What Are The Best Programming Languages To Develop An eCommerce Website?

Over the past few years, eCommerce application development has significantly evolved and it is expected to cross $4 trillion by the end of 2020.

There are plenty of hosted solutions, Content Management Systems (CMS), and plugins available for free to set up your online store. However, in the end, you might have to narrow them down to your own expertise, solution types, and transactions to ensure progress. In case you lack coding skills and you are looking for a relatively small store the better option includes WordPress, hosted Shopify, and WooCommerce. Magento is one of the most efficient platforms that provide more access and freedom to the developers in order to customize how their online store may look.

This key solution has even accelerated the craze to hire Magento developers India. And it is an incredible solution if you are not willing to write even a single line of code. A large number of informative forums and tutorials are available to support the Magento build for eCommerce. If your business platform has adequate resources to hire professional developers, there is a need to choose suitable programming languages for the eCommerce project development. Each and every coding language has its own specifications and limitations and hence the choice will ultimately come down to the project requirements and the expertise or skills that are available to you at the moment.Β 

The Technology Suite For Developing eCommerce Websites

The advancement in web technology has made it essential for businesses to have their own websites. While you make efforts to get an eCommerce website for your platform, the first thing you have to consider is understanding and selecting programming languages. It is obvious that you will wish for an extremely functional and visually attractive website. However, the alignment of programming languages with the outcome might not always work for every platform. This is because every programming language has its own specific performance and the assortment of programming languages entirely depends upon the web development necessities.

Technology is ever-growing and has become a promising medium that is going to rule the coming days. At present everyone has adapted themselves to the digital world, using technical solutions in their regular lives. According to statistics, more than 45% of the global population is active on the internet and more than 8 billion devices are directly linked to it. If you own a business or are an entrepreneur, a digital medium is the best space in order to start your eCommerce solution rather than remaining offline. Technology has a crucial role to play in making an eCommerce business successful.

By technology, we mean the programming languages that are used to create the required eCommerce solutions. You may find a number of programming languages that are seasonally emerging, however, you have to choose the best one available for you. Before we begin understanding what is the best programming language for web development services,let us understand the importance and similar programming languages or technologies for developing attractive web solutions.Β The importance of programming technologies provides an essential combination for an eCommerce platform.

It is important to understand some aspects of choosing programming languages and the major ones are:

  • Security-Β The data and information available on the website must remain secure and entirely protected. The available information is inclusive of the company data and customers. In the big picture, it will help you retain customer loyalty.
  • Flexibility-Β It is important to choose a flexible programming language for building eCommerce solutions. It will help you customize the platform-specific requirements on your website.
  • Reliability-Β The reliable elements of a programming language are extremely popular between an outsource Magento programmer or to the developers from different streams. Reliability in the eCommerce business is extremely important.
  • Scalability-Β The quality, as well as quantity factor, has to be maintained equally on an eCommerce website. Understand the scale of the language and your specific requirements associated with it.
  • Database-Β The database is the core of eCommerce technology in which important information is stored. The general database collects customer details and it is responsible for the data showing user interface. Secondary data acts as a primary backup for saving the primary database. This strengthens the fact that security in databases is the fundamental of focusing on eCommerce technology.

The Best Programming Languages To Develop An eCommerce WebsiteΒ 

In order to create a simple eCommerce application for online stores, Magento and Shopify are considered the best platforms for every business. This has accelerated the requirement among various Magento platforms toΒ hire Magento developers India.Β However, if you want to develop a website that is highly functional and visually appealing for the users it is important to start the planning at a different level. You must consider the actual number of transactions, templates, and features that do not align well with ordinary programming languages. To create a successful eCommerce website it is essential to have an advanced level of mining to choose the perfectly suitable solution as per your business’s requirements.

The advancement in web technologies has eased the business processes to a greater extent. Whenever you as an entrepreneur plan to develop or get any eCommerce website, you have to struggle to choose the suitable programming language for your eCommerce website. Basically, you might be expecting a website that is highly functional and visually attractive. Every programming language has its own functions, strengths, and weaknesses, and hence the selection of coding languages entirely depends on your eCommerce app requirement.

As per the best website development company in India, we have listed down the most in-demand coding languages for developing eCommerce websites below:

  • PHP

PHP is a general server-side and a widely adopted programming language among the eCommerce web developers across the world. A major example is one of the major eCommerce platforms Magento, which has been developed in the very same language. PHP is highly scalable and one of the easy-to-learn programming languages and it can be used either as a functional-oriented or as an object-oriented format. Coding in PHP is entirely different and it requires extra time to get acquainted with it.

PHP is also categorized as a globally-opted web development solution and it is specially accounted for creating eCommerce websites. It is capable of strengthening seamless and highly scalable web development cycles. If you are willing to create complex features of functions on the website, you can extract the most out of PHP language. The PHP web development cost is comparatively less than other languages, it has a number of resources and solutions in it.

  • Python


Python has a number of right things on its cap and it has everything to do with the reflection of its implementation. The Python programming language ranks first and is one of the most popular programming languages. The eCommerce application developmentΒ teams all across the world find Python to be suitable for developing eCommerce websites because it entirely focuses on readability and efficiency factors. Website development is not an easy task at all, however, if you have an understanding of the language, then you will realize that this task is the simplest and easiest with Python. It is also quick to learn and you can easily create a great product in a few days.

