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The Top Must-Have Skills To Become A Successful PHP/Symfony Developer

24 Aug

PHP is the most popular and without a doubt one of the best general-purpose scripting languages. This article lists the skills one needs to have for being a successful developer who knows how to use a PHP framework like Symfony. It has many PHP components and is a web app development, a devised philosophy, and a community that is already working hard to make the framework one of the best. All the things that have been mentioned in the previous statement work in harmony in order to provide the best web development experience.

Many developers who have chosen PHP as their web development specialization use Symfony as the core framework in their work. There is a community of more than 600,000 Symfony developers that are spread across the world. It can be said that it is one of the best growing frameworks that are there for web development. There are companies that are looking to hire website developers experts and to get into those companies, developers first need to know about the skills that they should have. This is something that will keep them alive in the market space and will provide them with work that will be relevant for them.

Understanding Symfony

It is important that developers first understand Symfony in the best way before moving on to knowing the skills that they need to have to become a successful PHP developer. In this brief introduction, it has been made clear that it is a collection of high-quality components and packages/bundles of PHP. There are classes that help developers to develop great web applications with fewer efforts. It is also an open-source programming language. Coming to the most important point, it is also a full-stack web development framework. Let us now find out what that means.

A full-stack web development company India uses this framework to develop web applications or websites without using any other framework. There are different components in a website or a web application:

Back-End- The side of the website that contains the coding part and the one where all the syntax and functions are present

Front-End- This part involves the UI/UX that the users can interact with. This part is connected to the back-end commands so it works accordingly

Database- The part where all the data is stored. It responds to all the data-related queries of the web app

This is a great benefit for the development companies because they hire full-stack developers and they can start developing projects. Using multiple frameworks will make the development companies hire more developers that will increase the cost that they have to incur. This is a great deal for small, medium-sized, and startup organizations. They can make use of this web development framework and develop websites and web applications that can match the international framework.

PHP is also easy to learn and because of the community that works tirelessly, it is getting better. There are updates for the framework that improve the performance that it provides to the developers and eventually to the clients. A best web development company in India makes use of this framework a lot when they get a general-purpose web development project.

This framework is mainly inspired by Ruby on Rails, Django, and other web development frameworks. The well-organized structure of this framework and the ease with which a developer can code on it and later understand that code makes it highly usable. There are many web development frameworks but all of them don’t have one important thing, that is simplicity. Gone are the times when it was cool to work with complex development frameworks and languages. When we have developed so many technologies, why should people still waste time thinking about something that the framework could do? Automation and predefined classes and components help the developers to develop better and faster.

Features Of The Symfony Web Development Framework

Before developers start developing with a framework they need to know what are the features that it provides. Features help developers and development companies to decide which framework or programming language they want to use. It is important to know the requirements and the niche in which they want to develop and then decide on the frameworks to be used. Below are the features that make Symfony what it actually is:

  • MVC-based system
  • A high-performance PHP framework
  • Flexible URI routing
  • The code is easy to write, reusable, and is easy to maintain and understand later
  • Better management of session
  • Error Logging
  • Full-featured database classes are provided with several platforms support
  • Great support for new developers because of a big community
  • There are many decoupled and reusable components that make development easy and effective
  • Great security against cross-site request forgery and other online attacks that can damage the integrity of the web app or website
  • Twig template engine

This web development framework is really flexible and allows developers to unleash their creative side. They can make changes in their developed web applications or websites with ease as the framework allows usage of simple codes. There are features for debugging, code readability, and other development-related tasks.

Benefits For The Developers Who Use This Framework

It is a microframework, which means that it can also be used to develop some specific functionality. The developers do not need to redevelop or install the entire framework. The overhead development time can also be reduced with the help of this development framework. The templating engine that is used in this also mature enough to make the developers feel at ease and able to deliver quickly. The last benefit that it offers is that it is compatible and extensible. Programmers can easily extend the framework classes.

There are many more benefits that we have not mentioned here. This framework has many uses and that is the reason why the community of developers that are opting for it is increasing. Web development companies in India are also using this now more than ever because of its ever-improving features and functionality.

The Skills One Needs To Have Become A Great Symfony Developer

Before becoming a good Symfony developer a person needs to become a good PHP developer. PHP forms the base of Symfony and that is why having a good grip on it is necessary. It is not hard to understand and learn, though to be perfect, developers will need a lot of practice in it. With perfection, developers can innovate and if looked at in the long run, no developer reaches the level of perfection because it is a creative part. With web development or any other type of development, there is always scope for innovation and improvement.

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There are many types of websites and web applications that can be developed with the help of this framework, one of them being the Magento websites. These are eCommerce websites and require special Magento developers for development. This is the reason why companies want to hire Magento developers who know how to code in Symfony. They want developers who can develop using this framework because it is fast, has reusable codes and is simple. Another reason is the flexibility and the scalability that it provides to developers. Writing code in this framework is easy and doesn’t require the developer to put in a lot of effort. Here we will be talking about the skills that a developer needs to have to excel and get successful with Symfony:

1. Complete Technical Knowledge

It is really important to have complete technical knowledge about the platform, how it works, and what are its features. This will help developers to work faster and innovate easily. When the developers have half knowledge they need to look for references a lot and that slows down the process. A developer who knows everything will have a higher probability of getting higher packages.

