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5 Common Content Marketing Myths to Ignore in Business Success

18 Oct

Content provides an effective way of communicating your brand features, sharing industry knowledge, and promoting your brand. However, content marketing should be done in the right way to ensure that it is effective in your marketing strategy. To help guide your company into the future, it is important you keep up with what’s happening in the industry. You need to know about the developments and trends. Digital marketing has become an integral part of the overall marketing strategy and it’s rapidly changing. There are many myths related to content marketing that business owners need to stay steer clear of to remain competitive. You can hire content writer to help you with your content marketing strategy by producing engaging, quality pieces of content.

Myth #1: The More the Content, the Better

It’s likely that your audiences will see your content when you have more pieces created and posted online. Of course, there is some truth with this, however, what’s important is to have quality content. It is cost effective when you produce quality content because it has a higher chance of reaching out to many audiences and producing the desired results. People will share content that they find informative, engaging, educating, fun, and interesting. If you post poor content that has no depth, no one will share it.

In the past when Google was more inclined to mass content, many businesses got into the culture of publishing substandard content. The businesses were focused on releasing more content out there so that audiences can find it easily. That was then and Google rewarded the businesses that published more. However, today, things have changed, search engines are looking for relevance and quality in content that is posted online. Without producing quality content, you have no place in the online business sphere.

When audiences find that you are posting quality and informative content that is fun to read, they want to share it with their peers in social media. This helps in ranking of your pages on SERPs and it can help build high traffic that converts to customers. A content marketing agency can create quality content that help draw traffic, content that is sharable to peers and other people.

Myth #2: Content can only be successful if it has huge ROI or big reach

Reaching audiences is one thing, and reaching target audience is another. You can have 10,000 fans, but if none is interested in what you offer or say, then it does not make sense. It doesn’t help your business. It is crucial that you measure content in relation to key performance indicators. The content you produce should be engaging and the KPIs can show that measure. In marketing, it’s not just about increasing return on investment or increasing your followers. You need a long-term relationship with audiences.

Content marketing can be used to promote the brand and develop it so that you build loyalty with customers and attain other goals beyond sales and ROI. You want to get views from the customers about your brand, you also want to get the experience they are happing. The customers may have insights on how you can improve the brand features or a product. These are things that you can captivate by using content to reach customers. For example, you can post content in social media that creates conversation with customers to voice out your brand issues including success stories, failures, shortcoming, and the good features too. With help of content writing services, you can get the kind and quality of content you want whether blog pieces, short descriptions, social media content, articles, press releases, editorial copies, and keyword-optimized content.

Myth #3: Content marketing is costly

Companies may think that employing writers is expensive, which may be true. However, you can contract a writer or a remote employee to help produce content for your company. This can reduce the overheads attached to full time employment. On average, a writer will charge about $25 to $50 an hour. If you examine the cost of producing content with other types of marketing, it is evident that content marketing is relatively affordable. It offers a cost effective way of reaching audiences.

If you are doing content marketing, it’s likely that you will do one post, blog, article, or other content once a week. It is not something you will post every day, maybe the short social media content. So, the cost will be lower in the long term and the results it produces are long lasting.

Myth #4: Great text content is enough

You shouldn’t focus only on text-based content, you also want to include other forms of content like video. According to Simply Measured, video content is 1,200 percent shared online more than text content and links combined. Studies have shown that video marketing improves returns on investment.

An effective content marketing needs to include text-based content and visual content to help engage the audience more effectively. Video marketing offers an excellent way of impacting the target audience.

It’s often said, a picture is worth a thousand words, and that’s true when it comes to marketing. Using videos and images can help create memorable experiences in the minds of audiences. It offers an intriguing way of engaging the customers. Videos can say things words or text content cannot.

Myth #5: Content provides a short-lived marketing strategy

Businesses may think that content marketing is short lived, however, this is not true. Content marketing isn’t a short-lived solution used to provide immediate results, it is a long-term strategy that can have long-standing impact on your business. It takes much time for search engines and consumers to find your content online. In addition, it take a lot of time to promote the content on social channels, and even more time to have the content shared by others. Businesses need to sample out different content marketing options in order to see which ones work to the best of the company. The time you put in content marketing is a lot and without the right tools, you may not be able to gain from your content marketing strategy. Also, what may work for another company may not work for your company. You need to tailor your content marketing to work for your brand.

When do away with these myths, you are able to witness success in your content marketing because you do it the right way. You also get good results from your marketing strategy. Hire a content marketing agency India team to help you with all your business content marketing needs. You will save money with online marketing and get good results when you hire skilled writers.

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