Android vs iOS: Who Wins The Title Of Higher Security In 2021-22

When companies want to hire dedicated developers some market-based questions haunt them. With every single year which has passed by after the development of both Android and iOS, it can be said that a war has been waging. The war has not only been about the perfect security options but also about the features which are used by both of the systems.

The results have been close but the winner has always been iOS. Mobile security is one of the factors which has helped to determine the result of both of its developments. However, before going deep into the subject, we have to know what the Android system and iOS is about. Therefore, let us all go through a brief look into the world of Android and iOS.

Google Android

Google Android is one of the features which have been developed in many of the phone’s technology. They have been used in the technologies like mobiles, tablets, and several other such factors. Android is often considered to be Linux based and more open to customized technology. The interface is very well developed and it is accepted by most users around the world. Along with this, the cost of development which is associated with Google Android is very less. This makes it more acceptable to the users in most of the features from top to bottom.


iOS is one of the mobile technologies which has been developed by Apple and it is the main competitor of the Android market at the present times. It was developed exclusively for the hardware of Apple which makes it less available to a great number of people around the world. It is the second most installed mobile application after Android. Although iOS is not as popular as Android, the features are more developed. The iOS SDK or the iOS service development kit is the most famous system in the world because of its privacy norms. They can help the Mac downloaders to get their files with ease and provide a massive amount of security against external threats. This makes it a strong competitor of Google Android in the market of smartphones.

Preface and other stories

The fact that how secure a mobile app service is the measure of its acceptability in 2021 and the trend will be followed in 2022. This has its basis in the fact that most of the works have become severely data and device-based in recent times. Many of the works have been especially changed in order to meet the stay at home versions. This has called for many types of cyber-crimes. The data breach is common malpractice that has been hurting companies and individuals. Thus, the mobile system which has a lower security risk will be more acceptable among the people.

Given these facts, it is not possible for the system to decide which app will be more secure for the devices. The time and effort which is spent behind the app development services are proof of nothing but the desire of the companies to gain the trust of their consumers. Their security of the systems is tested when they are actually put into use. When the customers use the products and find out the security system, they can provide a correct estimate about the security system.

Assumptions can be made on the information which is already present at hand. The proof of iOS being a more secure system is already present from the last few models. It has always won the war of being more secure and developed than Google Android. However, it must also be mentioned that the iOS system is present only to a handful number of people around the world. They also have other security measures on their devices which they can afford. This cannot provide a fair estimate against Google Android. The Android Q which will be launched in the market soon is expected to provide a neck to neck competition to iOS. Some of the facilities and systems have been mentioned below for a better understanding of this face-off between Android and iOS.

  1. Boot up process

The booting system of an Android app development company is quite common for all of the devices. The design is based on the Linux fed devices and the Inter-Process communication is nearly the same for all of the devices. The facilities can provide an intercept based security for the devices. The boot is guaranteed at every step with the help of cryptographic integrity. The next stage of verification is done only when the devices are verified if their security is also verified on one of the stages. The dm-verity kernel is provided in order to provide security to the Android devices. Any device which is compromised in the facet of security cannot be booted if this technology activates itself. This is the major step it takes in security.

iOS security is based on the Low-Level Bootloader kernel. It is also known as the LLB kernel. It is verified by the Apple key which determines the safety of every device of the franchise in the market. The ROM program is used by the Apple Key system. The iBoot has to verify the Bootloader before it is executed by the iOS kernel. This makes iOS a bit safer than Google Android. The multi-step verification allows the device to be safer from security threats.

  1. Security Software Update

Android has a very unique system of informing the users that their software needs a security update. They send notifications to their users on their phones which alerts them about the need to update their software system. This message might be immediately attended by some of the users and in some of the cases, they might be left pending in the notification box. Android does not force its users to update its security system. This has two major impacts. It leaves the entire responsibility of the device security in the individuals. In the case of any Android app development company, they are always on time to inform their users about the improvements which they must insert into their devices. The rest is the choice of the user.

Apple has a different way of approaching this kind of issue. In the case of the iOS system, it informs the users at a longer interval about the improvements which are necessary for their devices. Whenever IOS thinks that a device needs a security update, it keeps on informing the user about the update and makes it impossible for him or her to ignore the system. It does not allow the users to operate the system unless the security updates are done. Security updates are mandated in the case of iOS devices. This provides mobile phones with better security options for security. The effort which is shown for the users in changing their security system is also greater for the iOS system. Even in this round, iOS defeats Android in terms of customer security concerns.

  1. Touch and Recognition Identification

Android has very recently entered the features of ID recognition. Till date, it had been associated with the pattern and pin-based locks. These methods have not been enough to safeguard the device from intruders. Complete security is not guaranteed in the case of the devices which have the android system and not the recent facility of Identity Recognition. Features like biometric recognition and Face Id have been added very recently. The fingerprint lock system of Android has not been perfect either. There are chances that a second person can open the lock of the phone without knowing the password or having the biometric.

