Steps to understanding the mobile app development lifecycle

From the past few years, mobile devices are no longer the means of communication only. The use of this device has increased a lot and it has gained many advantages because of these features. People are using mobile devices and are getting various benefits from them. Technology is advancing at a lightning speed and people are getting more and more addicted to these devices.

Now with the advancement in technology, many mobile apps have been developed and the developers are engaged in developing more apps that can be beneficial to the users. Many mobile app development agencies are there that are involved in building perfect mobile apps.

Many business owners are also moving forward and gaining the lead in their competitive market by adopting mobile apps. Customers can easily get information about the business with the help of these business apps. Moreover, they are also able to stay connected with the brands they love. These apps have already become one of the most vital means of marketing that can help the business to expand its reach. Mobile app development has gained ground because of various advantages and it is never an easy task to develop a perfect mobile app that will be beneficial for the business owner as well as for the users. If a perfect app is not built, then there is no point in wasting money.

Advantages of building a mobile app

Before knowing about the lifecycle of mobile app development, it is better to know about the advantages of developing a mobile app. The main advantages of developing a mobile app are given below-

Strengthening the engagement of customers

One of the most important benefits of developing a mobile app is that it helps in creating a marketing channel that is direct in nature between customers and business. This allows establishing direct as well as effective communication. With the help of the mobile app, it is possible to send in-app as well as push notifications to any customers. The customers will easily get attached if the notification is carrying any important notification and soon they will be loyal to your brand.

Accessibility is increased

Another major benefit of developing a mobile app is that it helps in increasing the accessibility of a business. The business is allowed to send notifications about the new things and important things or any changes that have taken place. A strong relationship can be easily built with the customers and it will help to develop a customer base that is genuine along with strong loyalty. If special discounts are given to the old customers then strong relationships can be built with the help of the developed mobile app.

Providing value for customers

Mobile apps are the best way that can make it possible to digitalize any kind of loyalty program that will be offered to the customers by the business owners. Instead of giving old collection card to the customers, a good mobile app will always help to receive rewards through this app. One of the best results that can be obtained from this feature is the greater downloads of the app and also more return customers.

Transforming the retail experience

Transforming the retail experience can be done with the help of a mobile app. This mobile app can easily help the retailers to stay ahead of the expectations of the customers through the delivery of a customer experience that is unique. Moreover, the mobile app plays a major role in helping to drive the model as well as the digital process that can help in reducing the cost of storage and also to increase profitability. Many businesses are there which are built depending on the mobile apps only. Overhead costs that are related to brick and mortar are reduced and all of this is possible if a good web application development company is hired.

Building brand recognition and awareness

Mobile is known to be one of the most effective tools for building brand recognition and awareness. The mobile app can be used similar to a blank billboard and it can be used as you wish. It is possible for you to make the mobile app stylish, hip, shocking, functional, and informative. It all depends on you and your thinking but you must make sure that your customers love it or else there will be no use in developing an app for your business. It is important for any business to attract customers with their services and products.

Unique services and payment

Mobile apps are having different features that are able to match the necessity of various industries. For example, if a business is related to any service industry like food retail, spa, online food, health care, salon, etc then the app must be having features to book an appointment. The push notification feature is always there that can help the customers to remind them about the appointment they are having. Integrating the options related to payment can be chosen by both small as well as big companies with the help of a mobile app that will enable the customer to pay via debit or credit cards. These platforms of payment are normally secure, fast, and user-friendly.

Mobile app development lifecycle

The above advantages are enough to show the importance of mobile app development. As mentioned earlier the process of mobile app development is not an easy task but few steps must be followed properly that can make the job of developers to develop a mobile app easy. Hire dedicated iphone developers who follow these basic steps of mobile app development. The different stages of mobile app development lifecycle are given below-

Planning stage

This planning stage is considered to be the first stage of mobile app development. This step must never be neglected. This step involves researching your place in the market and also researching the app that your competitor is having. Business analysis and mobile strategy are known to be the two ways of completing this stage.

