Largest Code Contributor For Drupal 9, Acquia Introduces Drupal 9-Ready Products and Services

For speeding up the migration to Drupal 9, the latest version of the open-source content management platform, Acquia has released a set of convenience services, migration tools, and sandboxes for the users. The Acquia services for the Drupal 9 platform are inclusive of Acquia Cloud, hosting platform, Sandboxes, Acquia remote integrated development environment, and other components to give Drupal development services providers a new way for testing the new version other than the Drupal instances.

These instances include Acquia Cohesion, customer success program, and low code website development programs to simplify the migration issues for Drupal users. In this article, we will learn about the latest release of Drupal, version 9.

An Introduction To Drupal 7, 8, and 9

The Drupal content management systems have always remained at the forefront of digital experiences even when most of them were confined to web platforms. Drupal being an open-source equivalent to most content management solutions has become a go-to option for enterprises. Many companies have already streamlined hiring offshore Python developers or contemporary teams to enhance their business processes. Each major version of this platform has offered useful upgrades and improvements over the previous versions. In this segment, we will walk you through Drupal 7, 8, and 9.

Drupal 7

The end of life of this version is extended for November 2021 for Drupal users. Initially, the end of life of the Drupal 7 version was expected soon after the release of Drupal 9, but now it is further extended till November 2021. It is also made public that this version will have long-term community support programs for the users, vendors, and application development companies even after its end of life period.

The users can take a jump and move from Drupal version 7 to version 9. Drupal 9 platform is specially introduced on the underlying framework as with Drupal 8. It is also expected that before the end of the life period approaches, version 7 will be aligned with the latest versions as per the scheduled releases.Β 

Drupal 8

Drupal 8 is functional with its minor releases and various other innovative models, the release of Drupal 9 doesn't seem obvious. However, a large number of companies are already determined to hire Drupal developers, and it is not the case because Drupal version 9 does not rely on Symfony 3. The end of life of the Drupal 8 version is aligned with Symphony 3 for November 2021. But considering the releases between now and then, one can expect at least 2 minor releases, i.e., Drupal 8.8, and 8.9.

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Drupal 9

Drupal 9 is basically developed on Drupal 8 with the help of optional updated dependency support and applications. Unlike the previous versions, Drupal 9 is not the re-invention of any of the Drupal versions. There are two key differences in this platform as compared to the previous ones:

  • Eradication of code that was previously deprecated with the limitation before the release of Drupal 9
  • Upgrades of the dependencies to Drupal versions that stay supported

Other than these two differences, Drupal 9.0 is almost the same as Drupal 8.9, which is the last release.

Before migrating to the Drupal 9 platform, it is essential to channel the upgrade of Drupal 7 and 8 versions. Whichever option you choose, it is going to take equal amounts of dedication and effort. You can consider transforming the Drupal migration planning, fixing the conflicts, minor and major retooling, managing platform requisites, and many other tasks easily. The majority of the Drupal migration tasks will go fairly well, however, other tasks will either snag or collapse, but that's not an actual issue. As more app development companies are determined to hire developers for easily navigating the websites from Drupal 7 to 9 version, the more they will understand the best practices and measures for avoiding the pitfalls.Β 

Drupal Is All Set For Drupal 9 Launch

Drupal is an open-source platform used for developing highly engaging digital experiences and websites. Apparently, it is one of the largest and most extensively used open-source project development platforms. The recently released Drupal 9 does not include plenty of features at present. However, the platform is advancing in terms of content security and other measures. One such prominent upgrade of this platform refers to keeping up the current components with the latest channels and methods for showcasing digital experiences. Only about half of the Acquia users have migrated to Drupal 8 since its release as it features a remarkable change in the data architecture.

The top app development companies are all set to hire Drupal developers for integrating the benefits of this tool as it will make smooth migration from Drupal 7 and 8 to Drupal 9. Acquia is released for all Drupal users regardless of the fact that whether they are active customers or not. Drupal 9 highlights the user interface parts of Drupal and other parts that require new codes.

