What Are The Benefits Of Outsourcing Ruby On Rails Website Development?

The world right now is dealing with the biggest transition ever. The word ‘reality’ has come to have two different meanings - ‘actual reality’ and ‘virtual reality’. It would not be wrong to say that these two realities now are as big as two parallel universes. But what led to this massive change in the way we live? How come people today are opting to live more actively online than in reality.

One of the major reasons for this transformation is web development. The web development industry has seen massive growth in the past decade. It started with simple apps and websites built on one single programming language and a basic set of functions. Now we have applications with built-in artificial intelligence assistance and cross-platform apps that function online as well as offline. Times are such that today web development services cannot simply depend on the application to guarantee a good sale let alone a good profit.

A Glance At Outsourcing

With the competition becoming so cutthroat, companies have to hire all kinds of professionals for each aspect of development as well as the product launch. In such a situation, what can a brand do to ensure that they limit the operational cost and not compromise on the quality standards at the same time? The solution is a simple and efficient one - ‘outsourcing’. Companies hire web developers that are expensive because of the high certifications and professional knowledge. While this does guarantee the best development, it is a nightmare for investors.

Thus, outsourcing in this place can save a lot of money and get the work done without any hassle. The Fortune-500 companies such as Google and Apple have taken chances by outsourcing the development process and have had huge successes despite the undeniable risk of their reputation. If these companies can trust an outsider company with their million-dollar patented innovations, why shouldn't others take this well rewarding risk? And when it comes to web development, a Ruby on Rails development company is the best of the lot. Given below is a list of benefits of outsourcing Ruby on Rails website development.

Benefits Of Outsourcing Ruby On Rails Development Company

  1. Cost-effective:
  • Hiring an in-house team of web developers means hiring a coder, a designer, a programmer, and more personnel to manage and run the department. Then there is also the added cost of acquiring office space and hardware for them to work on. The total cost incurred in salaries of highly educated professionals alone adds 20% of the total budget to the operational costs. The same money can also cover the cost of patents and trademarks. Why not save the company from such hiring in which one has to practically drain the investor’s money and simply outsource the work. Plus the geographical location can also play an important role. There is no rule as to whether the act of outsourcing must be done in the same country as the home country of the main company.

Outsourcing can save up to 60-70% of the company’s money when the development process is outsourced to a different country where the cost of labor is lower than the home country. A very good example of this would be the difference between the USA and other Europe based developers. The hourly rate of a web developer in the USA is estimated to be somewhere between 100-150 dollars whereas the same developer will charge 35-50 dollars per hour for the same work. The difference in the rate is due to the currency rate and has nothing to do with the quality and efficiency of the development process. Thus, why not save a huge amount here and invest it in marketing and promotion and get a huge advantage over the company’s nemesis.

  1. Ruby On Rails At Its Best:

  • ​​​​​​​Ruby on Rails can be termed as the dark horse in the race of web development technologies. One may surely ask why that is and the answer is simple because it is the best. It received well-deserved popularity for tackling several issues that were the nightmares of a developer. A full-stack development company carrying its operations with Ruby on Rails can now create, develop and configure an application or a website in almost half the time now, and it is all possible because of the efficiency of Ruby on Rails as a software building platform.

Let’s talk a little about why Ruby on Rails is so efficient. Firstly, Ruby on Rails is not only a framework but also has the Ruby language for coding inbuilt which improves compatibility and reduces the risk of glitches and viruses. Secondly, it has highly intelligent features to build apps that run on both Android and iOS operating systems. Therefore, developing cross-platform apps is super easy. Lastly, even the best website development company would agree that to get outsourced work for Ruby on Rails development is much better to handle than any other framework development.

  1. Room For Improvement: Outsourcing a Ruby on Rails-based development project can come with benefits that are two-fold when it comes to improvement. The first one is how outsourcing will introduce the parent company to different cultural ethnicities, diversities, and time zones. This will make the app more diverse based on the feedback of the Ruby on Rails development company. People in a foreign country are more likely to use an app built in their country. Also, the difference in time zones will guarantee 24 hour assistance in the development and maintenance of the software.

The second is how much more efficient all the operations of the company would become. When companies choose to hire website developers, they have to supervise each step of a process they themselves are not fully educated upon but it is necessary to ensure the effectiveness. This results in losing focus on branding, marketing, and other important aspects. Therefore, outsourcing helps the company to focus more on these activities and depends upon the expertise of a professional development company. It is also not easy to handle the complexities of the Ruby on Rails framework. The applications can crash, modules can behave differently, and so on.

  1. Higher Security And Lesser Paperwork:

  • ​​​​​​​If a startup chooses to hire Ruby on Rails developer through outsourcing, they can benefit from their efficiency of handling several clients and hence can provide much better security options rather than what a new startup can afford. In the case of new and innovative ideas, the contractual agreement can get fairly technical with every in-house developer representing an individual, hence, signing one company for the whole process is obviously easier.

Since the entire development process is outsourced, maintaining and transferring data, testing and other post-production steps are all undertaken by the development company. Therefore, no paperwork for the parent company except the one agreement between the two. Also, since both have a financial benefit out of the development and production scheme, the chance of breaches and security would be far lesser. This will give rise to a healthy ‘no strings attached’ agreement without the risk of any legal or technical complications as both the companies will have an assigned set of roles.

