Do You Know Why Jumping Onto The Android App Platform Can Be The Best And Smart Decision For A Startup Business?

If you are thinking of taking your business online and expanding it to get a boost in employment, and searching for good application outcome guidance, then you are at the perfect place. As per statistics, there are over 2.7 million smartphone users worldwide whereas, 2.6 million applications are available on digital platforms like the Google App Store and the Apple App Store individually.

There are other platforms as well from where people can download apps as a third-party authenticator to get access to them. Android applications are software made for iOS and Android users which give clear access to people and function as a hunt engine.

Android applications took the marketing enterprise to a whole new level in the past decade. Selling products with the latest features and customizations is now manageable, as there are millions of compatible smartphones that are available which fulfill the demand of customers and sellers at the same time. There is nothing that you cannot sell online. From food, groceries, organic farm fresh fruits, and clothing to medicines, every product has its own app. And there is not just one specific app for each particular need - there is a competitor for it in the market. Even the mobile app development agency india is well versed with the new features of apps.

Smartphones and applications have made our life so much faster and portable that we need not worry about anything because technology has brought the world onto our fingertips. We already know that most of these applications are free to download. This is a plus point of it. There are millions of applications that are being downloaded every day that carry a huge opportunity for business owners or startups to take advantage of this.

Goals To Consider Before Choosing Application Software for Your Business

Assume what if a startup enrolls the race of this instantly rising commerce? There is a pool of goals for you to take into consideration that applications provide to businesses:

  • Establishes Constant Connectivity

Applications provide a large platform for business owners to interact with their customers immediately and build a trustworthy bridge between them. Allowing the option of push notifications makes it easier for customers to stay updated with new bids, items, and much more from the brand’s end. These notifications make the task of promotion effortless for marketing purposes.

  • Improves Brand Awareness

As there are a vast number of users for apps, it is easy to increase brand awareness for them. So, hiring a reliable mobile app development service can be great to heighten the productivity for the bigger outputs and indeed it makes brands more analogous and efficient.

  • Easy To Access The Brand

The demand for android apps is approximately 87% in the market today, which shares a wide ratio of the fraction of its users even more than iOS users individually. This is all due to the huge availability of android smartphones. There is a long list of features that android provides to build more apps for the comfort of its users. Are you thinking of developing a mobile app? You can Hire Android App developer to develop high performing applications that can be accessed from an android smartphone where every app is just a click away. Therefore, the brand which you serve is available at the tap of an icon for a consumer on their smartphone screens.

  • Creates Engagement

Bringing your brand online by developing its official website, creating a fascinating logo for its application, and making its page available on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram is a win-win opportunity that creates more healthy engagement. The more new customers get attracted to your services the more privilege you will have. It even helps in better recognition and building loyal customers in the industry. Pop-up ads on smartphone screens can fetch customers’ attention towards your brand.

  • Increases Productivity

In-app purchases and advertisements increase productivity and create a good amount of benefits for your startup. According to a survey, about 1200 applications created by professionals generate good revenue from in-app purchases on a monthly basis. The more they are downloaded, the more advantage it will bring.

Hiring a dedicated remote developer for your businesses can help you to beat the tough competition in the market from the best service providers. They can create flawless and innovative software for your applications with their expertise and faster services. They work at less cost and bring fruitful results for your organizations. Having an affordable and good development service onboard can help to save your business expenses and even boost business growth.

  • Offers Advanced Security

Making an application more secure to surf, free from bugs, and improving services at regular intervals can help to preserve the app’s integrity and users’ trust in it. It can be done by safeguarding data that is being exchanged between the app and its user, and even protecting the data that is being sent and received.

Why Is An Android App Necessary For A Business?

We are living in an app-driven world. The application provides immense opportunities for business and plays a vital role in expanding the business. An app represents a company. People feel more connected to an application than a website. An Android app is necessary for all businesses irrespective of the size of the business. In this hectic world, digital services are always preferred. We are inclining more and more towards online services. Android applications are valuable in product-based companies as well as service-based companies. Now, let us have a look at some of the important aspects that make android application important for business:

  • Represents A Brand: An Android application has an icon that symbolizes the company. It tells about the ethics and the working of the company. An android app helps in creating awareness about the company. The application helps with the brand name as well as in recognition. Whenever a customer thinks about purchasing a product or availing of service in your niche, the application works as a reminder for them to do it. You can make your app stylish, simple, and informative, the way your customer pleases. The application helps you to involve customers, thereby making the brand recognizable.
  • Is More Flexible: A mobile application provides the flexibility to approach a company. Customers can go through products or services in any corner of the world and at any hour of the day. Applications providers the flexibility to be available to customers 24/7. Do you want to provide that much-needed edge to your business? You can take the help of the most renowned web application development company for your business.
  • Android Is Everywhere:

One of the most important aspects behind having an android app for a startup business is to expand its reach. In today’s tech world, android is omnipresent. Whoever has android can have access to your application. More than 74% of smartphone users use android. Hence, we can say that Android is everywhere, and the applications that are built on this platform will be everywhere.

