What points to keep in mind when you Hire a Ruby on Rails Developer?

Ruby is one of the most popular development languages, and Ruby on Rails is one of the most popularly used web application development technologies.

It is an open-source technology that allows you to build secure, high-performing web applications. Currently, is it powering more than 149,843 companies that use Ruby on Rails to empower various types of web applications for diverse industries?It includes the business leaders such as Airbnb, Twitch, Shopify, and Hulu.

To hire a Ruby on Rails developer, it is essential that you know some important things about the framework. It would boost your hiring process and help you make a more informed decision. So, before we start the guide, let's check out everything that you know about the platform.

What is Ruby on Rails?

Ruby is a programming language, and Ruby on Rails is its framework. It is used in developing many web projects and allows you to develop applications at a much lesser cost. It is because it is an open-source web application framework, which is free of any license to use. You can utilize the work of expert developers around the world that have contributed to the development of this technology.

Needless to say, it uses Ruby, which is a very efficient development language. It stands equivalent to the leader such as PHP and C. It helps you in building applications from simple and complex applications. It makes you limitless, and this is the major reason why business-leading companies use it for developing applications.

What is a framework?

Language and framework are two different entities of a technology. A framework is a collection of code, tools, and utilities that give you a specific structure to develop the application. This helps you in boosting your scripting process as it makes your code more organized. It is very important to maintain the quality of code to ensure the performance of the application. The more structured your code is, the more cohesive working you can ensure. It makes it easy for the developers to read and contribute. It also makes it very easy for beginner-level developers to learn it and get hired by ruby on rails development company.

What does Ruby on Rails do?

The most important question of all that you must always ask yourself, what makes you choose this particular technology?

Ruby on Rails helps you build efficient websites. They are simple to complex level websites that people can use every day. Also, since Rails allows you to endow the application with amazing features, you can add a secure login feature, comment, and review, and also add a payment option to it. This makes it a perfect option for on-demand applications, blogging sites, video streaming sites, etc. It comes with all the necessary components to build it.

What are the greatest examples of Ruby on Rails Applications?

Ruby on Rails is used by thousands of companies, and you can check out their web applications to support your decision of choosing the framework. This would help you understand what scope you have for your project. So, here are some leading web applications built on Rails:

  • GitHub
  • Shopify
  • fm
  • Kickstarter
  • Scribd
  • ConvertKit
  • Twitch
  • Instacart
  • Zendesk
  • SoundCloud

As you can see, some of the most prominent websites are built on Ruby on Rails. These are industry leaders, and they clearly had an advantage in the industry as they made their projects highly proficient at serving their users the best.

Why must you learn Rails?

If you are a developer that is starting their career, Ruby on Rails can be what you are looking for. Despite its efficiency, not many people go for becoming an expert Ruby on Rails developer. They would probably go with PHP, but it is soon going to get more saturated the opportunities would be limited.

So, build a career in Ruby on Rails and get ready to build an amazing website. It is an efficient framework, and there are many opportunities for you awaiting on the global level. Most importantly, it is very easy to learn, and if you have little experience in development, you should be good to go. But still, you should learn and hone your skills to mastery.

Developer benefits of using Ruby on Rails?

It is a necessary part of web development services to evaluate the challenges found in the development process. Here are some benefits that can help you in understanding what challenges you can mitigate well with the use of technology.

  • Ruby on Rails is a versatile platform, and it offers an integrated solution that gives you everything you need to develop web applications of different types and capabilities.
  • Rails conventions and default configuration help you in saving a lot of manual work. This saves time and cost of development, perfect for small budget projects and faster turnaround time.
  • Rails provide you with a superior ecosystem that you can use to find all the tools and support you need for feature-rich and modern web development.
  • It is an open-source technology, and thus, you get active development and get fixes and new development features on a regular basis.

The major reason for using Ruby on Rails is that it is a very sophisticated development technology, and you are very less likely to experience something like that.

Rails Development Philosophy

It is modern technology, and you would be surprised by its efficiency at all levels of development. It gives the utmost benefit to the developers, and that is why they give more importance to convention than configuration. It means you would not have to do much work and decision-making in the development process. It is a well-designed framework where creators have made it more compliant with the needs of modern times.

It enhances the productivity of the development team, and things get easier and you can develop the website and applications much faster than any other framework. So you get to hire web developers even with less experience, and you can rest assured of the product as the framework doesn't allow them to make any wrong decisions.

Also, don't confuse it with a controlling web development framework. You can even change a lot of things if you want to make it more according to your preferences.

Complete guide of hiring ruby on rails developers

  1. Complete research

We have mentioned most of the things in the above sections. So, if you are looking for Ruby on Rails developers or hiring a full-stack development company, you must understand what software is, what you can do with your development project. Take some time to list out the key points to understand the role and contribution of Ruby on rails as the programming software and how it would benefit you.