The Python language is a high-level programming language that supports building complex and large-scale websites like those of eCommerce. Naturally, it allows developers to showcase their ideas immediately with limited costs and bring them to reality. It provides extensive library support so that developers can create complex and large websites in minimal time. In addition to it, Python is capable of running across diverse systems.

  • Java

By far, Java is the most reliable programming language and has the most powerful tools to make eCommerce websites highly productive. Java as a server-side coding language supports large-scale project development and it is compatible with a number of versatile as well as functional websites to work multiplatform. Java also has the most effective and powerful tools to promote the active development of websites. Java is a class-based and object-oriented programming language that is used across web development servicesteams to create the solution.

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This language is capable of performing the entire web browser task and makes it highly versatile for creating eCommerce websites. The Java language also has an integrated web development ecosystem which makes it efficient and easy to get work done with. The Java language is powerful in debugging solutions and helps to identify and resolve errors then and there. Moreover, the integrated system of this programming language makes the life cycle of website development more efficient and quick.

  • JavaScript

The JavaScript programming language is extremely popular because of its efficiency and dynamic capability. It is also one of the few languages that are widely accepted and supported by major web browsers. This language enables building interactive eCommerce web solutions and works actively with CSS and HTML. If you aim to become a front-end developer then it is mandatory for you to learn JavaScript.

Since the JavaScript language came into the industry, it did not take long for the eCommerce app development company IndiaΒ to make it popular. With the help of this programming language, it is extremely convenient to build highly interactive eCommerce websites that can work on most web browsers. It also makes a website launch faster and offers an enhanced user interface and user experience. The JavaScript language can be used for front-end as well as back-end web development and comes with an array of libraries and modules for almost every feature.

  • Ruby

A large number of startups or eCommerce entrepreneurs make their websites using the Ruby language. It is also the 12th most used coding language for developing eCommerce websites. The major reason behind its popularity is its flexibility and efficiency in developing complex websites. Examples are Bloomberg, Dribble, AirBnB, etc. if you require effective eCommerce websites with a number of customization options and heavy traffic flow, Ruby is by far the greatest programming language.

It is a high-level coding language that is used to develop web applications and websites. Rails refers to a framework developed using Ruby and Ruby On Rails is the derivation. It is a popular option to get your eCommerce website built quickly. its performance might not be that approved as compared to the giants but if you are looking to have a customized eCommerce store that can efficiently handle traffic then this is the perfect solution.

  • HTML

The HTML language helps you to format the look and appearance of texts, images, headings, links, page layouts, and every other element of the webpage. This language is helpful in creating a layout and web structure. HTML is dynamic and allows developers to create an attractive eCommerce website using minimal coding. Various developers use HTML to create points for their website and start the static pages for the website. In short, we can call it a skeleton that can hold the webpages and their functioning together.

How To Select A Suitable Programming Language For Developing Your eCommerce Websites?

eCommerce websites can be built easily from different languages for front-end as well as back-end development. All these languages are widely utilized for a number of reasons and they are capable of handling different functions and aspects of developing eCommerce websites. If you are familiar with programming languages and have already chosen one for your project, you are relieved from the burden. However, if you are not familiar with programming languages and their specifications it is advised to get help from an outsource Magento programmer or similar e-commerce development teams.

While choosing the programming language you do not have to entirely focus on the business requirements, instead, check for the flexibility and compatibility of the language with the database supporting the front-end language and framework. This combination will definitely work well in generating a seamless application or website launch. If you do not have any idea about how to choose the programming language you can reach out to the major platforms in order to resolve your queries.

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Prior to choosing one of the most suitable and ideal programming languages, it is crucial that you set goals for an eCommerce website and then list down the essential specifications and features accordingly. You can then match all of them with multiple aspects of the programming language and analyze the ups and downs. This is the same trick used by renowned eCommerce app development company India. Once you are clear with the specifications and limitations of programming languages then choosing one would not be a big deal for you.

What Makes Some Programming Languages Better Than The Others?

It cannot be said for sure that anyone's programming language is inherently better than the others. In fact, each of them is performing well in their different roles. There are various factors that are considered by top companies and developers while choosing the programming language to work with. Following are the statistics by a website development company in India, the major ones are mentioned below:

  • Expressiveness-Β The expressiveness of any programming language relates to its ease with understanding, writing, and implementing. Also, the productivity of the same language says a lot about its expressiveness towards the eCommerce website. It is fundamental that the easier the language is to write, the more time it will consume while adding the elements to the website. This factor also relates to simplicity by writing the code for adding more to the existing code.
  • Reliability-Β The reliability of any programming language and its code is extremely important. The successful functioning of your website depends on the reliability of its language. The code of the website protects your website and customers actively. Reliability in the website code will help you test and maintain the website often.

  • Performance- Performance is a crucial factor for website developers as it helps them understand the utility of any eCommerce solution or website. The performance of the programming language takes the website traffic into consideration and understands what sorts of activities are used by users when they visit your website. it will help the developers to understand website optimization across different servers and web browsers and make sure that the code runs consistently throughout the web development cycle.

The Bottom Line

In recent years, each and everyone has seen the progression in technology across the globe. Along with emerging smart items, developers, and programmers are already in stentorian necessity because of their skills. Similarly, various programming languages have made the journey easy for developers to create outstanding websites and applications. Many programming languages are capable of developing impressive and perfect websites yet they require expanding the efforts and direction.

In this article, we have discussed some of the excellent programming languages that can help you create outstanding eCommerce websites. There are a number of resources available for the platforms as well as developers to learn the basics of programming languages and have a better understanding of eCommerce web development services.