What are the top mobile app development trends in 2021

There are many companies that seek the advantage of mobile for expanding their business and unlock the market reach. This is the main reason why many people are choosing mobile app development agencies for developing their mobile apps.

Not only these but their other advantages also. If we consider time then we can say that we are in a digital era and so it is helping people to adapt to new technology as soon as possible. If a person or a business owner is not having any mobile app for their business, then it can be said that they are missing a big chance of attracting potential customers and it does not matter how far they are except for the presence of their mobile app.

Many users are looking to get all their things done in a virtual manner and so mobile app development has become an important task. Business is also changing their way of functioning and with the help of their mobile app, they want their customers to know about the company, business, and services offered by them with the help of their developed mobile app. This app will also help the customers to stay updated about their favorite brands and can help them to stay connected with them.

Benefits of mobile app development for business

Before moving on to the latest trends of mobile app development in the year 2021, it is important to understand the importance or benefits of mobile apps in the business of business owners. They play a versatile role in a business that helps the business owner to achieve great success in their future. There are many benefits but the main benefits that can be seen in business by developing a mobile app are given below-

Strengthen customer engagement

This benefit is considered to be one of the most powerful benefits of mobile apps to businesses. This helps to create a market channel directly between customers and businesses allowing for direct as well as effective communication. It has become possible to send push as well as an in-app notification with the help of a mobile app just by installing it and this is possible to send to as many customers as the business owner likes. If the notification is having the capability of carrying important notifications then it will help the customers to get attached and also to become loyal to the brand which you are having, so the customers will always be choosing your brand whenever they need it.

Increase accessibility

Another major benefit of having a business app is that it plays a major role in improving the accessibility of a business. It helps the business by allowing them to send notifications about what’s new or about the changes in their services or their products. Moreover, it also allows the business in allowing them to build a strong relationship with customers. This helps a genuine customer base to get developed along with strong loyalty. Businesses can also establish strong relationships simply by offering special discounts for customers who are old and that is all possible with the help of a mobile app. There are many Android app development companies who are trying to satisfy the needs of their clients just by providing them with the perfect app they need. It is important to keep in mind that no matter what app you develop, it is required to understand your needs before hiring any team of developers to develop your business app.

Providing value for customers

Customers are the main parties when it comes to business and without customers, no business can grow big. It is possible for the mobile app to digitalize any kind of loyalty program and that also in various ways that you may be offering to your customers. Instead of employing the collection card that is old, it is possible to send rewards to your customers with the help of a mobile app. The main result that can be obtained from this function is that the business owner will be receiving more return customers along with a greater amount of download. This reason can also be considered to be other major benefits of developing mobile for business.

Transforming the experience of retail

The mobile application plays a major role in transforming the experience of retail and it also enables the retailers to stay ahead of the expectations of their customers. This can be done in a simple manner and that by the delivery of a unique customer experience. The mobile app also plays another major role in driving the digital process along with the model which would be very helpful to cut down the cost related to the store and hence increase the profitability of the business owner. The overhead cost related to the establishment of brick and mortar is reduced to a great extent because of this point.

Brand awareness and recognition

A mobile app is considered to be one of the most effective tools of brand awareness along with recognition. For the purpose of description, it can be said that mobile apps can be likened easily to a blank billboard sign and it is available for you where you can do whatever you like. It is up to you whether you want to make it look stylish, functional, hip, informative, or shocking. It is all in your hand’s palm. But the main aim that you must have been a business owner is that you are developing an app that is loved by your customers along with a beautiful design and is also well branded.

As a business, it is important to acclimatize your customers with services or products. The more the customers are getting involved with the services or products offered by you with the help of the mobile app, the more they will be able to patronize it. This is known as the effective frequency in advertising. The best way by which you will get noticed is by the rule of thumb hearing or by seeing your brand a minimum of 20 times.

Stand out from the competition

In the present scenario, it can be said that the development of mobile apps for business that is small is very much rare. This is the best place where you can easily create a big difference and hence take a big leap. It is easily possible to stand out from the fray just by creating a mobile app for your business. This will surprise your customers in a delightful manner and the customers will get blown away just by the approach of your forward-thinking. Hire dedicated developers who will be able to create mind-blowing applications for your business and attract many customers that will help your business to grow in the future.

Cultivate loyalty of customers

The easy job to lose hold of their customers is possible nowadays because of the amount of noise out there; coupons email marketing, Facebook ads, flyers, etc. Customers can easily lose focus because of the great amount of distraction out there. Employing a marketing technique can be considered to be one of the best solutions to this problem. This technique will be able to create a sincere and true connection with customers. This should be that one marketing technique that is able to create loyal lovers for your services and products, creating strong customer loyalty is very much possible with the help of a mobile app.

Unique services and payments

Mobile apps are having different features and to get all these features, you must go through a good process to hire the best mobile app developer for your company. These features basically match different industries. For example, if you are in an industry of service, e.g. healthcare, retail, spa, online food, etc then your mobile app must have the feature of booking appointments for your customers.

