How much money do you need to develop a PHP website?

The word PHP means ‘hypertext processor’. This the most widely used server language which can be used to create static and dynamic web applications and websites. This programming language allows a huge range of customization of the developing website. Developers are trusting PHP for many years as they are successful to effectively create a stable website.

The PHP-developed websites are evolving day by date with time. If you want to convert, your unique idea into a functioning and stable business you need to hire PHP developer. As they will be able to create a custom website according to the requirements of your business. Moreover, they are more than eligible to offers PHP web solutions in case of any setbacks or technical issues.

Usually, PHP consist of both core development language and also the framework like Yii, Laravel, Symfony and CakePHP, etc. The developer who is specialized in PHP is eligible to do the core jobs such as writing, testing, and maintaining codes for your website. You can ensure whether the hired developer. Regarding their skills by the range and complexity of the website that they have created. If you want to know more about PHP developers and how much PHP development can cost you. Please continue the blog.

What is PHP?

To know more about PHP developers and the development process you should know what is PHP. IN the beginning, PHP used to be known as ‘Personal Home Page’ and known for its packaging stuff. But now it is basically a hypertext processor which can script programming language and embed them to HTML. This process helps in creating stable and dynamic websites or web applications.

Learning this language is easy for newcomers. But basics of PHP don’t include any of the latest advanced features. Now with the latest features, the server can generate a unique PHP code that clients receive as generated HTML.

Nowadays 79% of the websites that’s are available in the market are created with the help of PHP. Some of the famous websites are Facebook, Pinterest, Wikipedia, WordPress, and Etsy, etc.

What are the benefits and disadvantages of PHP development?

A PHP development process has its benefits as well as its disadvantages. So here are some of the advantages of using the PHP development process for your custom website or web application,

  • Firstly, PHP is an open-source framework, so it can be downloaded on any device. And it will be available for developing websites or web applications instantly.
  • The framework is flexible enough to combine with the other programming languages, in order to implement any particular feature. This increases the versatility of the framework along with the effectiveness.
  • The PHP platform Is independent in nature. So, the developers have the option to run it on different Operating Systems. Such as Linux, UNIX, and Windows, etc.
  • The availability of PHP developers is very high in different communities. So, the rate of hiring web developers for developing your website is very high.
  • The actual moto behind developing a website with PHP is to faster loading of a web page over slower internet. This is because the application can connect to the database faster when it is developed with PHP programming languages.
  • The feature of easy connection with the built-in database saves both the time and effort of the developers during the development process.
  • The application developed can get more stable if continuous support and maintenance provided through various versions and updates.
  • In the case of the data representing PHP development is the best. As it provides the developers powerful library support which contains a huge number of functional modules.
  • in PHP development the developers can manage the code easily than any other framework.
  • The developers don't have to write long and lengthy code while creating a web application.

Some of the disadvantages of the PHP development process are

  • This development process is not effective for the bigger content-based websites or web applications.
  • As it is an open-source framework it is not secure enough and the ASCII text is easily available on the internet.
  • The management of PHP development is a bit tough for some of the developers. This is because it sometimes emulates the features of JavaScript.
  • The developers have to refer a huge number of documents as PHP is one of the powerful tools. But the work can be done easily by some of the latest programming languages.
  • Implementation of a huge number of features can reduce the performance speed of the developing website.
  • The presence of a smaller number of debugging tools leads can sometimes lead the websites into unexpected errors and lacks.
  • The core behaviour of the developing website or web application cannot be altered or modified.
  • In order to use the PHP frameworks, the developers have to learn the built-in functions. So that they don’t have to write an excess number of codes.

What are the responsibilities of PHP developers?

The PHP developers are expected to tackle most of the works of the development process. Here are some of the roles of the developers,

  • Effectively developing, testing, and launch the websites or web application with the given time frame. Simultaneously they also have to work on the data requirement of the client.
  • They have to keep themselves updated on the upcoming programming languages, technologies by reading and opting for education opportunities. Also, they can attendant different workshops or conferences conducted by the professionals.
  • Finding and solving or fixing different compatibility issues that can occur between different platforms and browsers. So, they should have a good grasp of CSS, HTML, and Scripting.
  • The PHP developers have to present a detailed description of the various specifications of the website. Such as functionality, budget, structure, programming language, and also deadline.
  • They have to collaborate with the other development teams and company management. This is important as factors like priorities, best solutions, and ideas for content can be established.
  • Checking the compatibility of the website with all types of devices and browsers. Also, taking actions on the software on the basis of customer feedback.
  • Researching different factors like performance, design, data usability, and system design process before implementation. Usually, they are advised to explore different possibilities and opt for effective features for the new applications.
  • The PHP development company will maintain the website or web applications by providing updates from time to time. Plus, they will improve the performance along with the style and the website content. A better company will always choose the best effective programming language, tool, and structure for the web application.

All of the responsibility depends on the type of your business and also the requirement for your website. For example, a start-up can opt only for programming-related services. Whereas a larger established company can hire a full team of IT developers for their website. The responsibilities of a PHP developer are not limited to the present market.

