What do you need to know before you hire iPhone app developers?

Hiring an iOS developer is not going to be a fun ride. In fact, it is going to be bumpy. Mobile app development services are in huge demand nowadays. Recent statistics show that 20.38% of the mobile app development market is owned by Apple mobile devices. This can be one reason why you must go for iPhone app development. Surprisingly enough, iPhone users spend more time online on paid applications with premium features.

iOS is one of the most dominant platforms. If we see its market in the US, Canada, France, you will see clear dominance. It is always important for a business owner to know the market would be more appropriate for them to develop an application and make it a huge success. It requires you to see where your target audience inclines more towards, is it iOS, Android, or both. This way, you would be able to choose the right platform for the application.

Once you have settled down on the platform, not it comes to native and cross-platform app development. If you want to build an application for an iOS device alone, you can go with a native app. But if you are targeting multiple platforms, you can choose to go with native app development for each platform or going with cross-app development to build one application that runs on all platforms.

Now, before you say cross-platform app development is all good and well-preferred, we must say it comes with its own downsides. They may be cheap, but not every app functions well on cross technologies. You need apps with fewer features, less dependency on device hardware, minimalistic app design, sure go for cross-platform app development. But if not, you would not want to compromise the experience on the application.

So, if you want to hire dedicated developers for iPhone app developers, you have come to the right blog page. We would be sharing some amazing hiring tips. Also, you can use most of the mentioned tips to hire an Android app development company for your project, as there isn't much difference except for the technical expertise that you would be looking for.

How to hire the best iOS App Developer: the best practices

Hiring an iOS app developer is very difficult as not many developers are very proficient in the technologies that are popularly used. And remember, you don't need to hire just one dedicated resource; you would have to build a team. Regardless of what platform you are going to work with, it is very important that you hire people that are experienced and knowledgeable in those domains.

Next, we have a planning budget, setting up deadlines, defining roles in the team, and starting a search. We recommend you thoroughly analyze your plan to not make any mistakes during the development work.

Once you have the business plan ready, you know what the points you want to address in the mobile application are. You need to find what features you want to put in the application, what the development priorities. Don't forget to add unique features to the application to stand out in the competition.

Project planning stage

During the planning stage, you will have to stay clear of how you want to make a profit from your application. You would also have to find why iOS development is going to be more profitable for you than Android. Or if not, why you need both applications. Leaving that for another day, let's head down to the factors that influence iPhone application development services.

So, the project planning stage opens up a whole new world of opportunities and challenges. It is very important for you to make yourself known to all the aspects of app development. It would help you save loads of money and time and would ensure a faster turnaround time. Here are a few factors you must consider before you hire someone or start the development work.

  • Target audience
  • Monetization plan
  • MVP peculiarities

Once you have decided on these three factors, you know what platform to choose, what features to use in the freemium version and premium version, and what are features you want in the app in the initial phase.

Search Process

Now you can start to hire dedicated developers. It is going to a long process, but it would be very rewarding. The first thing we recommend you to do is understand the hierarchy of a development team. There are various grades of iOS developers around. You have to pick the one with all the necessary competencies and utilize their knack for technology in the best way. There are few points of evaluation that would help you in your course, here are they:

  1. Area of experience and core expertise

Hiring an iPhone app developer with all the necessary experience and technical expertise is a must as their quality must sync perfectly with the requirement of the project. It would also help you save a lot of money.

Find someone that is experienced in similar projects, from industry to the size of the project. See if they understand the market, understand the needs of the target market, or worked on the same type of product previously.

  1. Professional levels

There are various professional levels found. They are bases on the experience and expertise they hold. There are:

  • Junior-level developers
  • Mid-level developers
  • Senior-level developers

The main difference is the number of years they have been employed and are experienced in iPhone application development services. It shows their expertise, practice, and the professional experience they hold.

So, a junior developer would have experience of 2 years professional experience, and a senior level developer would be well-off over 5. Well,we will be talking about this in the coming section.

  1. How to decide what professional level is right?

An iPhone app developer might have worked on a number of projects. But it need not have the same complexity or require the same skillset. So, the complexity of the project is necessary, the skillset that you require, etc.

There are various ways to hire iPhone app developers.Youcan go for an iPhone development company, hire a freelancer or choose to set up an entire iPhone app development team. Needless to say, all three options require your to find someone perfect for the project. Find someone with practical knowledge like the industrial experience or the important features you need in an app, such as integration of AI, adding trendy features, and more.