Then comes the role of push notification that can play a major role by reminding the customers about their appointment. In order to make payments, mobile payments have become an important aspect of today’s world. Both small, as well as big businesses, are having the ability to integrate payment options into the mobile app that will be having the ability to receive payment in a direct manner with the help of debit and credit cards. No need of worrying regarding these payment platforms as these are very much fast, secure, and also user-friendly in nature. If you do not choose a mobile app for your business then chances are there that you will stay behind your competitors.

Top mobile app development trends for 2021

Smartphones are playing an important role in everyone’s life. People are busy in their daily life and some of them are lazy and so they want to do their jobs just by sitting at their home by using their smartphones. This is the main reason for which development of various mobile app development trends started and emerging at a rapid rate. Both users, as well as the app developers, are benefiting from this app. The future for the development of mobile apps is very much brighter than before. The innovative mobile app development trends for 2021 are given below-

IoT or Internet of Things

Nobody was having the anticipation that the internet will be crawling to livelihood to such a great extent. When we thought the internet won’t be able to control things in the kitchen and bedroom, then comes the role of IoT. It is possible to control almost everything with the help of an IoT system. There are many IoT systems like Amazon Dash button, August Doorbell cam, Phillips Lighting system, etc are winning the heart of users. The future trends of IoT are-

  • IoT in healthcare
  • IoT devices powered by AI or Artificial Intelligence
  • Smart homes and cities
  • An automobile that is smart and self-driving

5G network

Custom mobile app development is seeking the advantage of these mobile app development trends and is growing at a rapid rate to help them as well as to help the users. The much-awaited network of 5G will be reaching the market by the year 2021 and the connection is expected to be between 20 million to 100 million. In the latest release provisions were made for 5G in iPhone 12. This is the main reason to notice that this will be a major trend for mobile app development in this year that is 2021. The future trends of 5G are-

  • Cloud computing
  • Healthcare services will be wireless
  • Vehicle technology will be driverless

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

The combination of AI and ML will be very much effective in complex activities like the development of the mobile app. Be it like iOS development or Android app development, it will be able to learn the process of development from previous data, detect problems, and then it will also be possible to fix them in real-time. The future trends of AI are-

  • AI-powered face unlock
  • For cybersecurity, high app authentication will be there
  • The adaptive battery will be there to increase battery life
  • Language and voice translations
  • AI with IoT
  • AIOps that will help in operations of IT
  • Smart camera with subject recognition

Cross-platform app development

The mobile development trends are shifting towards the technology of cross-platform. In order to improve efficiency, many big names like Pinterest, Facebook, and Alibaba have played an important role in implementing this kind of technology. This will further increase in this year that is in 2021.

AR and VR

AR and VR stand for Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. The gaming, as well as the video arena, has been already conquered by AR and VR. But now this technology will be turning its hands on all the aspects of our daily lives. The hints of mixed reality revolution are Google’s ARcore and Apple’s ARkit. They are responsible for offering various features like light estimation, people occlusion, environmental understanding, and motion tracking in their packages. The mixed reality will be playing an important role in revolutionizing our experience in social media also. We will be able to interact with our friends on Facebook with the help of VR. Own augmented reality filters are allowed to create by Instagram. Doctors from different locations will be able to perform live surgeries with the help of AR/VR apps and gadgets like Magic Leap, Oculus Go, etc that are mixed reality smart glasses. The future trend of AR and VR are-

  • VR based exploration activities
  • VR and AR-based visual learning
  • VR based concerts and live music festivals
  • Destination navigator based on AR
  • Virtual user manual based on AR


Blockchain is responsible for offering complete security for information that is sensitive. It becomes impossible to track info about data exchange or transactions with the help of blockchain technology. This can be considered to be one of the best solutions for cybersecurity. Mobile app development is never an easy task but the most important thing that the developers must do is that they must be aware of the latest trends in mobile application development. The future applications of Blockchain are-

  • Secure public elections
  • Blockchain in anti-piracy
  • Transparent betting
  • Asset tokenization
  • BaaS or Blockchain as a Service
  • Swarm Robotics
  • Transparent Betting

Cloud integration

Cloud technology always keeps amazing people with the endless benefits it is having. The start of this technology took place with hosting service and this has grown to a greater extent beyond its initial application.

This platform is considered to be reliable for securely storing and accessing data in a faster and seamless manner. Cloud integrated mobile apps run on the cloud in a direct manner. That is the way which is followed by the technology to take pressure away from the internal memory of the smartphone. The future applications of cloud technology are-

  • Hybrid cloud solutions
  • Multi-cloud platforms
  • Cloud quantum computing

Beacon technology

In simple words, it can be said that while on your way to stores, the app will be able to help you know which store is having your desired products and other specifications. Bluetooth Low Energy is used by Beacon. So whenever a phone is entering the Beacon zone, the signal is received by the relevant app and relevant notifications are provided along with guidance. The immense potential is there for Beacon in the marketing landscape. The main work of Beacon is to play an important role to reduce the path between companies and users. There are many industries like hotels, healthcare, and museums that have installed Beacon already. The future applications of Beacon are given below-

  • Beacon in healthcare
  • Beacon powered mobile payment
  • A beacon in travels and tourism
  • A beacon in physical games like a treasure hunt, clue games, etc.

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Web application development company or mobile app development companies, all must be aware of the latest trends. Some of the latest mobile app development trends have been mentioned above. You must choose developers to develop your app wisely who are aware of all the latest trends.