Is A Custom CRM Solution Accessible For Mobile Devices?

Custom Customer Relationship Management is one of the most useful tech solutions in this age of spiking online businesses.

It helps to track your customers and improves business management and analytics skills. Custom CRM solutions simply tailor your business according to customers’ demand and likeability.

No doubt custom CRM solutions have numerous significant roles in enhancing a business, but an entrepreneur has to wait to open their laptops and check the results. Now, that wait is over, as custom CRM Solutions are accessible on a mobile device. If you want to apply it to your business, you can contact a CRM development company in India.

Use Of Custom CRM Solutions In Mobile

Business solely depends on the way you treat your customers. Now, to build a trustable and reliable business, it is important to maintain a good relationship with a customer. Customers are the most valuable assets in a business. Now, to manage the most valuable assets, you may need to get access to data anytime, maybe while parking your car or doing chit–chat with your family. Your client may ask your recent business update, moreover updating your client with recent news will give you an upper hand over your rivals. How to give a quick update? It is possible with the help of your smartphones. Hire offshore developers, if you want to use mobile custom CRM solutions in your business to improve customer retention.

Some of the advantages of using custom CRM solutions in mobile are mentioned below:-

  • Mobile Phones Are Handier 

Smartphones are devices that we carry almost every minute with ourselves. They have become an integral part of our life. Now, being a business person you would like to be updated always with your customer relationship management. Mobile phones will serve this purpose. With the help of mobile custom CRM solutions, sales representatives can save their time. They do not need to make notes to save the facts.

  • Can Be Used Anywhere, Anytime

News and updates on mobile phones are accessible at any hour of the day. Mobility is part and parcel of our daily routine. And we like to keep our mobile phones with us throughout. You do not have to bring a laptop and wait to start, just a few taps on mobile is enough to serve you the result.

  • Increases Sales

A sales representative in the business, if using mobile CRM solutions, has high possibilities of an increase in sales. A sales representative cannot access information stored in desktop CRM once they get in the field. Mobile custom CRM solutions facilitate knowing the data even in the field. The access to purchase history, product information, and market data helps to win clients and lock deals easily with an increase in value. Mobile application development services are available to help you with understanding and developing a mobile CRM solution for your enterprise.

  • Converts Prospects Into Leads

Mobile custom CRM solutions help in faster access to information than traditional sales CRM tools. This further facilitates quick interaction with customers. Good and effective interaction is key to convert prospects into leads. This conversion further helps to grow business.

According to research, 65% of sales representatives using a mobile CRM achieve their target versus only 22% who work with the traditional sales CRM tools.

  • Improves Productivity 

Mobile custom CRM solutions have multiple benefits. They help an employee to quickly review data, arrange it according to requirements, and mark the to-do-list and the best part is, they can do this anywhere. They do not have to take out extra time to complete these tasks.

Mobile custom CRM solutions help to improve the productivity of employees as well as leaders. A leader can easily go through the updates of a task assigned to an employee. This helps a leader to give more time to the core business, hence improving overall productivity. A mobile CRM increases employee productivity by up to 15% over traditional CRM software.

  • Stronger Customer Services

Mobile custom CRM solutions speed up overall customer-sales relationships. Sales reps are quick to receive complaints and quicker to come up with the solutions. This significantly helps an organization to boost its relationship with customers.

A dedicated sales rep who wants to attend to a customer quickly can even reply outside office hours. Moreover, a customer expects to get a response to their queries within an hour. In such cases, mobile custom CRM solutions are a must to build a good relationship.

  • Improves Customer Retention 

A strong customer service further helps to improve customer retention. Active communication between customers and organizations helps to build a loyal relation. Mobile custom CRM solutions facilitate setting a reminder and notification at the appointed time. You can communicate even while enjoying your ride without missing anything.

According to research, a 5% increase in customer retention can lead to an increase in profitability of anywhere between 25 to 95%.

