Complete Guide On Hiring iOS Developers In India While Hitting A Deadline And Maintaining Quality

The iOS apps are famous for monetization purposes and of course for their quality. The huge brand apple has its loyal customer band which is rising more with the time. There is a huge talk for the competition between the close competitors Android and iOS. But in fact, both share a different story. Android is a powerful platform that is more liked by the customers if we look at the counts and figures, whereas if the loyalty of the customers is checked, the iOS platform leads. The cost of iOS apps is higher than the android app, which is also affected by the developers.

The quality of the project also depends greatly on the skill set of developers. A developer with the year of experience in App development is likely to make a high quality project and within a less time frame. Finding the certified and full-stack iPhone app developer is necessary for delivering high quality iOS/iPhone/iPad application solutions, which are robust, secure, and interactive while being business-centric.

Mobile apps and the percentage of iOS apps:

Mobile application development services are now more related to businesses than a particular service. Every business is reaching up to the clients with the help of mobile apps. The app store was launched in 2008, and since then the number of apps is consistently growing. Today it is inconceivable to think of the world without mobile apps. On the mobile app popularity chart, Gaming apps are the topmost segments with the highest user engagement.
As of August 2020, business apps are the second most used apps in the Apple app store. Business apps share 10.1 percent of the share among all apps available.
Here are some mobile apps usage statistics:

  • The total number of mobile app users is likely to reach 3.5 billion by Dec 2020.
  • A total of 33.6 billion apps was downloaded in 2020 Quarter 1.
  • TikTok is the most downloaded app in 2020.
  • An average user installs 40 apps on their mobile phone.
  • The mobile apps market is not slow in the COVID pandemic and likely to make $581.9 revenue by the end of the year.
  • The users between the age of 18-24 years usually spend 66 percent of their time on smartphone apps.
  • 87 percent of the Smartphone users spend the mobile time on apps.
  • The gaming segment is the most popular apps segment, where the global gaming market will reach $165.9 billion by the end of the year.
  • COVID 19 pandemic has given a more push to the mobile gaming industry.

Let’s take a look at some of the relevant facts for hiring iOS app development:

How many apps are there in the App Store?

There are 1.74 million apps in the App Store, which makes it one of the most popular app vendors.

How many app publishers are there on the iOS app store?

By the time we are posting this, there are around 1.34 million app publishers on the App Store.

What is the ratio between free apps and paid apps in the app store?
There are around 1,602,910 apps in the app store which are free to download. Whereas, there are 135,706 apps are available to be purchased. Also, many free apps require in-app purchases.

Tips to hire dedicated developers:

Hiring a skilled iPhone app developer needs thorough research of profiles and enough scrutiny. Ensuring the right candidate can save from multiple hassles later. Let’s understand some useful tips for hiring the iPhone app developers:

Prefer clear and compact profile:

Before stepping for the hiring process, the qualification of an employee is the first thing to enquire about. It is always better to be specific to the candidate requirements before hiring an iOS app developer. Staying specific for the qualification can help with cutting short the list of employees. You can also save your time in interviewing the candidates, who don’t fit the job profiles.

Look for the interested candidates:

Always prefer to hire someone more interested in working for iPhone application development with you. Not only the development skills matter but also the compatibility of an employee with the company matters.

Knowledge of emerging technologies:

The quality of an application depends upon the level of expertise of employees in relevant areas. The relevant languages such as Swift language, designing models, special reasoning, core data, and networking, Grand Central Dispatch (GCD), and the Git/Github are part of project development. A right candidate is the one who posses enough experience in all of these technologies.

Focus on the entire app development process:

Both Mobile and Web application development are not just about coding. The whole process involves a well defined functional design and UI/UX development. Looking just for the development does not ensure healthy app development. This is the reason why full-stack developers are popular. App development includes designing, development, and testing. The knowledge of all relevant parts makes the candidate more eligible.

Look for the advance knowledge:

It is always recommended to choose the scalable technology. Every year, technology adopts some sort of advancement. Coping with the challenges is tough if you are working with old technology. An iOS app developer acquainted with the updates can give a scalable application for various gadgets.

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Work Experience:

An enough experienced app developer is well-versed with the dealing bugs and fixes, managing teams, maintaining deadlines, and solving critical problems. The perfect candidate can help you out with all the headache inviting problems. Hiring an experienced developer is the right option to look for. Spending on experience is always worth for the developers.

Implements new ideas:

The amateur developers often copy codes, which degrades the quality of the development. While hiring iPhone app developers, prefer to hire some passionate developers who can give a worth unique code. The developers passionate about coding, energetic, and enthusiastic for something more creative, filled with innovative ideas, and possessing the golden resources are the right candidate. Building the app with creativity and passion mark your app on the top position.

