Why is Ruby on Rails Perfect for eCommerce Web Development in 2021?

Are you thinking of developing an eCommerce website? Well after chalking out the plan, the first thing that might hit you is to use which framework? There are ample web development frameworks in the market. It is an extremely arduous task to decide which framework suits the best. Web development is currently the hottest. Businesses are looking forward to keeping up with the digital shift. The increasing use of the internet and digital inclination has led to an increase in the number of eCommerce web platforms.

eCommerce web development is high in-demand. Due to the convenience of availability of stores at any hour of the day, people are preferring online shopping. Seeing the increasing bent towards digital shopping, it is high time to jump into the industry. Now, to win this race you will need a strong framework as well as have to hire web developers and develop a highly interactive and performing website.

What Is Ruby on Rails?

Ruby on Rails or RoR is an open-source, backend web application framework. It is recognized as an extremely productive and scalable framework. Before proceeding to Ruby, let us quickly reassemble a few connecting dots of Ruby. Ruby is an object-oriented high-level programming language. It is an elegant combination of Python, Smalltalk, Perl’s. Ruby on Rails is prominently used to develop a faster web application. The official Ruby on Rails Guide says, if you learn β€œThe Rails Way”, you will probably discover a tremendous increase in productivity.

Ruby on Rails Basically Works On Three Principles

DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself): The framework facilitates clean and well-structured code writing. This minimizes the chances of popping bugs. Developers do not need to write the code once written. The code can be reused again and again.

Convention Over Configuration: The convention model makes Ruby on Rails easily adaptable. You do not need to create new real things each time, you can adapt to languages and libraries easily. It minimizes the need for configuration and has its own pre-configured sets. Developers save time by using the inbuilt pattern and configuration instead of constructing their own configuration.

Modular Form: An eCommerce website demands lots of features and functionalities. This is why you need to hire Ruby on Rails developer who has experience in your own niche to develop an eCommerce website. Ruby on Rails makes development easier, by offering rich libraries and plugins. Developers can use these plugins and libraries instead of building their own.

History Of Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails written in Ruby was developed by David Heinemeier Hansson. He was working on a project management tool called Basecamp. The history of the framework takes us back to the year 2004 and since then has released many versions. The latest version as of now, released on 17 June 2020 is Ruby on Rails is licensed by MIT. The framework achieved a major milestone in 2006 when Apple Inc. launched Mac OS X v10.5 β€œLeopard” and this had Ruby on Rails in the default install.

A Glimpse Of Ruby on Rails Statistics

As Builtwith reports, over 523,339 live websites are created with the technology. On GitHub, almost 4,000 coders contribute to the progress of Ruby on Rails. The framework has over 45,000 GitHub Stars. According to Arc, the average hourly rate of a Senior Ruby on Rails developer in North America is $121-140.

There are over 2,729 websites that are using Ruby on Rails in their daily operations, with 1,153 (11.53%) among the top 10k websites with the most traffic. Ruby on Rails is the third most popular internet programming language, staying behind only PHP and ASP.net and used on a daily basis by Goodreads, Walmart, and many others.

Which Type Of E-Commerce Sites Can You Build With Ruby on Rails?

Ruby on Rails is a highly flexible, performing, fast and scalable framework. This is the reason, the framework fits for all sized businesses irrespective of size and experience. It is one of the easiest frameworks to learn and is the best fit for beginners. It is one of the most used frameworks to upscale the business and so is popular among pro-level developers. Hire Ruby on Rails developer if you are thinking to use this framework, for small, medium, or enterprise-level businesses. Let us have a look at the type of e-commerce platform that can be built using Ruby on Rails:

B2C: B2C platforms refer to Business to Consumers. The product is designed directly for the end-users. If your idea targets directly to consumers, Ruby on Rails is a great framework. It is used to develop high performing, responsive, and rich with feature webshop.

B2B: B2b companies develop a product that is useful for businesses. Here the product is developed by one business for the other business. The technology has evolved a lot and many companies are integrating the technology developed by a business. Ruby on Rails allows developers to rapidly develop eCommerce web apps and launch them at the exact time. The time of launch is crucial to stay competitive.