  • Better Management

Mobile custom CRM solutions eliminate an excuse for your employee to update their task. Employees can update their whereabouts from anywhere, they do not need to travel to the office just for updating if they forget. It helps a leader to track daily updates of the work irrespective of physically being present at other places. Do you want to use mobile CRM in your business? You can contact a CRM development company in India.

Hence, in any business, it has become necessary to provide custom CRM solutions on mobile. Companies that use mobile CRM solutions see 65 percent more salespeople achieve their sales quota. Hence, to use mobile CRM solutions in business has become a need of the hour to hold your customers and keep them happy.

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How To Design a Custom Mobile CRM Solution

It is not easy to design a custom mobile CRM solution. Do you want to know how to design a custom CRM solution? We have two options:

  1. Web CRM
  2. Native mobile CRM applications
  3. Web CRM 

Web CRM that can be operated on mobile is one way to access custom CRM solutions on mobile. As we know, in this era, cloud services are being used, and the developer uses this cloud technology. If the data is stored in the cloud, you can easily view your site anywhere, no matter whether the device is a mobile phone or a laptop.

Pros of Web CRM

  • Web CRM need not be installed. HTML5 helps in advanced design and use without deployment.
  • It makes the website more responsive. Bootstrap, an open-source library, helps to increase responsiveness automatically.
  • Web CRM is easy, quick, as well as cheap to develop. You do not have to wait for its update, it will automatically update.

Cons of Web CRM

  • A website works on any browser, whether it is Chrome or Safari. Now, to get the new information it needs to be refreshed time and again.
  • It works only when an internet connection is available.
  • Websites have their own way of working, with their own sets of features. Suppose you are about to show your client data, and suddenly that pixel dinosaur appears inferring no connection, this may create a problem.
  • Another con of Web CRM is indirect access to the camera as well as GPS. Offshore developers provide a better result in less time. You can hire offshore developers to use mobile CRM in your business.
  1. Native Mobile CRM Applications

Here, your business updates will be available on native apps. You can download from Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Though it is a tedious process, developers have to build a different application for both platforms.

Pros Of Native Mobile CRM Applications

  • It can work offline, provided data should be stored in a cache. This increases the raise of usability and helps to uplift CRM to another level. Are you thinking of having a native mobile CRM application? You can contact an Android app development company to get this work done.
  • Provides smooth features that facilitate easy operation. Camera, GPS, and notifications mark more impact in a native application.

Cons Of Native Mobile CRM Applications

  • The most bitter part of native mobile CRM is its development. Development is expensive as well as demands lots of efforts. The programming languages need to be well written in java, kotlin, XML, and Swift for both platforms, Android as well as iOS respectively.

Best Mobile CRM Software

Are you thinking to get an idea about the great software used behind this beneficial idea? Here is the list of the best mobile CRM software:

  • Streak 

Streak is a mobile custom CRM software that helps in easier data management. Through streaks, an organization’s employees can share the required data quickly without disclosing any personal information. Streak is a spreadsheet-style CRM provider that even facilitates multitasking.

  • PipelineDeals

This mobile custom CRM solution helps to arrange customers’ data in a single place. If you use PipelineDeals to send emails to a customer, you can actually track their response. It allows you to know whether they clicked on the mail or downloaded attachments or not. It is one of the best software to track activity and deals. This further helps to accelerate sales.

  • Sugar CRM 

Sugar CRM is based on Software as a Service (SaaS). The main use of Sugar CRM is to automate as well as customize the customer relationship. Sugar CRM also helps to automate and customize marketing processes. CRM development solutions are well acquainted with all the software available in the market to provide a better experience.

  • Salesforce

Salesforce offers a cloud service. Hence, you can operate from any device. Here, special care is taken of the preference of the customer. It goes through previous customer interactions and helps to quickly resolve any complaints. Salesforce tracks the customer purchase history and helps the company to know the demand for the product.

  • Pipedrive

Pipedrive mobile CRM software helps to convert prospects into leads. Pipedrive is cloud-based software, and hence it falls into the web CRM type. So, sales reps can respond to queries from any device, from any place and at any time.