  1. Portfolios

The portfolio is a very important aspect of hiring; you must check if the developer is as efficient as they claim to be. It is just a reassurance of their skillset. In fact, it should be the first thing to look for in an iPhone developer. You must ask questions in your screening process. Ask about the details of their last three projects, what were their roles and responsibilities, what is their development style, what is their achievement, etc.

Also, do remember to check the reviews and ratings of people on the work the developer has done. Ofcourse, you would not be able to individually know about it, but you will get an idea of their expertise.

  1. Communication skills and soft skills

A lot of people hire iPhone app experts from offshore development companies, where communication becomes a huge challenge. You need to hire a development company that has the values, professional experience, and attitude that suits you. Look for a company that has a robust infrastructure for superior communication and seamless interaction, and an improved development process.

Soft skills are equally important as they help a candidate in syncing well with the other members of a team, be open to other's opinions, and develop a cohesive work environment. The iPhone app developers you hire must have a strong, soft skillset that would be a real help for your project.

iOS developer grades

It is one of the most important things to look out for foran efficient candidate. Here is a complete breakdown of the information.

A developer grade would not be very different from an engineergrade. It includes junior developers, mid-level experienced developers, and senior-level experienced developers.

We have already established the grade depends on their work experience, the skillset they have, and the complexity and diversity of any task they can handle. Depending on these of the many factors, the hourly rates of a developer vary.

  1. Junior-level developer

As a junior-level developer, the iPhone app developer would be working under a senior iPhone app developer. The senior would control and start executing a less complicated task. They have less than two years of experience and are on their way to become a mid-level developer in a year or less.

If you have an iPhone app expert on your team, you must for hiring a junior developer. They are not efficient in handling the entire project.

  1. Mid-level developer

You need a team filled with advanced and simple level skillset. If you need a specialist that doesn't require full-time monitoring and knows what they are doing, hire a mid-level developer. They are 2 to 5 years of experienced professionals with advanced task progress audits. Although they are mid-level developers, they have all the requires skillsets for developing an iPhone application. You may sign them advanced tasks without any worries. They are proficient in handling a development team under them too.

  1. Senior-level developer

A senior-level developer is more experienced and capable the junior and mid-level developers. They have the knowledge to solve advanced problems found in the development process. They are efficient in managing the whole development department. The senior developer has a very diverse experience, given they have more than five years of experience.

A senior-level developer would be able to guide not only the development team but the design team, the testing team, and other people involved in the tech department. They guide the developer under them through the complex development processes such as API integrations, market research, working cohesively with the product research and marketing team, etc.

What are the skillsets to look for in an iOS Developer?

The hiring cost of a developer depends largely on their specialty, their skillsets, and their expertise. You need to evaluate a developer on the basis of their knowledge, industrial experience, and more. As iOS developers, they must be proficient in various industries and hold the hard and soft skills required to develop a project. But mostly, it is the hard skills that are needed to be evaluated the most. Here is the list of technical skillset they must have:

  • Object-C or Swift iOS for native iOS app development.
  • Xcode IDE experience
  • Apple Human interface guidelines awareness
  • UI and UX standards
  • Version handling and instrument proficiency
  • Core data framework practical experience
  • API development and integration
  • Metal and OpenGL knowledge.

We have already talked about how soft skills influence the progress of any project. They are essential in the longterm. They help in ensuring collaboration between the different teammates and developer's leadership, diligence, and persistence in people.

Available hiring options for iOS developers

Since there are multiple hiring options available, it is very likely that you to get confused. Outsourcing, outstaffing, or hiring an in-house resource, you must find the best hiring option for you. The digital world has made it very easy for you to hire someone perfect for your project. You can hire a freelancer, or outsource it to an iOS app development service provider or hire an entire in-house development team.

If you are looking for an in-house development team, it is going to be expensive than hiring a freelance developer or hiring an offshore development team.

Especially if we talk about outsourcing, you would be mitigating the risks of development to a great extent. Outsourcing allows you to work with the best iOS development company and find a mid-way to manage development in your budget. It is not cheap but also not very expensive, especially if you go with the companies in India that cost you three times less than what iOS development costs you in the US and UK.

At the same time, the development companies hire the best resources, that too off varying grade levels. So you can hire anyone that fits your criteria. Furthermore, they have a very flexible hiring mode, so you may hire someone on an hourly, yearly, or part-time based.

In-house development is not the right idea, especially if you are someone from a non-technical backdrop. You have to continuously guide the development team, be with them all the time, and it takes up a lot of time, and you might not be able to invest yourself in other operations of your business.

Since there are pros and cons of each hiring option, here is a complete breakdown to help you make a choice better.

