Reasons Why Ruby on Rails is Ideal for Market Place Development

In 2020 the pandemic situation created due to coronavirus outbreak triggers the use of online shopping among the consumers. Nowadays you can buy everything online from foods to medicine to clothes and other needed products.

Even after the re-opening of the offline shops, people are still buying all the necessary products online. This because they can avoid any risk due to mass gathering and get exciting offers and discounts at the same time.

It has been predicted that the market value of this e-commerce website is going high and will remain high after the pandemic. So, this is the right time to start an online marketplace for your business.

Everyone doesn’t have the technical knowledge of how to and what to use while developing an e-commerce website. The only answer to all of the questions going into your mind is Ruby on Rails. If you want to know the needs for developing a commercial website and the features that you can add to it, please continue the blog.

What is Ruby on Rails?

Ruby on Rails is a kind of framework that runs with the help of the Ruby programming language. David Heinemeier Hansson was the developer of RoR and it was launched in 2004 August. The main goal of the developer was to create a framework that is simple, intuitive, compact, and easy to understand. And he was successful to do so, as it consists of boosts programmers. This helps the Ruby on Rails development companies effectively develop web applications at a very high speed.

The Ruby on Rails framework is created on the basis of 3 major philosophies such as

  • Convention over Configuration-

This states not to remake code for every possibility. Try to apply and adapt default logical reasoning for every situation.

  • Don’t Repeat Yourself-

More use of abstractions and data normalizers instead of reaping the same software patterns

  • Fat Models but skinny controllers-

With the implementation of MVC patterns, you can add more features to your model. Plus you can control revive and transfer data from the model only.

What are the advantages of Ruby on Rails for Market Place development?

There are many advantages on using the Ruby on Rails framework for the development of web applications for your business. Some of the key benefits that you may enjoy are,

  • Productivity

In the Ruby on Rails framework, you will be able to find 80 percent of the solutions for your issues instantly. As a result, it increases the productivity and the efficiency of web development services.

  • Cost-Effectiveness

No investments are required for using the Ruby on Rails framework. It is free of cost. So just have to pay the fees of the developers when you are outsourcing your development works to a development company.

  • Speed

As all the solutions are pre-loaded on the framework you will be able to deploy your web application 2 times faster in the market.

  • Availability

Ruby on Rails is a vast active and helpful community. You will be able to get access to various patterns and models which you can use in your project. Plus, the availability of the developers is very high and can work with you on your project easily.

The ruby on rails framework is best for both the established and start-up businesses in the market.

For start-ups, you will be able to receive a simple viable product for your business in a very short time span and at a reasonable cost. This is possible for the rapid prototyping features of this framework. And in the case of an established business, you can modify the web applications according to your requirements. As the framework is super flexible in nature. Plus, you will not have to worry about the programmers as if one of them left your project. You will be able to hire other available ones who can continue your project from the same point.

What is Market Place?

A marketplace is a site that you can access through the internet in order to buy or sell any kind of product. You can virtually meet people and can negotiate on the price or quantity of the products and set a deal. The Freelance Exchange is the best example of it. Here the consumers can find contractors, as well as the contractors, can find clients for a project. Plus, they will be able to verify the experience and skill of the contractors from the past experience of the former clients. And the time taken for this process is very less when compared to the traditional way of finding contractors or clients.

The presence of a marketplace makes people’s lives better and efficient at the same time. This is because the applications created by Fullstack development companies can help the users to order anything from their smartphones. Such as cab services from uber, buying second-hand electronics or goods from Olx, finding hotels or stays in unknown places through Airbnb, and also buying dresses and medicine from fashion and EdTech applications.

With the help of modern marketing techniques, you will be able to convert your unique idea into a viable business. You just have to hire the correct developers according to your requirements and you will be able to ensure success in this market.

What are the types of marketplace?

While starting your business in the market place first you have to figure out the framework and the programming language you will use. This is because if you don’t choose the right one it may become a liability for your business instead of a blessing. Your goal should be to maintain a trustworthy and efficient connection with your customers.

The market can be divided into 3 main types according to the type of consumers you are dealing with,

  • B2B (Business to Business)

This type of marketplace is formed when the business buyers connect with various suppliers or whole sealers and vice-versa. The transaction is sealed with the transferring huge number of products or goods. And the payments are usually done through banks. Some of the examples of these types of market places are Amazon, Alibaba, etc.

  • B2C (Business to Customer)

This the most widely used marketplace, where customers buy any product or good directly from the business. Just like going to supermarkets you will be buying the product that you need and pay the market rates for it. The deals have occurred among the business and the individual customer. Usually, the payments are done through cash, credit cards, or PayPal. Examples of this type of market places are eBay and AliExpress.