Drupal 9 migration is not entirely straight forward, where Acquia has also extended Drupal 7 support for the customers. The Acquia solutions and services make it easy to develop, deliver, and optimize the applications on the digital platform. A large number of Acquia services and solutions are all set for the users to make the move and start using Drupal 9. These are inclusive of:

  • Acquia Cloud: Acquia Cloud, which is the leading enterprise global cloud hosting platform that provides best-in-class features and optimized workflow to help the best Python development company in the industry. It also assists the companies to develop and manage Drupal 9 solutions.
  • Acquia Remote: Acquia Remote, which provides an integrated development environment, source code editor, and cloud-hosted browser-based development environment for Drupal Simplified development and integration process with the help of Acquia Cloud applications.
  • Acquia Cohesion: Acquia Cohesion, which is a drag and drop, low code, and add-on available environment for its customers that can accelerate the time required to develop new websites including Drupal 9. It also reduces the development time by as much as 3 to 4x.Β 

Various user success programs are already streamlined by the most preeminent Drupal developers. The custom-built module of this platform helps ensure a seamless transition to the Drupal 9 platform.

Acquia Migration Accelerator helps companies to expedite their platform migration at competitive prices. This tool can also automate the aspects of platform conversion, offer advice on data migration, and identifies the area to select comparable Drupal 9 modules. In addition to the intuitive interface, you can hire Drupal programmers to react to JavaScript-based user interface integration. The Acquia Migration Accelerator is inclusive of:

  • A powerful dashboard having a progress overview of the data migration capabilities of the website such as dependency identification, rollback, and incoming content preview to make sure the migration is simple and automatic.
  • It helps to get platform insights that can expose the business validity and migration issues instantly.Β 

Acquia's New Solutions And Services Can Accelerate Drupal 9 Adoption

The digital experience company Acquia has recently announced that the new solutions and services for the platform will help businesses to firmly adopt Drupal 9. The Drupal application status tool, expert migration services, and forthcoming migration accelerator tool of Acquia form a powerful foundation of its toolkit for migrating to the latest Drupal version. Being the largest contributor to the Drupal platform, the Acquia company is well-equipped with the measures to help businesses transition to this powerful, open-source, and modern platform.

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Every release of the Drupal version has proved to be a big event in its community. It has also remained a reason to celebrate within the developers and other communities. As per the official declaration, Drupal 9 will remain a clean version of the previous version 8. Similar to the former version, the deprecated code will be eradicated and all of the third-party dependencies will receive an upgrade. The codes in Drupal are categorized as deprecated when they are no longer used. Typically, all these codes are deprecated because there is an excellent alternative that can be used instead. Updating the platform from 8 to 9 is made easy if the deprecated codes are frequently checked and errors are removed upon detection. To know if your website has deprecated code, you can make use of the following tools:

  • Drupal Check: This is a static PHP code analysis tool that is utilized for checking the codebase for detecting deprecated code. You can easily automate the process of deprecated code detection by making it a crucial part of your overall development workflow.
  • Upgrade Status:

  • This tool is a contributed module by Acquia that easily scans the deprecated code of custom projects and contributed components that you might have installed. It also checks for the reports available on deprecated code that requires to be changed or replaced.
  • BLT: If your platform-specific project is entirely based on BLT, then it is worth noting that the detection of deprecated code has become a part of BLT 10. That means, now it is available for validation check.

Acquia Courts Drupal Development Services

Digital experience provider Acquia has recently announced the latest solutions and services for helping organizations to adopt Drupal 9 without any hassle. Drupal depreciation status tool, expert migration services, and forthcoming migration accelerator tool of Acquia offers a robust foundation of the toolkit to migrate to Drupal's latest version. Being the largest Drupal contributor, Acquia is equipped with reliable measures to help software application development company professionals in transition to this modern and powerful content management system.