  1. Freelancer

Hiring freelancers is the first option that entrepreneurs look for. They are spirited, and you can choose the right developer with the right knowledge. Fortunately, there are multiple options to hire freelancers from, Upwork, Freelancer, GitHub being some of them.

You may hire an iOS app developer for your project but not so soon; there are so many things you need to consider other than just their technical experience and knowledge. Here is a list of pros and cons for hiring freelancers.


  • You get to hire a developer of a particular development grade, experience, and expertise.
  • You get to work with the industry's best developers, hire from a globally available talent pool without any regional limitation.
  • You can hire freelance developers within your budget, which is much cheaper than hiring an in-house developer or outsourced development.
  • You need no investment in the tools and technology.
  • You pay on an hourly basis, which is very rewarding as the technical advancement allows you to track the work progress.
  • You don't have to hire other supporting staff such as HR professionals, legal team, or other professionals.


  • Freelance developers may miss the deadlines. They work alone on a project and have a huge dependency on other members of the team.
  • Communication is not as seamless as it is with an in-house team or an offshore development company as the infrastructure is not good.
  • Hindrance in communication may cause miscommunication, delayed working, slow work, etc.
  • Reporting too is not as professional as it is with an in-house team or an offshore development company.
  • Project security is largely at stake.
  1. In-house development team

You may choose to hire a development team in-house. But if you want an app to work on multiple platforms, consider the number of resources you need to hire. Also, it is going to take a hell of a lot of time to hire efficient individuals for all the required positions.

In case you want to hire an iOS developer on a full-time basis. First, you have to pay them a full-time salary, then you have to invest in all the instruments they would require, and then you have to guide them.

Also, it is not very practical as you would not be engaging them on a project back to back. There would be an entire team you need to hire to make the development work rewarding.


  • iOS developers may require more time to study and analyze the challenges more deeply. They would also require you to find all the needed support in the pre and post-development phase.
  • The communication is very easy, clear, and fast between employees and departments.
  • You can set up an entire team as per your requirement, right from senior to junior level developers.
  • They spend 100% of their work time on your project.
  • It is a manageable and flexible option for companies that can accommodate them easily.


  • Paying a full-time salary to an in-house employee when you do not have enough work to fill their timetable.
  • Hiring takes a lot of time, and retention of the employees is a task in itself.
  • Extra professional hiring is needed, such as an in-house HR, legal team, office rental, hardware, and software expenses.
  • You have to spend a lot of time with the development team. Furthermore, the dependency is too much. Any resource that may go on sick leave or a casual leave may halt the project.
  1. Outsourcing development work

Outsourcing iOS app development is considered the best option in the market. It gives you a mid-way. It offers you so much flexibility in designing, choosinga technical stack, consultation, and so much more. They handle everything well. They are experienced in project management, quality of development and offer easy tracking. Also, delegating the work is not as difficult as it uses to be.

They are full-fledged iOS development companies that have a large resource of developers and designers. They have specialists working for them, and you can upscale your team anytime you feel you need an extra hand in the development process.

Offshore development too, is very convenient. Communication is not a problem anymore as companies in the countries like India have adapted to the work culture of the US and UK. Instead, they have a full-fledged team of development, testing, designing, and project management. They are open to discuss your expectations, project scope, aims, goals, and requirements. The hiring of offshore development companies is easy with online platforms such as Clutch.co, GoodFirm, Google, and more.


  • No legal support is needed to start the development work. You need to only sign an NDA with the company to ensure the security of your app idea.
  • Less management as it gives your efficient project managers, save time and cost of business operations.
  • You have the flexibility to upscale your team, remove any engineer and take up a substitute for them.
  • They have a good corporate culture, and the professional culture is at par.
  • Communication is omnichannel offers you amazing flexibility to choose between calls, emails, and chat.
  • You get a ready-to-use product in the end, well tested, and competitive for the market.


  • It takes some time to find a credible development company and outsource the work to them.
  • Deadline and quality issues may follow.
  • Time zone, cultural issues, language problems have to be well-discussed before hiring.
  • You have to constantly guide them and make sure they are on the same page as you are.

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In a nutshell

Hiring an iOS developer takes a lot of effort and time; you have to always look for people with experience and expertise. It is not going to be easy to find someone that fits exactly in your criteria, but it is highly essential as if it doesn't happen, the quality of the app may get hindered.

Outsourcing clearly gives you a major advantage over other hiring options. You must look for the most profitable option. It gives you limitless opportunities to hire someone for your project. You need a developer with communication skills, technical skills, soft skills, and so many other factors. We have tried to cover everything that is important in a professional for iOS native development. You can avoid budget risk, analyze the developers, and evaluate their previous experience to hire the best developers for your project.