Ways Android App Development Can Help Your Business to Grow

The earlier notion of mobile phones being used only for telecommunication has changed. From calling, texting, to just simplifying all our daily tasks, mobiles have helped us a lot. There are over 3.2 billion smartphone users around the world. With mobile phones becoming an integral part of human life, the time has come for businesses to become mobile. The best way to make any business mobile is with the help of mobile applications. These mobile applications are considered to be one of the greatest technological inventions of all time.

A mobile application development services, also commonly referred to as an app, is just a computer program that runs on any mobile device. Initially, the app was designed for tasks like calculator, calendar, and other productive tasks. But with the increase in the number of smartphone users and the increasing popularity of apps, almost everything is available in the form of an app. Now almost 88% of an average user’s time is spent on apps. This is the main reason why businesses around the world are migrating to mobile apps. The best way to be a successful business in today’s market involves not only being able to capture the customer’s attention but also being just a click away.

A Glimpse At Android Application Development

With the advent of mobile application development, old mobile devices are being phased out rather quickly. In its place, we now have modern smartphones that can provide numerous services to its users, just like a personal computer. There are a lot of things these smartphones can do and these functions have made them valuable to a number of industries today.

  1. Business Apps

A lot of businesses today are benefitted by Android mobile apps and their many functions. The variety of Android apps available today can help develop businesses, manage them and also sell products directly to customers. A mobile app development agency, knowing how important strategies are to running businesses, can help design an app that is tailored to the needs of a company. For instance, an Ecommerce app is very useful in setting up an online store for startups, small businesses, or corporations where they can sell their products and services directly to customers. Using these apps, the companies can also track the usage data and user preferences to advertise products that are similar to a customer’s previous purchases. These facilities that a mobile app and a smartphone provide to businesses are very invaluable today. Also, on-demand apps for food delivery, cab services, and so on can help a business in delivering immediate satisfaction to consumers. This way, Android mobile apps have taken the world by storm.

  1. Travel App

Travelling has never been easier than it is today, with the help of smartphones and mobile applications. There are apps that let users book hotels for accommodations, compare hotel tariffs, book travel tickets and cabs, rent cars, and even alert the authorities in case of trouble. All of this today, can be achieved from the comforts of your home and without having to spend much time on it. Even more important are the maps applications that use GPS data to give you accurate directions. This way, with secure payment gateways and GPS enabled location tracking services, traveling has become much easier today. Also, there is greater safety assurance with how smartphones help travelers.

  1. Social Media Apps

Social media is any platform that allows users to create accounts for free and share their lives with their friends and family, keeping them well connected. These platforms, rather than charge their users a fee, use targeted advertisements to generate revenue. Since smartphones gained more footing in the world, social media websites have launched their own mobile apps that can be downloaded and installed on Android phones by users. With the permission of the users, these apps can collect certain data about a user, (like their location, contacts, and so on) which allows them to send targeted advertisements to users. This way, social media apps have become an important tool in the advertising and marketing industry today. A mobile app development agency can even create apps for a business that allows it to integrate a user’s social media profile into it, allowing them to show more specific advertisements to produce revenue.

Ways Android Apps Can Help Your Business Growth

Here are some other reasons why android apps are best for helping businesses to develop:

  1. More Accessibility

With mobile apps readily available on every user’s mobile phone, it is easy for every user to access the application from their smartphone with ease.

  1. Push Notifications

The business can send a notification to all users. On receiving the notification, the user may be prompted to visit the app and then make any purchases needed. It can help keep the customer aware of the business.

  1. Provide Customer Service

The apps of today are provided with features where a user can register a complaint regarding the product/service provided by the business. This ensures that the customer will be engaged with the business for a longer time and won’t have to stand in queues or be on hold for their issue to be resolved.

  1. Increase In Sales

With apps becoming responsive and attractive, customers will be more inclined to buy products from the app. Being readily available at the tip of the finger and thus being able to purchase faster, the sales will automatically go up.

  1. Recognition And Popularity

Once a business has a mobile application, it will be possible for people around the world to download the app and access it. It increases the possibility of being known and gaining recognition. A better app will create more awareness of your business’s brand. The more the brand popularity increases, the better are the chances of sales going up.

  1. Always Active

With mobile apps and smartphones that have social media access enabled, it is very easy to stay within the reach of a present-day consumer. No longer do businesses need to restrict their advertising tactics to printing large banners or renting columns on newspapers and magazines. Rather, with social media being just one touch away, users and companies are always in touch with each other. Similarly, by getting a mobile app for a business, the company gets to be well within quick access by their customers.

  1. Round The Clock Service

In a traditional store, employees are expected to be at work for a set number of hours. After that, all business-related queries have to be ignored as they cannot be entertained. But with a mobile app that has machine learning and artificial intelligence technology-enabled, the online store can be left open 24x7. This way, a company does not have to lose out on business even during its off-hours. If there are any queries that the software cannot resolve, it can be moved into a different folder to be looked at when employees return. This way, there is less burden on the employees and the business does not have to suffer.

  1. Cost-Effective Android Apps

Android is perhaps the most popular operating system software for smartphones. It is an open source software that is easily available to a mobile and web application development company. This brings down the cost of developing an app for Android phones that can promote a company’s products and services. So, with an Android mobile app, there is a higher Return on Investment that many businesses can expect to receive.