In the case of the iOS system, these features have been quite well-developed in the past as well. There have been many other additional features that have made the iPhones safer than usual. The biometric ID had been first used by the IOS system for the devices and their methods are safer than the Android system. At the same time, the feature of Face Id is so well developed that it cannot be fooled easily by intruders. It can be said that the devices which are developed by Apple are much focused on the security that it provides to the users. The OS Giant spends a huge amount of capital in deciding the fate of the users in terms of security. This phase is also won by iOS because of the advanced technology used in hardware security.

  1. Hardware Integration

This is where Android loses another point. It is entirely dependent on the manufacturers for the hardware parts. There is no guarantee that the parts will be in perfect shape. The requirements are often sent to the manufacturers and they decide the types and materials for the devices. This does not ensure the hardware security of their devices. Some of the Android developers focus on their devices with the utmost amount of priority on the hardware parts. However, some of the companies do not consider it to be a major concern. The user has no way of knowing which of the devices are made from proper hardware. Greater security comes with a better cost. The low-cost devices often have low security in terms of hardware development.

Apple has complete control over the devices which are produced every day. They have the final say in the types of hardware which are used in the devices and this also is monitored by the core company. This makes the hardware that is used for the devices to be very authentic. The devices are also quite long-lasting for this hardware as well. This grants an extra point to iPhone application development services for their special attention to the detail of hardware development.

  1. Device Fragmentation

The number of parts that will be present within the device, the more will be the chance to invade the device through foreign sources. This is quite possible with the help of the device parts which are present in Android. The number of parts is quite large and there are regular loopholes that can be used to invade the interiors of the device very easily. This is yet another place where Android has to take a step back. There are issues that are related to multiple device variants and this is identified to be a very common issue for Android device security. When one has to hire Android app developer, this is a security point to be checked.

The iPhone application development services are quite different even in this sector. The devices are way more compact and well built in the case of the iOS devices. They are all made from a single source and the device is made from scratch with the best available resources. There are some basic differentiation in the parts which make the devices unique in themselves but the overall configuration is very well constituted. There are very few chances of invading the devices of IOS through the means of device fragmentation.

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  1. Store facility

Android from Google did not have this facility for a very long time. Google has excellent customer service but it did not provide a better security system for the devices themselves. This stance is changing rapidly as the customers are demanding a greater amount of security in their systems. The features of app development cannot be made with minimum resources. Every change must be documented in order to make sure that everything is in order and Google has recently put in this effort to manage their app development services. In the past, Google had never imposed any kind of stringent rule about their app development policies. There have been many inconsistencies in their development which has made the procedure quite difficult to undertake for regular users.

Apple iOS iPhone app development company, on the other hand, always had a better grasp of the features of app development. The authorities have strict control over the types of improvement that should be included in a device. They have put special effort into developing apps that have no chances of failure. It has been seen that the Apple devices or apps rarely have negative reviews. This is because they spend a huge amount of time deciding what is right for which app.

  1. Marketplace security

The apps of Google Android can be downloaded or bought off from the Playstore platform. It is better to hire Android App developer as it is a very easy platform to use and it has made. The downloading of apps is very easy for Google Android users. However, the easy availability of the apps has also led to some issues. It has left the ground open for hackers to take hold of the devices through illegal and harmful apps. This can prove to be very harmful to the Android users in terms of their device security.

Apple iOS, an iPhone app development company has a better platform for sharing and receiving the apps. The app store is very closely monitored or finds out the areas in which it is lacking and the devices which might prove to be malicious for the users. This provides a certain amount of security to the users in terms of app download. The malware attacks become minimal in the case of the app store of Apple because of this stringent checking.

  1. Popularity

This is finally where mobile app development services of Android breaks all forms of competition. It is the lone kind of the smartphone industry and many devices of the world are running through the ways of Android app management. Although there are spaces in security that it must fulfill, the system is completely accepted among the masses. It is the most common mobile system to be used in the world. It is user friendly and the cost of Android devices is lower than that of Apple devices. This makes Androids more acceptable for daily or regular use in comparison to Apple devices.

Apple iOS has many benefits and presently, it is the second most popular system in the world. It comes second only to Android and this difference is because of the huge cost difference between Apple and Android devices. The cost of Apple iOS makes it difficult to gain popularity among regular mobile users. However, the devices are well secured which has appealed to the people who can actually afford them.

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It is difficult to hire dedicated developers based on which of the systems has won the war. Apple iOS has been ahead of Android in terms of security in each of the aspects but the popularity of Android devices speaks for itself. If the devices were so unsafe, why would the customers prefer it? Therefore, it is not about the competition but about which device is well suited for an individual.

The mobile app development services are bringing many developments in technology that are bound to initiate better changes in the future. We have to wait and watch for these changes.