B2B2C: This is an emerging business style that works as a supply chain. Here, a business connects to other businesses as well as end-users. This model appears as a combination of B2B and B2C thus forming B2B2C. The top players in this model are Walmart, Amazon, etc. If you are having any ingenious ideas that fit here or beyond the listed the versatility of Ruby on Rails makes it perfect for eCommerce Web Development.

Best Examples Of Ruby on Rails Websites

Here we have listed a few examples of e-commerce sites that are backed up by Ruby on Rails:

  • Shopify:

Shopify, one of the greatest stores is built on Ruby on Rails. The framework is the reason behind its high-level functionality. It is easier to build a web app like Shopify using Ruby on Rails. Shopify is a proprietary software in a SaaS (Software as a Service) model.

Spree: Spree is one of the most popular eCommerce platforms built on Ruby on Rails. It is owned by one of the biggest Online payment giants First Data. Spree is backed by True Ventures and America Online. Some top users of Spree are GoDaddy, Fortnum, Mason, etc.

Solidus: Solidus is a stem of Spree and is now developed independently. Solidus is built on Ruby on Rails due to its security and rich-features. Solidus helps users build, customize, and scale stores.

List Of Reasons That Makes Ruby on Rails Perfect For eCommerce Web Development In 2021

Easy Deployment:

Deployment of eCommerce website development can be complex if not done smoothly. Ruby on Rails facilitates easy deployment by automating the process at all possible corners. It allows automatic testing that simplifies the process. The easy coding is an add on while deploying eCommerce website development.

Stability And Performance: Businesses that want to get back in the leading process, speed up their business rail, and are looking to expand their business on online platforms should use Ruby on Rails. Its syntax is a favorite among developers at a full stack development company due to its simplicity and readability. The standardized set of policies make the framework more stable and reliable. Its easy or minimum configuration gives a great boost to its performance.

Flexibility: The framework is highly flexible. Hire web developers who can easily modify websites in the future, pick up the code where they left, and a lot more. eCommerce websites built on Ruby on Rails can be easily updated.


With an increasing inclination towards digitalization, cyber threats have increased parallelly. It is important to put security on the topmost. In eCommerce websites, security is of utmost importance due to transaction features. A consumer might have saved their payment details on the website. You need to pick a framework that ensures safe transactions and helps you build trust with your customers.

Ruby on Rails offers secure code that helps to deploy secure websites. It uses a REST API that allows developers to pay special attention to security. It offers automated testing features to developers at a full stack development company which reduces the probability of security threats. It offers gems such as brakeman to ensure top-notch security, safer pay-gem is exclusively used for safer payments.

Rapid Development: Ruby on Rails is widely used for eCommerce Website development due to its ability to facilitate quick and easy coding. The speed is the main reason behind its growing popularity among developers. It is tested and analyzed that it takes less time to deploy a project using Ruby on Rails. The development time can cut down to half of the total time taken by other frameworks.

Two main reasons behind faster deployment are (a) Developers need to write less code while developing the project using Ruby on Rails (b) It allows them to write code faster. RubyGems are an efficient approach to ensuring rapid development. Some of the prominent RubyGems used are Rubocop, Draper, Rspec Rails, active merchant, etc.


Ruby in Rail is an open-source framework hence can be used by anyone across the globe free of cost. The framework is designed to cut costs on development as well as maintenance. Developers using RoR need to invest less in licensing and other needs. A good amount is saved here. The framework is used to develop a high performing project rich with features. This is why the framework is mostly used for eCommerce website Development, by small and medium businesses, building content management systems, as well as social networking websites.

Available Integration: Ruby on Rails offers lots of plugins which makes integration of additional features easy in web development services. Integration of different features via plugins helps the website to go global efficiently. The already developed plug-ins make the system more efficient and easily help in dealing with complex obstacles.

Reliable: Ruby on Rails is being used by highly successful players for years. Their growing business and smooth services ensure it is a highly reliable framework. Successful companies using Ruby-on-Rails are Shopify, Crunchbase, SoundCloud, Zendesk, Airbnb, etc. The framework helps in developing robust and dynamic websites.

