What are the different types of eCommerce Solutions in 2021?

Consumers are constantly in the process of changing their way of shopping in the past few decades. So it has become a tough job for the merchants to keep up with the consumers. However, in order to get loyal customers and to increase their profit, they must keep up with the trend. Shoppers are basically spending their time shopping from online sites by comparing their products with other products along with doing the comparison in price.

The innovative technology is responsible for aiding their journey and consumers are looking for an experience that is remarkable in nature across the physical and digital touchpoints with brands. eCommerce application development has become one of the best services that are providing various benefits to the business owners who are planning to establish an only e website for satisfying the needs of their clients.

Even if you are thinking to expand the business of brick-and-mortar, it is important to keep in mind that there are various advantages of building an eCommerce website that will help you in winning over your customers. It is better to have a clear understanding of what eCommerce is along with its benefits before knowing about the best eCommerce solutions for 2021.

What is eCommerce?

Before diving into the business of eCommerce it is better to have a clear idea about the term eCommerce. eCommerce is basically any transaction that is to involves the transferring of information all over the world. There can be various formats of eCommerce. An eCommerce can include websites that are branded, mobile app or marketplaces like eBay and Amazon, and also platforms of social media like Facebook Marketplace, Pinterest buyable pins, and Instagram shoppable ads.

There are various ways that can be used for selling to consumers but the main advantage that you can have when you are having an online business is that you can easily sell to your customers anytime and anywhere. You can easily meet the customers where and when they are involved in shopping. It won't be a great matter of concern if they are sitting at their home on the sofa or they are having a lunch break from their work. Online purchases can be done simply by using a website or an app that you prefer to develop for your business. Now you have to make a wise decision to choose the best company for your app or website development project.

Advantages of eCommerce

The top reasons for which a business owner must choose these eCommerce solutions for increasing their reach of business along with an increase in their profit are given below-

Fast Go-To-Market time

There is no need for a traditional way and the eCommerce solution that the owners are having can easily run within just a few clicks only when the owner is looking for a basic store for eCommerce. eCommerce platforms similar to that of BigCommerce, Shopify, and Squarespace use templates that are pre-made in order to create your stores. They pay more attention and take proper care of your PCI compliance, hosting, platform maintenance, and various others. Before you start selling big platforms like eBay and Amazon, only needs you in setting an account. There have been many SaaS-based eCommerce platforms from the last few years which have helped the business owners in creating their project a successful one by making them look very attractive. They basically help in creating sites that are reliable with a very short effort. There is no such requirement of having a greater knowledge of technology to run an eCommerce business. Before considering the in-house resources, you only can also grow substantially. Moreover, you can also seek the help of any digital agency that can help you in reaching the next level. There are many mobile app development agencies available in today’s world and so you need to choose the perfect one for your business that will help you in satisfying your needs within the budget that you are having for your business.

Low cost

The cost is very much less if a person is having a plan to start their business in eCommerce. It is usually free to sign eCommerce and Market places. However, the minimum amount that can be charged is around $20 per month. It is very easy to sign up in the Market place. However, a small percentage of fees will be taken by them if your items are sold. Eliminating the cost of payroll is also possible by running and managing the business. The cost-effective ways for marketing your business are social media and Google Adwords and Organic Search.

Many of the large investments can be kept aside when you are a beginner in the eCommerce business. However, traditional retail can involve a beginner with these types of costs. It is possible to build the business in a sequential manner following the growth of your business.

Shoppers start online

The use of the channels that are digital always keeps increasing. There are many shoppers who search their products online even if they are buying the same product from a physical store especially on marketplaces like eBay and Amazon. There are various reasons for which shoppers search their products online. They want to compare prices, brands, check inventory levels, check reviews of customers, and many others.

Customers data insight

The major advantage of having an online store that can be beneficial for business is that it becomes very much easy to measure, collect and act on the data of the customer. To remain hyper-focused, it is very essential to own the customer data that you are having. A constant feedback loop of actionable insights is there for you so that you can easily continue to innovate the experience of the customers. However, it is important to keep in mind that if you are engaged in collecting sensitive data of customers, then you would be responsible for protecting that data also. There are many Magento development companies that provide their clients with secured services.