The launch of this system embraces digital transformation and open-source technology. Acquia and Drupal are intertwined as both the platforms share co-founders who offer commercial services to the Drupal users. Also, Acquia remains the largest contributor to the group’s online platform. The new owners of this platform will set the value of company contributors towards the open-source projects. It will also lay an emphasis on extending the compatibility of the solution with other cloud platforms including artificial intelligence, machine learning, business analytics, and marketing tools.Β 

For the offshore Python developers or users willing to upgrade to Drupal 9, Acquia has formulated a suite of amazing capabilities built to mitigate the costs and make this upgrade easily manageable. The deprecation status tool of Drupal 9 is available to assist the companies in formulating their migration to the previous code from the older version of the Drupal platform to Drupal 9. Though the latter offers an easy upgrade path from the new version of Drupal 8, many companies are still using version 7. So, Acquia is more likely to extend its support for version 7. More and more businesses are preparing to migrate to Drupal 9 to access the advantages of the latest security updates and innovation solutions.

Acquia, on the other hand, is an open digital experience platform that will make Drupal migration painless for the companies regardless of their current Drupal version. Acquia will have extensive contribution towards the Drupal 9 platform, and it will imbibe a proven track record of enterprise deployments. The companies are considering to hire Drupal developers as a trusted partner for the migration and adoption. Acquia is offering early resources to the companies willing to stay ahead in the competition for website planning and for accessing Drupal 9 features.

What's New In Drupal 9 And Why Do You Require An Update?

The Drupal developers’ community is determined to keep reinventing the platform for streamlining quality digital experiences for the users. Drupal community is all set to incorporate the launch of Drupal 9 and has already introduced the end of life for 7 and 8 Drupal versions.

Drupal 9 was released in 2020 and is developed on the same core as the Drupal 8 version. It comes with a list of advanced features having backward compatibility code, where Drupal 9 emerges out of Drupal 8. Major aspects of this advanced release are:

  • Core application developers will be expected to prepare for Drupal 9 within a year, i.e., before the end of life.
  • It is not that complicated for the users and software application development company to migrate from Drupal 8 to 9 as compared to the transition from 7 to 8.
  • As long as the Drupal solution models are not deprecated by the components like application programming interfaces, the contributed modules should align with the Drupal 9 version, along with remaining compatible with Drupal 8.
  • The website owners will also receive one-year migration from Drupal 8 to 9 version.

Drupal 8.9 is a great version of Drupal 8, and it will receive the highest security coverage and bug fixes but only until the end of life, i.e., November 2021. Whereas, the advanced security updates and platform development features of Drupal 9 can possibly go beyond the timeline. It translates to the fact that Drupal developers and website owners can be content with updating their website with Drupal 8.9 until the end of the timeline becomes effective. Upgrading the Drupal 9 platform for the websites is predicted to have forward compatibility and facilitation with its releases. Following the Drupal development services updates and migration norms, not all the codes of the Drupal 8 version will run on the Drupal 9 version. Also, despite these considerations, for the Drupal developers eyeing the migration to Drupal 9 platform directly from WordPress or other content management systems, it is a perfect opportunity to tap the features and potential of the Drupal 9 platform with the updates.

Considering the updates, there is an undertaking that most of the companies hire Drupal programmers for streamlining the transition from Drupal 7 to Drupal 9. In terms of the extended support of the Drupal 7 version for Windows, if you have not already begun the process of Drupal 8 transition then going instantly from 7 to 9 is sensible for various reasons. The prominent reasons are listed below:

  • The Drupal 7 version migration ecosystem remains accessible for the Drupal 9 version also.
  • Drupal 9 uses a similar module that is required for Drupal 8.
  • The Python development company uses multiple components for streamlining the migration to the Drupal 9 platform.

The Bottom Line

The release of the Drupal 9 platform marks a milestone achievement in digital experience management and the evolution of this framework to a greater extent. This will mean a lot to the Drupal community and project development teams. If you are already using one of the latest versions of the platform, i.e., version 8, you can consider upgrading to Drupal 9 without any hassle by simply limiting the deprecations. However, if you are using an older version or any different content management system, then you can make the most out of Acquia's content management system tools to ensure a smooth migration to Drupal 9. If you are facing any issue while migrating to Drupal 9 or you require a custom function for your Drupal 9 website, then you can reach out to the top development companies that can feature your specific requirements.