Hire team player:

The success of every great app depends upon teamwork and collaborated efforts. Working with the team with openly embracing ideas is important. App development companies or every individual is recommended to hire the candidate who can work with the team. Project managers with years of experience in iOS app development must invite new ideas from young candidates. Better team management can leave you with no regret for the fewer development efforts. Hiring dedicated app developers in India is good for better team management, because of the time zone.

Look for the budget:

Maintaining a cheap and cost-effective option is good for development. During app development there are many expenses, therefore cutting the cost in hiring can help in the long run. However, if your project is large and requires deep research and analytical vision, it is better to hire an experienced developer and then cut costs in hiring the number of fresh candidates. Whereas if your project is not much large, you can work with the intermediate level.

Check portfolio:

Look for the previous experience. The candidates with considerable experience can share their previous works. You can also ask for the previous feedbacks from the client. Reviewing feedbacks can give insights about the quality of the apps. Also, this shares enough knowledge for team collaboration skills and analytical skills for solving problems.

Benefits of hiring mobile app development companies in India:

The huge availability of resources: India is a country with a rich crowd of professional developers. Indian IT professionals are skilled in various software technologies. The developing economies are more suitable for large and id level projects because here you can find the resources in an easy budget with an advanced level of skills. According to the survey, around 42 percent of the Indian developers possess more than 2 years of experience. Although the Indian market is influenced by Android and therefore there are high numbers of android developers.
Mobile applications are witnessing huge popularity where hiring iOS app developers are the popular choice. India is viewed as the potential market for software developers, because of the high availability of expertise in various technologies. For app development companies, it is quite easy to find good resources.

Affordable resources:

The low-cost investment is the main reason why the western world is attracting towards East for mobile application development services. South Asian countries are developing nations and they are favored for their high quality and low-cost resources. The cost-effective app developers are really helpful when your budget is low.

When the web application development projects are completed in the developing nations, the expenditure for the project goes hire in setting up the infrastructure and hiring the resource, the same lies for the mobile app development, whereas the projects completed in the developing nations cost lesser. India has relatively cheaper human resources and IT consulting services in India are famous for quality work and skilled professionals. India is the flourishing market for iPhone app development.

According to the surveys, North America, North America, East Europe, and Singapore are the costly markets, where India comes out the best option for outsourcing.

Mobile app development companies in India is the best place for outsourcing:

For IT consulting, India is a highly emerging market. Western countries are looking towards India as a reliable option. After the Covid-19 pandemic, India is being seen as the potential market for IT service outsourcing and the most reliable one. There are major investments that are moving towards India. In recent years, many android apps are building huge revenue from the Indian Market. Not only outsourcing but also for money minting, India offers huge possibilities.
According to a survey by Deloitte, around 59 percent of the respondents agree on India a trustworthy option. Around 22 percent of people are said to planning their outsourcing projects towards India or looking to hire dedicated app developers in India.

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Convivial government policies and infrastructure:
In recent years, the Indian government has changed its policies for inviting investment. Outsourcing the iOS projects require several other components which in turn demand the supportive government policies by the local government. The Indian government has adopted the policies, which are now proving to bring success for the Outsourcing market.

Let’s take a look at some important initiatives recently taken by the Indian government, which are building and a strong roadmap for outsourcing:

  • Cabinet passed the policy in 2019 for making India a software product nation. The GOI announced stated in the interim budget, that the national programmer for Artificial Intelligence and AI portal will be set up.
  • In the Union Budget 2018-19, GOI recognized Information Technology as the major contributing sector among the 12 champion service sectors. The budget of 5000 crores was allotted for IT development.
  • For technical services, about 10-25 percent of the tax and levy reduction is provided y govt. The startup campaign, Make in India, and recent Atmanirbhar Bharat has given a strong roadmap for the technology startups and govt. see them as critical tools for technology and development.
  • India has an abundance of regional/national universities, which are producing talented software developers every year. According to the reports, Indian has the second-highest number of Android app developers in the world in the first quarter of 2018.

Indian IT companies are toady known for following the best international practices and also the quality standards are known to be globally accepted. Few standards being followed include:

  • Capability Maturity Model (CMM)
  • International Standard Organization (ISO: 9000)
  • Six Sigma Quality Certification
  • Total Quality Management
  • Customer Operations Performance Center

According to the fact, Indian software companies share 75 percent among all the companies following the standards. The highest number of ISO-9000 certified companies is in India.


When you focus on the right aspect of the business, it becomes easy to find the iOS developers. India is a great destination for outsourcing mobile app development. IT is today the leading market segment in India and there is an abundance of skilled professionals. Above are some of the noticeable factors which highlight the quality standards of Indian software companies. Focus primarily on the major requirements of the project and then move to the micro needs. This way the outsourcing becomes easier and maintainable.