5 Reasons Why Relying Only On PPC Advertising Is Not a Good Idea

18 May

Out of all digital marketing services, PPC expert services is a favorite for most businesses. The reason is quick, visible results that PPC campaigns are capable of delivering for the business. Does that mean a digital marketing strategy should only consist of PPC advertising? Absolutely not! Even though PPC offers excellent benefits, it shouldn’t be the only method that a digital marketing strategy depends upon. Here are some reasons why excessive dependency on PPC advertising is not a good idea:

You Don’t Get to Closely Engage With Your Audience With PPC

PPC allows you to present your product or service to the audience at the time when it matters the most, when they’re deciding to buy. What PPC doesn’t allow is building a close engagement with the audience from the start. An effective marketing strategy focuses on its audience right from the time when the audience is at the initial stages of their customer journey. Such a strategy invests in ways to increase awareness among the target audience about the product/service and to get them interested in the brand. How can you achieve such an engagement with your audience? Offering them good quality of content that educates them and interacting with them over social media on a consistent basis are some of the best ways to engage. What PPC doesn’t allow you to achieve, that is a strong and close engagement with people, content and social media let you achieve quite easily.

You’re Not Able to Generate Genuine Interest for Your Brand With PPC

Let’s continue exploring the earlier point in further detail. PPC helps you effectively cater to the interest of your audience. You can present your product, via advertisements, to the audience at the exact moment when they’re looking for something exactly like it. That means you are able to cater to the interest and need of your audience very effectively with PPC. But what about generating interest in the first place? The audience you acquire as customers through PPC are those who were already aware of what they wanted. But what about those people who could potentially become your customers, but right now they are not even aware of what you’re offering. To ensure that your business keeps growing in the long term, it’s necessary to not only cater to the interest of already aware audience, but also to generate interest among the unaware audience. The more people you can get excited about your offering, the more possible it becomes for you to earn new customers. Since PPC doesn’t help you much when it comes to interest generation, you need help of other digital marketing techniques too.

Establishing Brand Recognition and Reputation Requires More Than Just PPC

If you want people to truly recognize and like your brand, then relying on PPC alone wouldn’t do much for you. For establishing brand recognition and reputation, you need to leverage other digital marketing channels as well. This is what your approach should be right from the start of the business. With PPC you may be able to achieve your short-term goals related to customer acquisition and revenue growth, but PPC may not be able to get you much close to the big picture. This big picture involves long-term goals like creating a brand value that differentiates you from your competitors and becoming a popular and trusted brand. Such long-term goals can only be achieved when you adopt a more balanced approach towards digital marketing, using other marketing techniques too in addition to PPC.

Limited Marketing Strategy Means Constant Worry About Every Little Bump on the Road

When you depend only on PPC to bring in leads and grow your business revenue, then it’s very likely that you’ll feel too worried any time things don’t go your way. Since your marketing strategy is only made up of PPC, you’ll feel excessively pressurized to do everything right in order to get the expected results. You’ll find yourself worrying excessively about winning every bid, making each experiment successful, and so on. If you don’t want to find yourself in such a constant state of worry, then it’s important that you expand your digital marketing strategy and include other marketing methods like SEO, social media, content marketing, etc. too.

Let’s also talk about another big disadvantage of having a limited digital marketing strategy. Think about a scenario where you launch a PPC campaign and it doesn’t work as expected. If you’re only depending on PPC for digital marketing, then an unsuccessful PPC campaign would directly mean an unsuccessful digital marketing strategy. You don’t want to make PPC, or any other digital marketing technique for that matter, your only source of getting online leads and generating revenue. You want to have a diversified digital marketing strategy that leverages a bunch of different digital marketing methods, so that even if one of them isn’t delivering the expected results in leads and revenue growth, you at least have other methods to focus on for producing good results and keeping your overall digital marketing effort going successfully.

Sudden Changes Can Leave You Helpless, Not Knowing What to Do Next

Changes happen in digital marketing at a time when you least expect them. For example, you may have a successful PPC campaign going on, but a sudden change introduced by Google Ads may prove to be unfavorable for your PPC campaign. This may put a stop to all the great results that you had been getting from the campaign up till now. During the time you take to readjust your strategy and get back on your feet, you may end up losing out on a lot of potential leads. To avoid the brunt of sudden, unexpected changes in PPC, you should have other digital marketing techniques too to depend on.


Long story short: undoubtedly paid campaigns are effective in improving your campaign reach in a flash, but only until you're paying! Once you stop raining your dollars, all you'll witness is your advertisements being replaced by your competitors. So, make sure you don't put all the pressure of your business only on PPC campaigns but divide it with other digital marketing strategies (on-page, off-page SEO, content marketing) as well.