  1. Easy To Deploy

Android apps take much less time to be developed. So, developers have better chances of launching innovative apps into the market before the short window of consumer interest dies down. This makes it possible for businesses to gain an edge over their competitors who use other software to develop mobile apps. This way, companies stand to gain much more from hiring Android app developers rather than other operating software system developers. 

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  1. Independent

Android apps are easily adapted to the needs of different platforms. Having understood the needs of businesses, developers are able to adapt the Android apps for other platforms like Ubuntu and Symbian as well. Also, with Google promoting Kotlin as the official language of app development for Android apps, the process of developing apps for this software has become more streamlined.

  1. Scalable

Apart from the smartphone, Android operating systems are used by other devices as well, like the Android TV and digital cameras. Now, it is scalable to be used with the Internet of Things (IoT) devices, cloud services, Virtual and Artificial Reality devices and so much more. This means that by choosing to go the Android route, businesses have a lot more devices and users that they can cover, than with any other operating system.

  1. Customizable

Due to the open source availability of the Android operating software, it is far easier to customize an Android app for various purposes. These versatile apps are easier to be added on to existing systems to increase the functionality of a system or be used as stand-alone tools for streamlining a process, like advertising or selling products. Also, as per the requirements of a company, it is easy to accommodate Android SDK tools for a mobile and web application development company.

  1. Secure

It is very hard to tamper with Android devices because the software is open source and freely available to all. Also, Android smartphones and apps are constantly checked by Google Play Store for any viruses or other security issues. This means that users can openly trust the Android software over any other software and businesses who use Android app development can tap into this pool of trust.

  1. Increase Customer Engagement

Android apps are great at driving user-business engagement through the app. The user-friendly and intuitive interface can help businesses drive up their sales and customer satisfaction rates by incorporating a lot of features that help them stay connected with their users.

  1. Suitable For Bring Your Device

Bring Your Own Device is an important concept today, especially with the gaining necessity for work from home apps. These have made it very mainstream in business sectors. This has not only allowed businesses to continue working in a global pandemic but has made it easier for them to have access to remote areas in parts of the world. Since Android has a huge market and is installed on many devices, it makes it easier for companies to implement the BYOD path to many business processes.

  1. Support From Google

One thing that greatly advantages the Android software is the support it receives from Google. Being a huge tech company that many companies have business accounts with, Google’s support for Android makes it a great platform for business app development and other purposes. Also, with the support of Google, it becomes easier for an Android app development company to integrate Android mobile apps with Google services.

  1. Lesser TTM (Time To Market)

Businesses are built on quick planning to access current consumer trends. So, while launching a mobile app, it is important that a company launches it when it can fulfill the needs of the target audience. This means that the app must be launched swiftly and efficiently. With Android mobile apps, the time taken to develop it and market it is very less. So it can be released into the market very quickly.

  1. Scope For Innovation

Android has a global presence that allows businesses to access great innovative target audiences in various parts of the world. Android app developers can use cutting edge technology to provide the latest app development trends in Android mobiles and use this to promote businesses. Also, with AR and VR technologies, app developers can create wonderful apps that can be easily made available to users.

  1. Constant Evolution

Android is never stagnant as its developer communities, backed by Google, are constantly trying to improve its codes. This means that smartphones that run on Android are also always evolving to have more features that make user experiences better. These features are sometimes also accessible to mobile apps and businesses can use them to promote their products and services better. For instance, NFC mobile payments, HD display and other things are innovations that businesses can use to support their mobile apps on Android.

  1. Installing Custom ROMs

Custom ROMs allow businesses to change the appearance of their apps and improve user experiences. On Android, ROMs are readily available for free, as they have been made public by a group of Android developers for the use of other developers like them. So, using these technologies, Android app developers can help companies leverage the latest tech in the industry, to provide better user experiences to consumers.

  1. Huge Market

Android software is free, open source, and affordable. Due to this, it has a huge market in the world. This means that by creating an Android app to promote its business, a company can open itself up to a huge number of potential customers. Even though Android has other rival software, like Apple’s iOS, they do not have as many global users as Android does. In this way, businesses can get access to a larger set of audience than with any other platform.

  1. Quick Approval

Google Play Store is the Android platform’s approved app store for making apps available to users. The Play Store has its own guidelines that app developers have to follow to have their apps approved. If an app is found in violation of their policies, they will also get suspended from the store. Even with this, the Play Store is much quicker than other app stores to approve or reject apps so that businesses can get in touch with their user base as quickly as possible.

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  1. Huge Talent Pool

The Android operating software is written in Java. Since Java is a very popular programming language, there are a lot of developers who are familiar with it. Also, it is easy for them to write code for Android as they understand Java very well. This means that there is a huge community of app developers who prefer working with Android over any other platform. So, an Android app development company has access to a huge talent pool of developers over any other kind of company and businesses can tap into this by hiring Android development companies.

  1. Multiple Distribution Sites

While Google’s Play Store is the official site for Android apps to get user access, they can be made available on other sites as well. This increases the market access a company has and allows them to get users from various sources. However, this is often discouraged by Google and Android phones by not allowing Android phones to download apps from external sources. Users will have to manually override this in their mobile device’s settings to allow them to install apps from external app stores.

Few Final Words

In conclusion, mobile applications are one of the best ways to grow a business. With the right Android app developers, and thus with the right mobile application your business can grow rapidly. Apps ensure customer loyalty, customer engagement, and help improve the sales of the company. A mobile application is capable of doing all these and helps businesses find multiple growth opportunities and generate hefty revenues. It will make the business ready and provide it with a bigger presence.