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High Compatibility:

Ruby on Rails is compatible with almost all browsers over the internet. It runs smoothly and is highly responsive. Businesses looking forward to developing eCommerce projects are widely preferring Ruby on Rails due to its compatibility feature. It makes web development services scalable and device or platform-independent.

Clean And Reusable Codes:

Ruby on Rails framework helps developers write a well-optimized clean and easy code. It allows writing easy to use codes that can be quickly and conveniently maintained in the future. Suppose your business witnessed a good jump in the upcoming days and now you want to improve your websites. RoR allows easy modification of the website in the future. The framework is rich with tools and libraries. Developers can use reusable code libraries. Reusable code not only reduces the complexity of the project but is also time-saving. You can look for the best website development company for your upcoming Ruby on Rails project.

Strong And Vast Ecosystem: RoR is an open-source framework and free to use. This is why it has huge community support. Some of the greatest minds are working behind it. They consistently keep updating the framework and add new features to it. Thousands of tech geeks are supporting this framework. A big community support helps users to easily find a solution to their issues. If some issues pop up in the middle, you can quickly get solutions to fix them. There are ample resources available to help you guide throughout. The vast ecosystem continuously offers assistance. The technology has one of the widest developer communities on GitHub.

Adopting And Demand In The Future: With the changing environments and the introduction of new technology every other day, there is no place for static websites. To adapt to the new environment you need a dynamic website developed by the best website development company. Ruby on Rails satisfies this demand and allows the website to quickly adapt to the new innovations. There is a huge room for websites to be flexible and change in the future if built using Ruby on Rails.

Easy To Use:

Ruby on Rails is easy to use and easy to learn. The easy learning structure helps developers to quickly pick up tools and use them accordingly. If you have a fundamental knowledge of building a site, it is easier to adopt Ruby on Rails. If a team of developers is working on the same project, it is convenient to pick the framework in between without the need of learning from scratch. Code can be easily passed from one programmer to the other making the learning curve easier.

Powerful Framework:

Ruby on Rails is one of the most powerful frameworks for eCommerce web development. It offers lots of flexibility and helps developers to keep up with the ongoing trends and demands. The framework has an easy learning curve and comes with sets of policies. These policies help in easy going through heavy coding. You do not need to follow the configuration for using Ruby on Rails that makes it even more powerful.

Easy Maintenance: Ruby on Rails is considered a maintenance-friendly framework. It is easy for new developers at Ruby on Rails development company to pick up the code as well as for existing developers to start from where they left. Ruby on Rails framework has very clean code snippets making it a highly popular web development framework. Due to its ability to take less time and be consistent, it has made the entire maintenance process faster and easier.

Satisfies Modern Needs: The framework is designed to help developers deploy a responsive website. The framework aligns well with its other programming languages such as Ajax, HTML, CSS, JavaScript. Ruby on Rails offers the flexibility to easily access the code and develop a modern website. Ruby on Rails developers collaborates with programming languages to bring the best possible result.

Wrapping Up

Ruby on Rails offers ample dynamic features to develop high performing eCommerce web apps. It is a reliable web app development framework. The technology is being used for more than decades. After seeing its increasing growth we can easily depict the technology is here to stay and rule for a long time. If you are looking forward to developing an eCommerce website, we have listed enough reasons that help you to get a better insight into Ruby on Rails. The simplicity and its ability to deploy websites faster make it a favorite among eCommerce developers. If you are thinking of developing an eCommerce Web using Ruby on Rails, you can get in touch with a Ruby on Rails development company.

Let us have a quick recap of what we got to know through this post. Here we have explained Ruby on Rails, the history of Ruby on Rails, eCommerce platforms where Ruby on Rails fit, and some top web apps using Ruby on Rails. We have discussed ample reasons such as flexibility, scalability, topnotch security, versatility, vast ecosystem, reusable codes, rapid development, and much more that make Ruby on Rails the perfect framework for eCommerce web development.