Ruby on Rails was developed in 2005, and since then developer community has developed it to become more efficient and modular. It is a multi-purpose and expandable framework that leaves you a lot of scope for the faster development of feature-rich applications. This has made it one of the most widely used frameworks of all time. Another thing you must know is that it is used for both backend and frontend development.There are very few technologies like that.

While hiring a fullstack development company or anRoR developer, you would find that most of the developer use a systemic approach in writing the code. It makes the website speed and performance-driven.

Now that we are in the hiring phase, you must know some more development qualities of RoR. It is recommended that you research about them well so as to make the communication between the development team more efficient.

One of the things Ruby on Rails is most preferred for is agility and speed. It is a growth drive framework that offers you scalability, which means you can grow your web application as your business needs increase. Important features of Ruby on rails are:

  • MVC Architecture

MVC Architecture or Model View Controller Architecture is one of the first things that you must look for while choosing a technology. It is means Ruby on Rails focuses on the modern development practices in patterns and paradigms.Β 

  • Faster development

Factually you can reduce the development time of building a web application to 25-50%. It provides faster operations, and due to its object-oriented development, modular design and fast operations, and extensive open-source code, it offers a rewarding development experience. Also, it offers you many ready-to-use plugins to use, which make the work easy.

  • Simple Language

Β Ruby on Rails is an English-like syntax and common language that is easy to understand. It means less code, faster development, and efficient development.

  • Full-stack development

Ruby on Rails is a full-stack development framework with a general-purpose language. It is as efficient as Python, and it has all the capabilities you need for building ecommerce applications, social media applications, backend of mobile applications. It is one of the most versatile languages, ideal for all sorts of development projects.

  1. Create a job description

When writing a job description, there are a few things you must keep in mind as a recruiter.

  • Describe your development project

Provide the potential candidates with a short description of your development project. Include all the functions and features you require with Ruby on Rails capabilities you are looking for; feel free to include all the qualities that you envisage your product must-have.

  • Mention core responsibilities and Tasks

The job description must include a preview of the job. It is important to give potential candidates an idea of what their job would look like and if they are qualified for the job or not.

  • List out the skill set you require

One of the most necessary things to consider during the hiring process of any developer is to mention the technical skillset that is highly required for the job. It should also include other technical skillsets that they don't have to be experts in but must know to make the development work more cohesive.

  • MVC

Ruby on Rails uses MVC architecture which helps in building the user interface. If you are hiring for frontend development, make sure the developer understands the MVC architecture and how to divide the application into three interconnected parts from the internal representation of information and how it is presented to the users.

  • ERB

A feature of Ruby that enables developers to generate any kind of text in any quantity from templates.

  • Active Record

It is a library of Ruby for working with Relational SQL databases like MySQL and Postgres.

  • Unit Testing

A level of software testing where individual units or components of the software are tested.

  • JSON

JavaScript Object Notation or JSON is a simple way to exchange data, while APIs enable developers to access website data without having to go through a database.

Once you have curated the job description, use various hiring sites to find the best website development company.

  1. Inhouse or Remote Hiring

This is the biggest factor in the hiring process. You must consider what type of working arrangement should be right for your development project and what your preference is.

Depending on the scale of the development project, an in-house or IT outsourcing provider could be more preferred. To help you decide, here are the pros and cons of both types of hiring arrangements.

  • Inhouse development team

When it comes to hiring an inhouse development team there are a number of advantages that come with having them as part of your in-house team.Β 


  1. Your developers are easily accessible and make communication effortless
  2. He or she will be working under company work requirements.
  3. Easy monitoring of the daily progress.


  1. In-house Ruby on Rails developers isn't ideal for development projects that are not ongoing
  2. You have to pay four times to hire as compared to remote developers.
  3. Hiring qualified developers takes time, and it is not an easy task.
  • - ---
  • Outsourcing

There are many benefits of outsourcing your Ruby on Rails development project; it helps you mitigate the risks well.


  1. It is a cost-effective solution
  2. It is perfect for both long-term and short-term development projects.
  3. It gives you access to a wider pool of developers to hire from.
  4. They give you post-development support, and the hiring process is very flexible.

Β Cons

  1. Miscommunication is challenging to overcome
  2. Language is a barrier if you go for offshore development

After weighing the positives and negatives of hiring the in-house team and outsourcing the project, you can come to a decision and choose what is best suited to your project.

  1. Interview process

You must understand that no developer is perfect, and you would not find an all-knower. You musthave criteria for the interview process so as to choose what is best for the project rather than someone that would not be able to meet the needs of the project. Keep in mind these few things:

  • Find the right developer

Focus on finding the right developer that fits the requirement of the project rather than someone with a perfect CV.

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  • Communication

Apart from a communication skillset, you must look for people with soft skills such as communication, time management, and someone who is a team player.

Finally, you have reached a point where you have to make a decision. With this process and knowledge of the ruby on rails, you will be able to find the right candidate.