Why selecting Drupal as the CMS of choice for your next web development project?

Today’s world is full of competition in every field and if you are spending time searching for the best CMS that will help you in building an exceptional digital experience then Drupal is considered to be the best one.

It can prove to be a huge difference in the case of web development and if you are not choosing the proper CMS. This will also make a major difference in the digital experience. People are not choosing Drupal without any reason. There are various reasons for choosing Drupal which will be discussed in the coming paragraphs. CMS development services are something that must be dealt with proper care.

Why choose Drupal?

The product owner basically seeks safe, reliable, and flexible web content when it to web development. This is because it allows them to choose the features according to their choice and eliminates those features that are weighty. Drupal is known to be an open-source content management framework that is responsible for letting their client build amazing digital experiences. This digital experience is trusted by many organizations and is loved by each and every person who has accessed and experienced it.

Drupal is distributed in General Public License and is written in PHP. Drupal will always meet up to your expectation when they are delivering an optimal visitor's experience. With Drupal extensions, modules, and native functionalities, it is possible for you to explore other possibilities with disrupting technology. As mentioned earlier Drupal is written in PHP and is a good backend framework which is an open-source one. So the developers will be having large community support under the GNU General Public License. This framework is considered to be one of the most secure, reliable, and stable that is responsible for building new sites with deep flexibility and capabilities on the web.

Why choose Drupal as a CMS?

There are various reasons for choosing Drupal as a CMS and they are given below-

Latest ideas and innovations

It is very much exciting to find out the way of transformation of Drupal at a rapid rate for ideas and innovations for the muddles that have been released recently. The development basically works on the recently released version of Drupal that is Drupal 8. Quick edit is known to be the backport for editing the fields even if you are not logged in so having the ease of making changes directly and accessing it for quick fives from the front-end.

Now because of the transformation, a person is able to manage the configuration from server to the local development. A version control system is also there that helps in keeping the track of each and every change that has been done in configuration. Now all of the data is normally stored in separated files from the databases. Drupal development services are the services that you must choose for the betterment of your organization. It will for sure help you in achieving the proper success if a good developer is chosen by you for your organization.

Content layout

An excellent experience is provided normally by Drupal 8 to the content authors, marketers, and also to the other editors that help in creating content and editing is streamlined and convenient. The content layout and elements of HTML like images, tabs, lists, etc are managed by Drupal’s visual content layout based on the components of Bootstrap. The layout builder helps in allowing the content creators to create visual layouts in an easy manner for the contents to enhance the developers and also to other users for structuring the design that is responsible for publishing the content on the site of Drupal 8’s layout builder.

Increasing community

Drupal is said to be having the most extensive as well as an engaging community with millions of editors, designers, trainers, and developers on board for analyzing the code for errors to shape the functionality and platform of the code. S the possibility is very much rare that any serious vulnerability will be taking place. However, if somehow, this issue occurs then it will be reported to the security team in an immediate manner so that they can rectify the problems instantly.

Security reporting

Security is very important and is responsible for playing a vital role in case of each and every organization in case of building trust. To review the modules in an automatic manner for testing that will be rendering your site insecure. The main way or steps to keep the content management system secured is to keep it updated at a certain interval. If any kind of vulnerability is seen on the site then you will be informed immediately along with the updated details and this is considered to be one of the most beneficial features. The features play a major role in avoiding patching and weakness on time.

Database encryption

In order to encrypt the database of the whole website or only the specific parts of the website, Drupal uses the CMS in an efficient manner. This helps in managing configuration to pass the privacy standards and encryption laws like HIPPA.

Why brands are choosing Drupal and top 10 popular Drupal projects

Hire Drupal programmers that will help you in providing you with the top advantages as all the renowned brands are getting. The reasons for which brands are choosing Drupal are given below-

  • Intranet or corporate sites
  • eCommerce sites
  • social networking sites
  • corporate websites
  • personal sites
  • community portal sites
  • music, multimedia, portfolio, blog sites

Drupal is responsible for offering

  • security
  • reliability
  • availability of a number of Drupal modules
  • extendible module-based architecture

The top 10 popular projects of Drupal are given below-

  • Tourism Fiji
  • Pinterest Newsroom
  • Tesla
  • Lush
  • Red Hat
  • NBA
  • Youth on Record
  • BBC Good Food
  • Warner Music Group
  • Australian Government

If you have already made up your mind that you will choose Drupal then no need to worrying.