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Features To Consider In A Mobile CRM Solution

A mobile CRM is a must for an employee to see a remarkable improvement in business. Some of the things to keep in mind while making a mobile CRM are:

  • Device Support

For a robust and feasible mobile CRM device support is a must for good operation. It should optimize the performance with its better functionality. The device should be able to access CRM from anywhere irrespective of place.

  • Social Support

With the increasing use of the internet, engagement on social media has remarkably increased. A user goes through different products on social media. Mobile CRM should allow sales representatives to navigate through customers' social media feeds to know their interests. This will help to increase social sales. Social media is a powerful source to know about customers’ requirements and likes. CRM development solutions have been working to improve customer relationships in business. Initially through desktop CRM, and now through mobile CRM as well.

  • Security 

Now, since most of your company’s data is organized in mobile phones, you cannot afford the risk of a leak or missing data. Security has become of utmost importance in this digital era. Sometimes we misplace mobile phones, and in that case, there should be a feature to erase all the data. In any case, access to data by other people should be blocked.

  • Boost Productivity

Mobile custom CRM no doubt helps to boost the productivity of an employee as well as a leader, but an effort should be made for automatic features. Automatic login, emails, and calls will boost productivity. It facilitates better management of data and hence eliminates paperwork.

  • Workflow Notifications

A mobile phone is carried by a person for most of the time, so mobile CRM solutions should always notify the user about important works. Regular notification will prevent sales representatives from missing any important call or meeting, which will further improve working capabilities.

  • Working Modes

Sometimes a person gets trapped in a place with no connectivity or slow connectivity, and mobile CRM should be able to provide data in even that situation. An offline work mode is a must to prevent any disruption from a smooth workflow. It is possible with the help of data stored in the cache. As soon as the connectivity resumes, data should be quickly updated. Hire software developers team to implement all these features and even add better features in your business. This will significantly improve management and retention.

  • Search And Analytics 

One of the key jobs of mobile custom CRM is to help a user organize data. A user should be able to have complete information on customer profiles, updates of rivals, updates of the distributed task, as well as updates of employee profiles. With lots of data stored in a single place, the records should be arranged systematically in order to get desired results with just a few initial characters. A filter option should be made available for better analysis of charts and graphs. You can contact the android app development company to use mobile custom CRM solutions and improve the customer service of your business.

  • Ease Of Deployment And Use

Web CRM need not be deployed. It can be easily accessed from any device or browser. But in the case of native apps, it is necessary to facilitate easy deployment and use for a better experience. HTML5 has been facilitated to use web CRM without installation.

Should A Business Implement A Custom CRM Solution For Mobile Devices?

In this era with an increase in the use of mobile phones by customers as well as employees, a business should implement mobile custom CRM solutions and take the lead. With the increasing competition, an organization needs to be available for customers 24*7 so as to hold them. Thankfully, mobile custom CRM solutions are available to meet this requirement and empower a business. It provides all the features similar to a desktop CRM with the addition of portability and reaches any hour. Mobile phones are integrated with this modern life, so access to mobile custom CRM solutions is necessary to take advantage of it and enhance a business. Are you ready to incorporate this great technology into your business? We would recommend you hire software developers team to improve customer service in your business. A good customer service decides the growth of a business.

Wrapping Up

Here, we discussed the accessibility of custom CRM solutions for mobile devices, advantages of mobile CRM, types of mobile CRM, the few best software used for mobile CRM, as well as features that need to be present in a mobile CRM. Technology helps to decrease the load, resolve problems as well as smoothen the workflow. Mobile CRM is one such update in technology. The saying of the sooner the better is apt when it comes to embracing this technology. You just need to be well aware of its functionality to make the most of it.

Mobile app development services have been working to serve clients with this portable, flexible custom CRM solution. You can reach out to them to use mobile custom CRM solutions to improve the productivity of your business. We hope you got a clear idea of mobile Custom Relationship Management through this article.