The Best Process to Make Sure That Android App Development is Done Rightly

Application in mobiles plays an important role in everyone’s daily life and the use of those applications can never be avoided.

The application may be used smoothly by everyone but the process of developing the app may not be so simple as it looks. However, if certain steps are followed accordingly, then the development process can be easier and faster. But there are things which you must know before you start developing an android app for your company. There are many Android app development companies and so you must hire the reputed one.

Things you must be knowing before you develop your mobile app

When a person is developing a mobile app for business then you must be having a certain idea about the app. But it can be common that you are not having any idea about technical stuff. So there are few things which you must be keeping in mind before you develop an app for yourself and they are given below-


It is very important that you are having a good idea of what is going on. Try using some of the apps which are similar to your app. Always try to talk with your technical expert before developing your app whether it is feasible or not. According to certain data, it can be said that 8000 apps are built every day. It is better that your app must be having top features to attract your customers and so they can choose your app over other similar apps. It is very important that you introduce the app which must be successful in nature. It is also important that you take proper care of whether your app is solving the problems.

Android or iOS or both

If your budget is limited and you are willing to 3nter the market as soon as possible for validating your mobile app then you should be keeping the focus on whether your app will be for the android platform or iOS platform. If you are confused about where to create your app then you must [provide a great time in doing more research work where you will find your audience and depending on the majority you should develop your app. If your audience is using android apps more when compared to iOS then you must prepare the app for android first. However, creating apps for both iOS and Android is very important.

After knowing the platform it will be very easy for you to take technical decisions. It is very important to choose between hybrid, native, or any web app carrying many implications that will be very useful for later maintenance and development. In case of any heavy-duty task, it is essential to use native apps. Hire dedicated developers in India who are having basic skills and knowledge about all this stuff.

Time and resources

You must be having an idea about the time frame for scoping, designing, developing, and also testing the app within a certain amount of time. And so in order to have a clear idea about all this you must talk with your team of developers. So now after the discussion with your team of developers, you will be able to set the launch date and also plan dates for various development stages like-

  • Scoping
  • Wireframing
  • Designing
  • Developing
  • Testing
  • Publishing

If you are having an idea about the resources from the early stages then you can easily tackle during the time of emergencies as well as during the time of delays. Ongoing support of the app is a very costly factor that requires continuous monitoring, reviewing crash logs, keeping the operating system updated. There are many mobile application development services that can provide you with the perfect group of developers who will meet all your requirements.

Maintenance, security, and privacy

In short, it can be said that the maintenance of the app is a little bit costly no matter who is building the app. When you are making your app, you will have to make your own track, content and also allow the users for knowing the new features of your app. In order to manage information like payment history or user records and store this information, it is essential to pay a certain amount of money. It is also important for your team of developers to tell you what is important for maintaining your apps.

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Not only maintenance but the privacy policy must also be introduced when your app is collecting an in d of sensitive information. The policy must play an important role in covering what information is collected and how it is used. The main advantage of doing this privacy policy at an early stage is that you will be getting plenty of time for taking any legal consultation and you can also plan for implementing any kind of safety feature within the app you are developing.

Now security is very important for any kind of business. So you must make sure that you have arranged everything for maintaining or taking proper security measures for collecting, handling as well as storing data. Moreover, managing any potential risk must also be taken proper care of.

Monetization and Business models

An app is always able to play any role in your business. Now when a person generates revenue from the app directly is very much obvious. Other roles are also there which include serving as a resource for a variety of audiences and also providing indirect assistance for other phases of the sales funnel and also increasing the reach of your business.

There are different monetizations models and the are-

  • Sponsorships
  • In-app ads
  • Subscriptions
  • In-app purchases
  • Paid (Premium) apps
  • Free apps

It is very important to understand each and every business model and it is also important to keep in mind that every choice is having the advantage as well as disadvantage. So you have to be wise enough to gain all the advantages of developing your perfect app that will reach your business goals.

Process of android application development

People always use apps on their smartphones but they don’t know how they are built. However, it is not essential for everyone to know the process of app development but still, if you are a business owner and you want to develop an app for your business you must have some ideas about the process for developing apps.

The Core Idea:

For a great application, you need a perfect idea. Before you go further with the idea you need to make sure that the resource, problem-solving ability all are present. While developing the application you have to list down the work on a per priority basis. Which will help in making the work stable and easy. You even need to note down the problem that you may face during the process in advance. All this will help in coming up with some alternative solutions when you actually face the problem.

First of all, you need to make sure that the application you will come up with is solving the purpose or not. Then you must see that this application has changed to get adopted by the market of note. For this, you need to go through the market trend and the demand of the users. This will help you to know if this application is going to hit the market.

It is very important for any business owner who is developing n app that must be analyzing the applications which are similar to the apps that you are wishing to build. Try finding out the features as well as the faults that are present in the apps similar to your apps. Now by doing all the research about your rival apps you can easily choose what features to include that will make your app a standalone one.

Wireframing the application 

If you don't know much about wireframing then it is nothing but a blueprint of the mobile application. this helps in giving the exact idea about the design and functionality. this is one of the crucial and important parts of application development. which helps in giving a structure to the application and gives full information related to design and functionality.

In wireframing, you will get the features, specifications, and features of the application that you want to create. this helps in understanding the exact requirement of the application. if you are planning to hire a professional for this then wireframe will help in synchronizing the idea you have with the professionals.

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The application design

 the design of the application is one of the important things which will leave the first importation to the users. so the design of the application should be appealing enough to attract the users. you can expect the users to find you if your application can grab the attention of the users. you need to stress the overall design. To enhance the user experience you have to hire the best designers so that you can solve all the problems.

The strategy of application development

Once you have completed the search for the idea for developing your android app, you will be focusing on the strategy of the app development. You can never rely on a strategy that is very weak and that will only disappoint you or will fail to meet your demands in the near future.

It is very important to look carefully at the trends of the market and also play a role in working on the actual needs of users. This will play a role in creating a successful strategy to develop your app. Checking the competitor’s background is very important and this will help you in having a good idea about the strategy they are choosing and also the model of business revenue. It is very important that you hire android app developers who will play an important role in generating perfect revenues.

The phase of application development 

In the case of application development phases, it is important to provide a good interface for the user. Efficient codes are given along with adding functionality in this stage depending on the requirements of the users. The codes that are being written by the developers for backend or user interface are well optimized as well as efficient.

Augmenting the speed of loading, stability, and enduring the software is very important and that can be done by proper coding. There are many mobile app development companies in India that can easily take care of all these steps and make a proper phase for application development. In this stage, the developers will take proper care of structuring databases, navigational use, use of intent, and list view.


After completing the designing and coding of the app, the application must be tested properly before it is launched in order to find out the bugs. The manual test scenario can be used by the team of developers. Automation-based testing is also there which helps the team of developers in putting the load as per their demands by creating virtual app users. This helps in deep analysis. After testing the fixing of issues takes place and then comes the stage of deployment.


This is the final stage that you have to follow. in this, you have to deploy the application in the Google Play Store. here you have to submit all the screenshots of the layouts of your idea. from which you gave the users the instead of your application and extract idea about the user interface and functionality.

in the description, you have to mention the application usage, advantage, problem-solving ability, and features. once you are done with all this formality the APK file of your application is summited for approval. it's very important to know all the crucial aspects associated with the life cycle of developing applications.


There are many Mobileapp development companies in India but you have to be wise enough to choose the perfect one for your app development that will meet all your requirements. The above ideas are good enough to get assured that your process of android app development is done rightly.