How to choose the best Drupal development?

It is very easy to hire a Drupal developer but hiring a perfect developer for Drupal development services is very difficult. There are various frameworks and platforms for web development but Drupal is considered to be one of the best solutions. It is very essential to choose the right vendor after doing certain analyses. It is very painful when you are shifting the process of development from one person to another and so it must never be chosen at a random basis. The steps of choosing the best services of Drupal development are given below-

Knowing the goal

It is very important to hire someone with a purpose that is known to you or else you might face more difficulties in the future. You will easily get a number of unneeded frustrations if you identify the purpose of finding the Drupal experts. It doesn’t matter whether you are a web development company representative, or a digital agency, or a business owner; you will find the right Drupal developer if you know your aim. Web development companies are often responsible for resorting to the outsourcing of Drupal when they are not having the required resources in-house, in this case, the best solutions can be to hire a team of developers to build rich apps or websites from the starting of Drupal or it is also possible to implement some additional features to the ones that are already existing.

The digital agency that is offering mostly marketing and services of maintenance, it is very essential to hire Drupal developers. The worst thing that can happen to the agencies is that they might disappoint customers and lose the project and so, in this case, it is very essential to partner with large companies who are having proper experience in drupal.

Doing research work

There are many places on the internet where you can look for the services of Drupal development. But to find the perfect candidate for your project is not possible within a few minutes or hours. It is very much essential that you pay attention to the following features before choosing the developers for your project-

  • Website of the company- it is very essential to see what information is available from the website of the company. It is very essential to spend time on their website to investigate and browse. It might not be the best option to hire that company which is having a bad website, or a slow website.
  • Experience- this factor is considered to be one of the most important factors before choosing a company as a company having a lot of experience will be able to deliver you with the work as per your requirement and that also before the deadline. This is because with a proper experience they will have proper problem-solving abilities. If they face any trouble while developing your product they can easily overcome the issue because of proper experience.
  • Reference- it is very important to ask you drupal company to share reference and by contacting previous customers, you can easily find out about their work and behavior.
  • Activity in Drupal community- it is very essential for you to check the page of your candidates on the page of Drupal.org. There you can check on the projects to which your company has contributed along with code commitments.

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Effective communication

Effective communication is the main factor that must be taken into account to get the project delivered to you as per your requirement. If you are able to do effective communication with the development company then you can easily stay up to date with the progress of your project. Updating and involving the client can lead to an amazing outcome. Meetings with a full team or project managers also very helpful and will help you in keeping up-to-date with the project. This will help you in ensuring that you are never missing any kind of tiny details that can be extremely important. It is very important to have a thorough budget breakdown that can help you to see the price tag of each and every feature. The delivery teams can also prevent you from facing any kind of pitfalls that are hidden.

Support and maintenance

Once the project is finished that does not mean that you relation with the Drupal company is finished. Some questions will still remain. It is very essential to ask them whether they are providing any kind of maintenance service afterwards. Now it is also important to ask that whether the cost for that will be given initially or negotiated in a separate manner. The websites of Drupal must be updated on a regular basis and this cannot be done by you and on a venture similar to that of home maintenance. The companies that are professional and qualified are able to provide maintenance and support for the project of their customers. It is very essential to evolve your website in a constant manner.


Software application development companies are not so hard to find and once you have gone through the above methods, you can easily start to sort out the companies. It is important to understand your requirements and the process offered by each company for your project and then you can easily choose the one that matches you the best. Everyone wants to take care of the budget and the companies of Western Europe, America, and the UK have their rates matched to the average income of the country. The rate normally varies from one country to another. The price in Eastern Europe is quite low and is around $25 to $49 for a single hour.

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CMS development company is available in pieties as mentioned above but Drupal is known to be one of the most effective services. So the advantages of Drupal CMS given above can be major proof of why Drupal is preferred and why you can choose Drupal. So try to follow the above steps to choose your perfect Drupa developer.