  • Increases Customer Retention And Engagement: An application significantly helps to increase the number of users and maintain old customers. Push notifications keep reminding users about new products or new services. It increases the number of times users navigate through the application. A quick response given to users at any hour of the day helps to maintain old customers. No matter what service you provide, an app is one of the best mediums that help customers to reach you. Customers prefer texts more than phones these days, and an app provides them with this flexibility. An Android app development company can help you with developing an app for your startup business.
  • More Users: A startup business needs to put lots of effort into increasing its customer base. An android application provides the platform for it to reach a large number of users at a time. An application should follow SEO tips to rank on the Search Engine Results Page. The visibility factor of the application helps to increase its reach.
  • Is Easy To Connect: An android application gives a lot of flexibility to users and makes the service convenient. An application displaying details of products and services helps users to easily know about them and avail of the services. We unlock phones multiple times a day, and the first thing we see is the applications. It is quicker to connect to an application than a webpage. The notifications and texts system of apps make users connect with the app easily. It is possible for customers and businesses to stay connected with a simple touch. The best mobile app development services can help you with developing applications. It is time for businesses to develop an application.
  • Cultivates Customer Loyalty:

An application helps in converting prospects into leads and leads into loyal customers. An app makes it easy to know the customer through user information and hence providing them with customized service. It suggests products and services according to the customer. We have lots of ways to advertise including banners, newspaper ads, and email marketing, but these are highly used in the market. You need to use different methods that will help you to instantly win customers. An application is the best way out to customers as it helps to make true and sincere connections with them.

  • Provides Rich Experience: An application is tailored according to the demands and requirements of customers. The design and the responsiveness help to give a rich experience to users. The app always keeps a user intrigued and engaged.
  • More Marketing Options: In this highly competitive world, marketing is extremely important. Marketing decides the growth of a company. We have ample marketing options available in the market. The application works as a direct marketing channel. The sales of your products and services depend a lot on marketing. A dynamic application aptly fits the role. It serves multiple purposes. You can use this single platform to give complete detail about your products and services. Push notifications help a lot in marketing and connecting customers to the app. The mobile app development agency india has been developing highly useful applications for startups.
  • Social Advantages: An android app is easy to connect with social media platforms. These social media platforms will help users to introduce applications to their friends, thus increasing the rich. Those who want to increase the reach of their apps prefer android app development. It is easy to share the app screen on social platforms using an android application. Recommendation by known people helps to trust products and services easily.
  • An Opportunity To Make Your Business Scalable Globally: If you want your business to stay in the market forever then scalability is one of the most important factors. Suppose your startup is limited to a specific location, this limitation will keep the growth of business on hold. Digital methods are the best and a pocket-friendly way to make a business scalable. An application has the potential to reach any corner of the world, provided individuals should own a smartphone. With the increasing demand for apps, you can expand your business.
  • Target Multiple Platforms: The programming language that is used by android can be used for other operating systems as well. You can easily target multiple platforms by porting an app to Symbian, Blackberry, and more.
  • Higher Returns On Investment: An app gives you immense opportunity to implement different marketing strategies. App development is overall not a costly affair. It is a combination of a high-performing app with strategic plans.
  • Round-The-Clock Visibility:

For any business, the amount of time you give to your customer is of utmost importance. With the help of the application, users can avail of the service as per their convenience. Many technologies are added to an application to provide maximum facilities and responsiveness to users.

  • Develop Customizable Apps: To provide an enriched experience to users you can build a customizable app. Customized apps hold the target audience effectively and are embedded with all necessary features. The most efficient web application development company can help to build high-performing apps.
  • Low Entry Barrier: Android and iOS are the two most prominent platforms. Both platforms keep competing with each other. It is costly to develop an iOS application but cheaper to develop an Android application. You can develop the app on any entry barrier.

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  • You Can Make Money: A free application for your startup provides lots of ways to make money. You can monetize your app by adding advertisements or opting for in-app purchases. If you want an app developer from NYC you can take the help of an Android app development company.
  • Supports Innovation: The app industry is an ever-evolving, ever-changing industry. New technologies and features are introduced here every now and then. Cloud computing, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, and Augmented Reality are the newest innovations of today. These innovations are slowly taking place in the app industry. With each passing day, we are moving towards the digitized world. Android is quick to add new features to its operating system. If you are developing some features and they get noticed by Google then Google might provide them with support and a huge amount.

Mobile Applications Usage Statistics

When you look around you will notice that most people are glued to their mobile screens. Every four minutes one person checks their phone. What do you think people do with their mobile phones? Well, most of their time is spent navigating through apps. If you want users to use your app, then you need to develop an engaging dynamic app that users will download and use. You can hire dedicated developers india to meet your business-oriented goals.

  • In 2018, global mobile app revenues amounted to over 365 billion U.S dollars. In 23 mobile apps are projected to generate more than 935 billion U.S dollars
  • 21% of millennials open an app more than 50 times a day. This is going to increase in the coming days due to an increase in the reliance on android applications. The giants in the Mobile app development industry have been developing highly engaging apps these days.
  • There will be a 25% increase in global app downloads between 2018 and 2022.
  • 98% of application revenue globally comes from a free app. Though the engagement in paid apps is more. For a startup, an application is one of the best ways to generate money as well.
  • The Google Play Store downloads have increased by 14% while on the other hand, the Apple play store has a growth rate of 3%. These statistics depict the ever-increasing demand for android applications.

How To Develop An Android App

You can either use app creation platforms and develop it yourself or Hire Android App developer who can do the job for you. If you want a complex app that is embedded with lots of features then you need to be very technical. You should enter the link of the website as well as the Facebook page in the application. To add a personal touch you can have a customized app.

Wrapping Up

We are living in a highly competitive world, where the one who provides the best and the most flexible service is embraced by everyone. Android applications help startups to expand the growth of a company. Android apps have the potential to reshape the working of the business. To stand out from the crowd, you need to approach a different and unconventional method. App owners as well as the mobile app development services should focus on building a sincere relationship with customers through an application. An app takes the business to a whole new level with its service and engagement.