Reaching new customers

There can be various formats of eCommerce markets as mentioned above. Each channel is responsible for having its own unique audience that is possible for the sellers to reach. If you are having an online site then it becomes possible for you to reach your international shoppers. Social sites will be able to reach new demographics. Amazon is responsible for providing a wider audience all over the world but is also help you so that you can find a niche market. A mix of online techniques can be used to engage a number of audiences at once.

Best eCommerce solutions for 2021

There are various eCommerce platforms that cost almost nothing to start your business and get on running. There are certain options that can be chosen by you if you have a limited budget for your business. The best eCommerce solutions for 2021 are given below-


OpenCart is very much easy to use. Moreover, it is a very much powerful and open-source online store management program. It is having the capability of supporting a number of stores and that also from a single interface while localizing and customizing each and every store. This can be very much useful for merchants who are having multiple independent retailers and brands that sell cross-border.

OpenCart is responsible for having $99 per month of service for businesses that will be liking dedicated customer support. Transaction fees are also there that is variable depending on the type of gateway used and methods of payment. The key features of this solution are email integration, localization, reporting, and shopping cart management.


This WooCommerce is responsible for describing itself as an open-source commerce solution that is developed on WordPress. In order to use it, it is very much essential that you have a WordPress site along with a hosting site. A massive market share is given by the ubiquity of WordPress eCommerce site and so it is having a robust community of developers along with resources and plugins that can support it. The key features of this eCommerce solution are the product search, filters, order management, and storefront design. This is very much rich in themes and is great for WordPress.


Two eCommerce platform solutions are offered by Adobe and they are Magento Commerce and Open-source. Magento Commerce is known to be a powerhouse enterprise platform for eCommerce. This is known to be one of the best options for those companies who are wishing to start small but want to grow on the way. If you are having this solution then you will have to pay for hosting from a third-party hosting provider. Transaction fees are not changed by Magento Open-source apart from the fees charged by the payment gateway which can also vary. The key features of this solution include shipping options, discounts, promotions, and SEO. Moreover, the support forums and developer community are very large. Hire Magento developers who are having proper knowledge in this field or else you won’t get the desired product.

Squarespace Commerce

This solution helps in selling business online, connect with customers, and also tracking their inventory while they are running. They are basically known as a website builder but its gaining popularity also with small and medium-sized retailers that will be placing a high value on ease of use and also on the design. The main feature of this solution includes unlimited products, order status mail, the configuration of sales tax, slick drag and drop design, and also a good system of inventory. eCommerce website development is never an easy task but this solution of eCommerce can be proved to be very much beneficial.

Wix eCommerce

This helps in offering their client an easy-to-use website builder it is having more than 500 templates from where you can choose your suitable one. It is possible for you to add a blog. SEO tools, custom domain, and also galleries. It is however limited and is not able to provide support for multiple channels or a set of robust features. But it is important to keep in mind that this solution is having many third-party plugins and extensions. The key features of this solution include a great store editor, recovery of abandoned carts, interface is user-friendly, SEO, and robust plugin marketplace.


This is known to be of the best robust tools that can be used by business to develop their online store without the needs of technical experts. It is having comprehensive tools along with ease in usability and online payment acceptance. There is a wide range of third-party plugins that helps in allowing the customers to extend the capability of Shopify in a very easy manner. This helps the business owner to increase their business internationally. The key features of Shopify include branding, SEO, POS, drop shipping, product management, and omnichannel integration. The main advantage is that it is highly scalable along with comprehensive features.


A powerful platform of SaaS is provided by this solution along with a curated app store. This app store is full of solutions that are API-enabled. The company is responsible for targeting brands that are responsible for differentiating the experience of customers. They are having the ability to provide a good experience to their customers. The interface of this solution for eCommerce is very much easy to use, extend and customize. At different stages of growth, the curated app store helps in providing support to the customers. The key features of this solution include a mobile app, real-time shipping quotes, multi-currency, excellent capabilities for A/B testing, and a Curated app store.

These were some of the famous and also considered to be the best solutions for eCommerce in the year 2021. If you are planning to have an eCommerce business then you can choose from the above solutions

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eCommerce website development is not so easy as it looks. So be wise enough to choose the best eCommerce solutions. The above guide will help you in the process of making a selection for your eCommerce business.