Business analysis involves determining the value of the product along with the ROI of the mobile app that will play a major role in helping you to maintain a proper budget. ROI stands for the return of investment. Now during the mobile strategy time, researching is done on the market of the products and services and then creates user personas. A detailed promotion plan is also created along with the ways that will help the mobile app to grow the business. Hire android app developers if you want to develop apps for only android devices.

System design and app architect

This is the second step and in this stage, it is necessary to determine the tech products that are required for use, and also it is important to create a good plan that will help the developer to stay on a proper track. A technical writer is normally involved in writing technical documentation. This helps in getting an easy understanding of the app along with better layout ways in order to make any changes in the future.

If there is a clear manual then it will easily add value as people will feel easy to use the app. Reusing certain parts are also easy in case of future endeavors. Documentation can also be used in order to ensure that you are retaining control over the product of the company.


This is the stage of visual representation of the future app that is going to emerge. Any misconceptions can be corrected easily with this visualization. This vital step include-

  • Sketching the app- this helps in providing a clear picture of what the app will look like in the future. Moreover, it will also help in knowing the number of pages, logic, and ways of interaction of the pages that will be there in the app.
  • Creating wireframes- draft if the structure is shown here.
  • Clickable prototype- logical breaks along with technical inconsistencies can be found that can be corrected before the app is launched.
  • Creating app skins- putting together all the wireframes will help in getting a proper look at the final app.


This is the process where the development of the mobile app starts. This stage is basically having two parts the front-end development and backend development. This basically includes APIs and business logic.

  • Front end development- this part is considered to be the development that is carried on for the mobile app. It includes designing of screens, integration of the screens of the app with the backend. The main aim is to create an app that is able to run on multiple devices and users are having a meaningful experience. A layer of the app is normally created in this stage where individuals can interact in a direct manner.
  • Backend development- this part is having concerns related to the server as well as the database. It includes a layer of APIs as well as data storage and retrieval and also business logic. The front end of the app is normally connected to the server and data in this step of the development lifecycle in order to provide as well as collect information.

Quality assurance

Mobile app development services will always make sure that before the company releases the developed app for the customers, about the working of the app. Quality assurance is the stage of finding out whether the app is working properly and can be useful to provide benefits to your clients or not. In order to test the compatibility, the app is being run on various screens as well as on various platforms to ensure the correct working of the app. Beta testing releases the app to a certain number of customers that help in receiving feedback about the app.

Interface testing involves verifying the performance f the menu, navigation, and buttons. Safety testing must also be done so that you can ensure that the information of the client remains protected. It is also important to test during the time of low-level resource that is when the battery is down or the internet connection is slow. It is important to know whether the app will function properly during these conditions or not.

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In the final stage, it is essential to ensure that the app is running properly before it is released to the customer base. Android apps are published in Google Play Store and iOS apps are published in Apple App Store. Certain guidelines are there for both the app stores to check the apps are in compliance with their set of rules and regulations. A good app developer must be familiar with all of these rules and regulations. This will help to launch the app in the required play stores without any kind of issues. After the publishing of the app, a good marketing campaign must be done in a proper manner so that the publishing of the app is successful.


Publishing the app does not mean that the job of developer or business owner is over. There must be a continuing infrastructure that will help in supporting the app. This will help to make sure that the app is running in a smooth condition. An app store must be able to promote your app and move it to the list’s top so that it is found by most people and they start using your app. All of this must be done properly or else the number of downloads for the developed app can get reduced. Android app development companies are always hiring good quality developers who can build a perfect app and can satisfy their clients.

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The above-mentioned is the lifecycle of the mobile app development along with the advantages of mobile app development. But the most important thing that you will have to do is to hire the perfect developer within your budget that can help you to develop the best app for you as per your needs. It is always essential to look at the previous works of the developers before hiring one.