Outsourcing Web Developers? A Smart Guide to Find the Right Talent

Web development is core task for online businesses. Although there are different approaches to tap website development talents, it’s important to evaluate your strengths and weakness as the business owner. You can opt to learn basic coding, but then it will take you a lot time and your site may not be up and running any time soon. You may also consider hiring a freelancer, but again, that won’t build a lasting relationship considering that web development is an ongoing process. Another option is to augment the development team you have, which means you will be incurring hefty expenses to pay salaries and other numerations for the staff. A tangible choice is to hire website developers team to take care of the task, but how can you find the best website development talent? This guide offers you an insight on how to get the talent you need for developing your website.

Determine the web development tasks you need to outsource

Website development is a broad field involving many tasks ranging from coding, designing, content creation, to marketing. You need to identify which tasks you are outsourcing. If you are designing a website, a web designer is needed, but if you are developing back-end architecture, you will need a web developer to handle the task. A front-end developer brings the design, the cool animation, or even the navigation pattern to life using code. A UX writer creates the words and stories you need to make your website stand out from competitors with unique messages. The word designer has to master the persuasion skill and shape how you communicate with audiences.

A marketer needs to understand SEO and other web marketing elements to be able to push your site to the top of the SERPs. When you look at all these tasks, though very different, they resonate with one another on various levels. That’s why you realize that web development isn’t an assembly line; it’s a collection of tasks and processes. It’s a never-ending process; you have to dwell on it for the rest of the life of your business or brand.

Start the web development outsourcing process

Once you have identified what you want done, you need to know where to start. You may want to post your web dev job on collaboration platforms, but that’s not sufficient, let alone being dangerous. The best thing is to send the bat signal. In case you know a web developer, you can hire, go ahead and signal them.

However, you still have many options. First, you can place the job with some brief statement about the things you want done and the way you want them done. The web development companies will take a shot. Another option is research your competition to identify the developers who take care of their web development projects. You will find that in most of the cases, it’s the price ratio-to-quality work that separates the developers.

The main challenge you have when searching for a web development team is finding a balance and having the best-fitting professionals to execute your custom project bearing in mind that there are various elements of site development. Some expertise are rockstars in machine learning and big data, others deal heavily on design aspects.

When evaluating the web development companies, you need to look at their experience and portfolio. The more projects they have handled, the better they are placed in tackling your project. Although you don’t want to judge a book by its cover, the profile of the company can lead you to making an informed decision. Other qualities to look for are competence, communication, personnel, flexibility, and security.

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There are different ways you can find and hire a web developer. You can utilize employee referrals to get the developer. When an employee in your business refers a contractor to you, it’s because they know what you probably want and have had a network of expertise that can take care of the project. Referrals are likely to work well because there is an element of inner and outer-circle connection between the business owner and the web developer, which has been facilitated by an employee or say, a business partner.

Another way is to search through professional networks. It could be conferences, seminars, or professional networks such as LinkedIn. These provide avenues for finding talents to work on your web development project. Freelance marketplaces also have the potential for getting energetic developers that are able to put their skill and talent to test by working on your project.

Define your project

You need to pass the information and details about the project to the development company. The more detailed the project information, the easier it is for the company to estimate the cost and work within your budget. Don’t hold back some features, concepts, functionalities, or tools you want included in the website. It only serves to complicate the project and you might end up with a site that doesn’t have all the components you needed.

Allow the team to have information on the design preferences and features. The dev team will also ask questions to clarify anything that doesn’t surface from the details. The product documentation will be the product at that early stage, and unless you are confident of the team and it shares a mindset similar to that of yours, you don’t want to get any further with the details. If the development team wants to take up on the project, you can move ahead and sign on the contract.


It shouldn’t be a difficult thing to outsource web development or coding and design when you know some few important rules. If you have good communication and management, the Indian web developers team you outsource should able to execute the project as expected. You also need to coordinate with the team to keep your project on track.