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  1. Rapid Development:

  • ​​​​​​​Right now, the tech market is so heated that if the applications in their development stage do not meet the launching dates and are delayed, then a company could lose a lot of reputation in the IT industry. But if the products are built hastily by compromising on the efficiency, they can, later on, result in technical Ruby on Rails issues and difficulty of use for users. So, what can a company do in such a case?

Outsource the development of products to web development services. A company that works on Ruby on Rails will anyways be faster and need not compromise on technological advancement. This way the company can enjoy a first-mover advantage in the market niche and gain a considerable profit over other companies. Plus since the work is outsourced, the outsourcing company will be working on days that are holidays for the parent company, which means that the difference in time schedule will cut down on the number of hours needed for each step of production. For example, if the parent company is working on branding and marketing, the outsourcing company is working on coding simultaneously.

  1. Abundant Talent Availability: In order to develop a product that replaces people and does the task in place of them, the technology is so complex and detailed that finding experts or certified professionals in the area of the country that the company is based in will certainly be difficult. It can also take months to find the right man for the job. In-house training would also be expensive in a situation when the developer is required to learn a specific coding language or development framework that supports the idea for the product. A good example of this would be to calculate the number of professionals in the company’s locality and then multiply it by a hundred.

This can easily be handled if the company chooses to outsource the work by reviewing applicants all over the world and since Ruby on Rails is an open-source platform, anyone can develop on it from anywhere in the world. There are several networking websites filled with company portfolios that could perform the daunting task of development testing, post-production support, etc., with ease and not compromise the integrity or idea of the product.

  1. Updated Tools And Technology:

  • ​​​​​​​An outsourced developer has no choice but to remain at the forefront of new technology and trends in order to stay employed because of fiercer competition. No need to claim that the higher the skill set of the outsourced developer is, the greater the quality of the goods they will produce. However, with an in-house development team, the question of whether it remains fundamentally up-to-date and successful becomes tricky. One thing about them when it comes to engaging web and mobile apps is that they have to pay attention to the market and trends as much as the parent company and since even a hashtag can matter so much, having the expertise of a full-stack development company will give an edge to the product by being creative and unique.

Every tech enthusiast is looking to simplify daily life by introducing a new product or app almost every day. With such rapid changes and hyperactive people, developing a technology that assists humans in their everyday chores is definitely a daunting task to undertake. This uniqueness can easily be achieved if the product is built with expertise if a company chooses to hire Ruby on Rails developer.

  1. Diverse Models For Engagement-

  • ​​​​​​​The extended team model is a type of outsourcing model where the outsourcing team operates as a branch of the parent company and works on the premise of being the exclusive development service rather than being bound by other requirements of the job. If a startup is building a minimum viable product (MVP), then an outsourcing company can work on the product alone and not worry about anything else.

There is also the option of hiring a multifaceted team of developers, designers, and Q&A assistants who work under a manager from the main company. This way the work is outsourced with no extra manpower or office space.

Since outsourcing comes with so many options and ways in which a company would outsource the development work, it can be used by any firm whether it is a first-timer or a tech giant with years of experience. The business also can increase efficiency by introducing the outsourced team at any level of operations since the market is not limited to the state or even the country. The entire world is available.

  1. Wider Pool Of Resources: The Ruby on Rails development tools, for instance, are distributed worldwide through open-source groups, multiplying by thousands the number of libraries and solutions available. There are no limits of resources for an outsourced team, in the sense of greater accessibility of resources and technologies. The broader your outsourced production team network is, the bigger ground you cover for open technologies.

Therefore, the best website development company that operates on the Ruby on Rails framework can take advantage of being an open-source platform and reach out across continents for ideas and options for development regardless of what company it is working for. The company that has outsourced the project would also benefit from the advanced technology and will surely be able to introduce a product that is cutting edge in terms of its technicalities.

  1. Flexibility Of Operations:

  • ​​​​​​​Outsourcing is a good option for the development of a Ruby on Rails project because the need to update or recruit a new workforce at each stage of development as well as post-development is eliminated by hiring one expert company. Outsourcing offers a versatile team of experts who can not only develop but also maintain and update a product during its lifespan.

Flexible engagement models will automatically change and relocate employees as per need, and the main company will be saved from the recruitment of professionals at every stage. Not only this, since Ruby on Rails is a complex framework, the task to maintain or improve it requires the application of agile methods like Scrum and Kanban which are already known to an outsourcing company. Whereas the in-house development team might not be aware of it. Thus, outsourcing will prove to be more fruitful as it will develop the best product. Also, they maintain and improve the product development with the same quality standards without causing the issues which companies face when they hire web developers for development.

Closing Thoughts

With this, we have looked at the plethora of reasons why outsourcing a Ruby on Rails project will bring in more profits and praises than the amount of money it would incur as operational costs. Everything's better when outsourced to professionals whose jobs are to ensure that the development and maintenance of an application or website are specific and always match the quality standards. In fact, in successful business creation, there are no shortcuts and it is either a method of trial and error or a bold optimization strategy that is accomplished by efficient cost delivery, management of human capital, time manipulation, and agility, all of which are components of an effective model of outsourced growth. One can also not neglect the amount of time that will be available with the parent company to perfect its marketing and promotional strategies.

With so many advantages there is a guarantee that the professionalism, technology, and aesthetic appeal of the product will be top-notch and will also become a blue-chip investment for a business of any size. There is no doubt that with the amount of money saved and creativity enhanced, the company can earn a huge profit by making it affordable and available to a wider pool of potential customers. The amount of market that a viable product built through outsourcing and with the Ruby on Rails network platform is obviously beyond the estimated numbers and statistics.