  • C2C (Customer to Customer)

Customer to Customer is the market please where all the related parties are considered to be equal. That means a customer can act as both buyer and seller of certain commodities or services. Usually, the transactions are done on the basis of services. Both the individual buyers and the service providers are connected through a web application. All types of payments can be done in this type of market places. But it depends on the providers whether they will accept that mode of payment or not. For example, applications like Airbnb and Uber captured a huge portion of this marketplace.

Hiring Ruby on Rails developer, you can grow your business into any type of market places. Depending on the customers you want to deal with and the product you want to sell.

What are the basic features of a marketplace?

There are many frameworks present in the market which can help you to develop a marketplace. Such as Magento and Shopify. But they only provide a fixed type of functionalities and styling to your application. To develop a custom feature-pack application you have to take the help of a web-based framework. So the presence of a better quality framework is crucial for creating any type of marketplace.

Here are some of the basic feature that any market place should have, such as

  • Admin Interface- The admin of the application should have the ability to control their application. The feature can be implemented on the interface depending on the type of marketplace. Some of the features like rejecting and accepting new vendors, spreading informative messages and notifications, and censoring dialogs.
  • Customized search options-better the search engine of your system better will be the marketplace for the users.
  • Versatile Payment Option- Including various secure payment gateways and modes helps to increase the number of consumers in your marketplace.
  • Seller’s pages and listing- Sellers pages and listing the available products of different sellers are also mandatory for developing a better marketplace. This feature is mandatory for the Customer-to-customer type of marketplace.
  • Product reviewing system- Allowing the consumers to write an honest review on your product can increase the number of customers. The new customer will trust your product if the previous experience of your past customer is good.

What is the reason Ruby on Rails is perfect for Market Place Development?

There are many reasons for using the Ruby on Rails framework to develop web applications for your business. But for that, you have to choose the best website development company available in the market and willing to provide you the best product at a reasonable cost. Here are some of the main reasons for considering the Ruby on Rails framework for any type of market place,

  • Security of the framework

Security of the developing web application one of the top priorities of this framework. It provides protection against any type of SQL injections with the help of placeholders present in the database library. The security system of the product is better when done in cross-site scripting and request forgery. Plus, it provides a feature where you can encrypt the sign cookies, which come along with the codes. Like this, there are many security solutions that present the framework which is ready for implementation.

  • Well-proven and establish technology

Compared to other frameworks like PHP which was established in 1995, Ruby on Rails has proven the value for the various tech giants. Such as GitHub, Airbnb, and Walmart, etc. There are many high-profile developers and creators who are ready to develop and maintain web applications on this framework.

  • A huge number of ready-made solutions

The Ruby on Rails framework is basically a plug-in-based development system. S there are many ready-made solutions regarding various issues of the development process that are already present in it. This the reason, developers save a lot of time and effort during the development process. you don’t have to develop each and every aspect of your application from the scratch.

  • Better stability and performance

This is another important priority of the framework. The codes scripted during the development process have their own set of standard policies. This helps the application to remain stable while boosts are done to its performance. Plus, the developers don’t have to face any types of configurational troubles as all the solutions are provided by the framework itself.

  • Flexible nature

The framework is very customizable in nature. As the main focus of the framework is to manage the codes and develop the application with the help of plug-ins. That is why adding features to the applications is as easy as tearing the application apart. Plus, the implementation of the modular architecture makes the applications more modifiable in the future even after the deployment.

  • Available Integration

When the application is launched in the global level, the implementation of various payment options is a common downfall. But the presence of plug-ins in the framework helps the developer to create payment gateways for every marketplace type. This is the reason different e-commerce websites and applications are using Ruby on Rails with plugins eligible to conduct more exotic payment options.

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  • Easy launching

Ruby on Rails is an automated framework that helps developers in swiftly launching applications. You will be able to get the working prototype of your applications much faster than any other available framework. The DIY principles present in the framework make the debugging process smoother with fewer obstacles. It also provides the developers a simple coding practice guide throughout the development process.

  • Better communication and documentation

As the Ruby on Rails framework is an open-source software development process it has strong community support. This helps the developers to create the documentation of the cross-programming much easier along with the support of other teams. The issue of getting stuck with a particular problem is not as crucial when compared to other programming languages or frameworks.

These are the main reason for considering Ruby on Rails is best for developing marketplace applications and web services. And if you are thinking to start a business in any type of market places, make sure you hire web developers who are capable of delivering the best application at a reasonable rate.

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Conclusion- Ruby on Rails is an open-source framework where Ruby programming language is used to develop applications. It is also a plugin-based framework that can develop a viable application and make it ready to launch faster. Plus, the price for using the framework is zero so you only have to pay for the development services. Which makes it affordable for many start-ups who are trying to enter the market with their unique ideas.