript. The individuals taking the course need also have a passion and interest in learning Python. The focus of the learning is not necessarily on gaming, however, it would also be possible to build a game using Python.

Harrison, the senior manager in programming at Microsoft said that while the course will not cover everything about Python, it aims to provided a foundation on Python programming beginning from the common everyday coding scenarios. In the end, Harrison says that the learners will be able to go and learn on their own pace following along tutorials, books, and docs.

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Why Learn Python

  • There are so many reasons why the tech giant Microsoft company would want people to learn Python, a program that is hugely popular and easier to learn. The language has a huge number of libraries that allow developers to interface along with machine learning frameworks such as Google-developed TensorFlow as well as the Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit (CNTK).
  • Besides, Microsoft has been building better support for the Python programming in its Visual Studio Code or VS Code editor allowing developers to use the Code within their local PCs to help them edit code stored in remote computing machines, containers, as well as Windows Subsystem for Linux OS.
  • The Python extension for Visual Studio Code of Microsoft is a popular extension within the marketplace for developers in the tech giant. Many developers, not just within Microsoft environment, are now becoming hugely interested in VS Code. Microsoft has facilitated VS Code as a component of the famous Anaconda Python distribution. This is part of the company’s focus on artificial intelligence.
  • Having said that, probably the main reason why Microsoft wants people to learn the programming language is to expand the population of developers who know Python so that they can use the knowledge in Azure for developing AI applications. Already there is support by Microsoft for Python in Azure Machine Learning Studio and recently the tech giant announced complete support using Azure Machine Learning to be applied in PyTorch 1.2, which is a machine-learning framework for the programming language Python and which has been designed by the artificial intelligent group at Facebook.
  • Microsoft new course comes with a quick-start tutorial like the one teaching the programmers how to detect human faces in images using Azure Face API as well as Python. There is also another tutorial that teaches the programmers how to apply Computer Vision REST API. Azure Face API and Computer Vision REST API are both components of the Microsoft’s Cognitive Services.


Deciding to learn and apply programming languages is one thing, however, if you have trouble in deciding where to start, then you can check on the Microsoft’s free videos series. Recently, ZDNet hinted that Python was increasingly the most popular language among the various programming languages, according to the Spectrum ranking of IEEE. The ranking is pegged on 11 weighted metrics taken from eight sources. From the ranking, Python has been seen to sit above Java, C++, C, and R among other programming languages. Companies that want to outsource Python developer teams will be able to tap from the increasing pool of qualified Python programmer entering the job market. The companies will utilize the knowledge these professionals have gained on programming to develop applications and software products that help in their business processes.