There are many web development companies that want to hire full-stack developers who can work properly with Symfony. It is really important that the person who wants to become a successful Symfony developer learns all the aspects related to it. Be it the front-end, the back-end, or the database part, all of them should be properly clear in their minds. That is something that will help the developers to gain the trust of their employer or to start something new by themselves.

2. Have Patience While Learning

This is something that people need to have whenever they start something new. The only way to learn everything is to have patience. By getting hyper or overexcited people often make a mistake. Even after learning, the person who wants to be successful in the area of Symfony web development needs to have patience. Patience gives the developer a time to think and that is what makes any application better than rest.

There is a strong connection between the creativity of the developer and the patience that they have. Even the best of the developers are ignored when they work impatiently. A website development company in India wants developers who can stay calm and handle the pressure of any project that they are given. There might be situations when a Symfony developer has to develop a complete website or web app as it is a full-stack framework.

3. Adapt To Changes

It is important to adapt to the changes that are taking place in the world. Web development is something that has changed a lot in the past few years, there have been things that people never thought about. Earlier there were only websites and no web applications, and then the websites became dynamic websites, and then plugins and apps were added to them. Flash and web applications made web pages interactive. People could use them as messenger bots, video players, and whatnot.

All of this became popular because the developers adapted to the change and made more websites of the same kind. This is what the developers need to do. Magento website development is trending and companies want to hire Magento developers. For this, developers have to understand what it is and work according to the trend and the requirements of the market.

4. Be Versatile

Being versatile keeps a developer in the market as a key player. Developers who stick to one type of development will miss out on a lot of opportunities. Being a full-stack development framework, Symfony provides developers with endless opportunities. A developer who works with Symfony can develop websites and web applications on their own and then pitch them to different companies. They can also work as freelancers and companies can hire full-stack developers who can take on the responsibility of looking after full projects.

There are many types of developments like web apps development, PWA development, web game development, and many other things. This is something that developers need to understand and work on. Being skilled in more than one type of web development is a blessing that not all developers have.

5. Work In Teams

In an organization, all the developers need to work together. There is a team whose members have to work simultaneously and that is the reason why all companies want team players. A full-stack development company India will want some full-stack developers who can work together rather than just one who works alone. Though a full stack developer can single-handedly work on some projects, if there is a team it is better to work with them. There are many developers who think out of the box and it is important to discuss and take suggestions from everyone. A team is a team when all of its members can contribute to the development of a project in some way.

6. Accept Criticism And Work On It

No developer is perfect and all projects have some scope of betterment. A developer and the project they work on can only become better if developers accept criticism by its reviews and users and then work on it. This is important as any project that is developed comes with a lot of issues in it. The website might work properly but there are always some things that are missing. They can only be solved and implemented after the development company puts it out in public.

There are many companies that hire offshore developers because they can accept better criticism than the ones here. To change this, it is necessary to have one quality that has been mentioned above, that is patience.

7. Have Empathy

Having empathy is understanding the perspective of the client. Understand what might be going in their head - they might be scared about the outcome or the features, and whether or not they will work. All of this can be solved if the developer can understand exactly how their client feels and then convince them. The clients are never fully satisfied until the developer explains everything to them patiently and in simple words.

Coding terms and website development phases are not something that they are familiar with, and hence it is important to have empathy. Know exactly what they want, have a similar mindset as them, and then start the development process. This will help you to provide the clients with the project that they wish for.

8. Set A Goal

A developer should always start learning first and then working with a goal. This makes it really easy for them as they get a destination to their starting point. They can easily carve a path to reach the destination. There are many ways to reach the goal and it is all up to the individuals how they want to go. They can choose the path that helps them to become a strong developer or they can choose one that helps them to become a developer quickly.

The ones who choose the shortcut might actually take longer to become successful and the ones who will give it time will achieve success in less time. This is something that most developers forget to do, they just start learning without knowing what is right and what will help them. Many developers know a lot of frameworks but many times those frameworks have no connection between them.

9. Be Creative

Creativity is something that comes to people naturally and is not a quality that can be developed by anyone. Most developers sadly lack this quality and that is what makes them mediocre. Developers need to think out of the box at least now because users are not accepting websites and web apps that are ordinary. Innovation can never happen when developers do what is written in templates and blueprints. It is something that comes spontaneously while working on a project.

10. Discipline

Discipline is necessary for Symfony developers. Again coming to it as a full-stack development framework, developers will be required to work in a proper way to complete a project. Without discipline, it will take ages for a developer or a development company to complete a web development project. This is one of the most important qualities that set a successful developer apart from a mediocre developer.


All the qualities that have been mentioned above will help a Symfony developer to excel in their work. They will get better and become successful, but that takes time and is something that requires the quality that has been mentioned in this article, which is patience. We have spoken about it a lot and if you have read the article till here then it is a quality that you do possess.

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