What are the skills of the PHP developer that you should check before hiring?

In order to fulfil all the above-mentioned responsibilities, one should have an extensive skill set along with good communication skills. Here are some of the skills which are mandatory to be the best PHP developer in the market,

  • The hired developer should have the ability to think about the issues critically and should have the will to solve them.
  • The developer should have a better knowledge of MySQL, jQuery, and Ajax.
  • They should have the knowledge of handling designing tools like Photoshop etc.
  • Hired developers should have the experience of working on different frameworks such as APIs, Linux, MVC, and Unix.
  • A PHP developer should have a better grasp of JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.
  • All with all the above-mentioned skill set a developer should have better communication skills. Otherwise, they will not be able to understand the specific requirements of the client. Which will lead to a poor and unsatisfactory product.

What are the factors which affect the cost of hiring a PHP developer?

There are many factors that can affect the cost of hiring a web application development company. Including functionality, requirements of features of the client, user base, and much more. Here are some of the factors that can govern hiring cost,

  • While developing a website you can ask your developer to add a tone of features to the website. Such as the development of brand identity, blogs, SEOs, and contact forms, etc. The price of developing the website increase or decrease according to the add-ons you opt for. There is a fully documented process that you have to go through and explain what features do you want.
  • One of the key features of a website is the implementation of graphics and images. You can opt for ready-made pictures or you can hire professionals to create an image for your website. Between the 2-method using a ready-made image will be the most cost-effective way the developing your website.
  • As a client, you can opt for CMS i.e., Content Management System. Which will help you create and maintain the content on your website at a lower cost. Some of the reliable CMS available are Magento, WordPress, Drupal, etc. All these CMS are open-source in nature so using them will be easy for the developers.
  • Developing a website is not all. You also have to invest in the maintenance of the website. All the websites including the popular once need a daily maintenance update. It is better to keep a separate amount of investment for only maintaining the website. Nowadays the charge of the maintenance companies varies drastically day by day. So, your aim should be to hiring the best website development company within your budget. Although some of the companies are there who will provide you free maintenance for the 1st Thus, its better check the same and hire a suitable agency for your website development.
  • Today’s users will not spend a single second on a website that is not visually unique and attractive. So, it is very important to design your website with attractive graphics and image content. If you have the budget to implement 3D content on your website you will gain popularity at a better pace. But the cost of implantation will be high. Even you have to change the normal templates to something unique. Thus, hiring a PHP developer who has also designing capabilities can save money for designing.

Investments or Cost need to hire a PHP developer for developing your website

The fees of a developer vary due to certain factors such as skillset, knowledge, the field of expertise, experience in different markets, and ability to support the infrastructure. Plus, factors like time, quality, and complexity of the website can also govern their fee structure. This is why giving the exact value for hiring a PHP developer is not possible. The values that are provided in the blog are just the average value for a usual project or requirement of a website.

According to the website hiring a PHP developer for creating a website can cost you $84,700 per year. Now the developers can be divided into 3 groups according to their skillset and annual fees such as

  • Lower- $58,000
  • Middle- $80,000
  • Upper-$104,000

The figures are according to

Now the average annual salary structure of PHP developers is different in the USA and other countries. Here are some of the figures

  • USA
  • Arizona $90,342
  • California $111,349
  • Colorado $106,405
  • Florida $77,395
  • Georgia $101,179
  • Illinois $92,086
  • Massachusetts $104,771
  • Maryland $ 93,444
  • Michigan $91,325
  • New York $130,662
  • Pennsylvania $85,103
  • Texas $96,488
  • Washington $109,340
  • Washington DC $96,187

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  • Other countries
  • Denmark - $70,000
  • Finland - $45,000
  • Germany – $55,000
  • Israel – $47,000
  • Netherlands – $45,000
  • Norway – $68,000
  • Switzerland – $67,000
  • United Kingdom - $52,000

Now if you are creating a website on different frameworks along with PHP then you have to pay a certain percentage to the developers such as,

  • ASP - +3%
  • AngularJS - +3%
  • Ajax - +3%
  • Symphony - +3%
  • Drupal - +10%
  • ColdFusion - +3%
  • DHTML - +3%
  • .NET - +3%

Plus, there are more than 5000 freelancers available in the market to whom you can outsource your development works. Usually, the rate of free-lancing developers varies from $61/hour to $120/hour depending on the skillset. Hiring a freelance dedicated developer can save you much more money. As they will only charge you on an hourly basis. But this is only recommendable for the unspecified claimed project. This is because there is no bound to the freelancer and no assurance that you can get a satisfactory result.

Among all these scenarios, hiring an onsite developer can be a better cost-effective option. An average salary of an onsite developer can be $102,954 per year. But in that case, also you have to look after the peaks and benefits for the developer which is an indirect investment.

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Conclusion- So taking all the scenarios into consideration you have to consider an amount of $9,000 to $10,000 per month for hiring a PHP developer. The amount is high for the start-up as not only the development you also have to take care of the maintenance of the website. Doing prolong research and then choosing a suitable PHP developer will the right move for you. A better PHP developer can always ensure the way to success for your business in the market.